《Youngster Sword Emperor》brief introduction

Youngster Sword Emperor

author: 枫吟紫辰

Shushan Sword Faction sole successor Qin Xuan, went down the mountain to experience the master's order, and brought 3 chi cyan-edge to enjoy the city. The innocent and lovely schoolgirl beauty, the sexy and beautiful teacher, the bizarre comprehension girl...beauties from all walks of life come thick and fast, the legend of an urban sword king began to spread. ================================= than the speed? The long sword sprints like lightning, so what is the bullet? Than power? One Sword to the West, running through the mountains and rivers, who will compete with each other! Than the mind? Under the guidance of Master's policy of keeping pace with the times, Qin Xuan read classics on literature and history, read astronomy and geography, and even modern subjects such as economics and foreign languages were not to mention. [The new book "Genius Sword Immortal" has been released! ] [New book "Genius Sword Immortal" has been released! 】 If you think "Young Sword King" is not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and Weibo! (Chinese Name: 少年剑皇)

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