《Great Kalpa Master》brief introduction

Great Kalpa Master

author: 黑山老鬼

One volume of Dao Yuanzheng solutions, hiding the mystery of the Dao Yuan, one technique to push thousands of methods, 3,000 Great Principles in the chest. The rise of the underdogs, ten years of hard study to get a glimpse of the truth! In the end, a sword came out of Xuanhuang, protecting the common people with only one hand! Three Thousand Year Great Tribulation came to the world, and only acted as a magic weapon in the palm of the hand. From then on, who dares to stun him? … Brothers, the new book begins, let’s fight circle again! (Heishanlaogui99 WeChat public platform: heishanlaogui99, stay tuned!) (The main reader group of the Great Tribulation: 516135071, welcome everyone to come and chat!) If you think "The Great Tribulation" is not bad, please don’t forget to QQ Recommended by friends in the group and Weibo! (Chinese Name: 大劫主)

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