《World of Warcraft Manor》brief introduction

World of Warcraft Manor

author: 捞鱼的虎妞

The body is soft and easy to tear down-I have the appearance of LOLI; I lived in the house for thirty years before death-I have the heart of a rotten girl; Demon Beast Forest Xiaotaishan-I have a violent slaying dragon; accidentally offended The little native of the forest, so, wearing the skin of LOLI, holding the heart of a rotten girl, and holding on to the violence of slaying the dragon, I was airlifted to the imperial capital, unconsciously, using pure (?!) small radio waves to harm the beautiful youth of the imperial capital They; what~, you want to climb the wall of my house? You confirm? Okay, please—— Isn’t the wall of the Manor of Warcraft easy to twist, be careful to be stepped on by the galloping beasts [BEEP——] Ah ao ao ao ao ~? (Chinese Name: 异世之魔兽庄园)

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