《Highest Reward of One Piece》brief introduction

Highest Reward of One Piece

author: 蚂蚁下山

Chino impatient took out his earpick: "As a face valueist, anyone who doesn't look good has to die!" "I'm not convinced, why didn't Capone Bege die?" "Um...well...um..., He is quite distinctive, so I will spare him his life." "You..." "What are you doing, die quickly, my brother is still busy attacking his fiancée." Well, it seems that the empress is not good at strategy. . "Robin, you are forbidden to catch Frankie." "Peach nosuke, go to death!" If you think "One Piece: The Highest Bounty" is not bad, please don't forget to report to your QQ group and Weibo Recommended by friends here! (Chinese Name: 海贼王之最高悬赏金)

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