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Idle Wife of Powerful Official

author: 凤轻

This article is also known as "Guide to the Upgrade of Power Ministers", "Handbook for the Training of Power Ministers" or "Handbook for the Training of Power Ministers"?   Xie Anlan, the national security agent code-named green fox, did not take her life, and took a vacation to sleep before liberation. Woke up in a dream and became the fourth young lady of Lu family in Quanzhou, Dongling country.   The house ticket turned into a beautiful man, and there was only one woman who was kicked out of bed by her husband, who had no power to restrain her. No matter what, there is a father-in-law, a good-looking smiling tiger, a mother-in-law, and a variety of thoughtful brothers.   Xie Anlan is extremely depressed: The old lady is really beep... the closest friend of mankind!   originally wanted to hold the delicate and beautiful young man's father-in-law as a blessing, but he didn't want the goods to look good but to be black and dark.  ——“In my eyes, there are only obedient and disobedient people, you are a smart person.”  ——“The husband and wife were originally from the same forest bird, and the big trouble is coming...I will bring you to die together.”  ——“... (Chinese Name: 权臣闲妻)

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