《Rebirth to Be the Son of Chinese Government Officer》brief introduction

Rebirth to Be the Son of Chinese Government Officer

author: 不信天上掉馅饼

Rebirth in 1976, Ziii~ Run Do Ya Nei! Self-cultivation, family harmony, country governance, peace of the world! Liu Jun was born again. Back in 1976, he took advantage of his foresight of the domestic trend to help his father succeed in taking office, and he was in charge of the party-hope his father will become a dragon! Then I started a happy Ziii~ Run's "Yannai" career. This article focuses on officialdom battles. There is no strong backing, no hard backstage, and no “giant hands” from the top at every turn. They rely on firm and solid to promote the common people, and look at the promotion of a few conscientious officials. road! Moderate YY, not overhead, different officialdom, try to be as real as possible! Book group number: 105460631 If you think "Rebirth of the Office" is not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and Weibo! (Chinese Name: 重生之衙内)

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