《The Plague Immortal》brief introduction

The Plague Immortal

author: 黑山老鬼

One pill for a serious illness makes all illnesses become golden immortals. Cut the Nine Heavens and Ten Hell demon, sitting high for thirty three layers days. Everyone in the world refines alchemy with elixir divine mine, but Meng Xuan refines great alchemy with sickness. Mortal people can make spiritual pills if they are sick. The cultivator is sick and said that he can refine the treasure pill. Immortals can make elixir when they are sick. "If there is no great avenue, humans, demons, gods, and demons will not escape the three disasters and seven disasters. To me, it is a great pill, which can become a path of immortality!" If you think "The Immortal of Plague" is not bad Please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ groups and Weibo! (Chinese Name: 瘟仙)

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