《Imperial Concubine of a Golden Age》brief introduction

Imperial Concubine of a Golden Age

author: 凤轻

An edict, a marriage gift. Three without gold-no talent, no appearance and no virtue. Waste Lord-disfiguring disability and serious illness. Everyone says: perfect match! Xipa-she smiled and relaxed, relaxed. After life and death she only hopes to be quiet in this life. Be happy-he smiled on his lips and his heart was cold. After being humiliated, he will one day step on the world. ——He is my husband, bullying him is bullying me, humiliating him is humiliating me, and harming him is harming me. If someone hurts me, I will get rid of it! -This king does not believe in ghosts and gods, does not ask for heaven (Chinese Name: 盛世嫡妃)

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