《The Supper Awesome Machinist》brief introduction

The Supper Awesome Machinist

author: 齐佩甲

Han Xiao, the ashes of "Xinghai", was thrown into the army by the mysterious power from zuo Fang (zhe), and the player panel was turned into an NPC. Before returning to the "Xinghai" beta, he resolutely chose the most difficult machine system. Battleships lined up across the Xinghai, the star machine armor was like a dragon, the cannon destroyed the world, and the endless mechanical army was still in the warehouse. One person is the legion! If it is not a player, this book is a serious and traversing theme... As an NPC, a normal NPC has all the functions of a player... Is it a mission? Favorability adjustment? Impart skills? Why would you choose to be a player follower option? Cut this out for me! Oh, it can be lifted. E-sports first beauty? Just want to learn skills? Say goodbye, spoil the family and don't show the art! Hey wait, how do I know this group of players! Yes, the real world has returned to ten years ago. Group: 516145206 If you think "Super God Mechanic" is not bad, don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and Weibo! (Chinese Name: 超神机械师)

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