《Ten Years of Warm Words》brief introduction

Ten Years of Warm Words

author: 书海沧生著

The super best-selling author Shu Haicangsheng from mouth to mouth is a youth classic that carries the precious memories of thousands of readers! In the first year, she coveted beauty, fell in love with him, and poured out a hundred-year-old enemy. The next year, he took a picture of her with a smiling girl. In the third year, he was ill and ignorant, relying on her, the girl woke up to find a dream. In the fourth year, the person he liked flew back to his heart from Vienna, and she wandered from his side to the water village farthest from him. In the fifth year, the girl never saw her own flower anymore. He told the current that I was DJ Yan. In the eighth year, every separation was like the rest of his life, and the boy never saw his little water turtle again. In the tenth year, he became a father and she became a mother. The child's last name is Wen's mother. Over the course of several decades, they have had a home for a hundred years. If you think that "Ten Years Yipin Wenruyan" is not bad, please don't forget to recommend it to your friends in your QQ group and Weibo! (Chinese Name: 十年一品温如言)

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