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《Into Cultivation》brief introduction

Into Cultivation

author: 吾道长不孤

Ordinary version: When a scientific researcher traverses into the world of exploring the world through scientific methods... Wang Qi: Our slogan is-learn mathematics, physics and chemistry, and Xiuxian is not afraid to ask! CCTV10 version: Why is "The Legend of Tianyan" related to evolution? What is the relationship between the misty cloud sword and the probability cloud? How do innocent people build an atomic bomb? How is quantum mechanics reflected in cultivation? Why was the peerless strong man 10,000 years ago and the grandfather of today's ring "embarrassed" and "useless"? How does Quan Quanzun Bo Er, the Taoist Heisenberg not allowed, Tai Yizun Ai Zitan, and the great scientists Boer, Heisenberg, and Einstein have any connection? Let's follow the host, oh no, the protagonist Wang Qi enters today's "Into the Immortal Cultivation" together, exploring the secret of scientific immortality Recommended by friends here! (Chinese Name: 走进修仙)

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