《Crazy Leveling System》brief introduction

Crazy Leveling System

author: 疯狂的萌萌

Broken meridians cannot cultivate? It's ok! There is a crazy Leveling System, you can do tasks, kill monsters, devour some other people's spiritual power, or refining pill, carved a big formation, you can gain experience! The experience value is too low? Not afraid, I have the Double Experience Card, a ten times experience card! The experience value explodes and the level rises! What genius, what big family young master, what empire prince, no matter how enchanting talent, facing this crazy upgrade, are all left behind! "Hey, I leveled up again?" Ziii~ Xing Pu paralyzed his teeth and found himself leveled up again... If you think "Crazy Leveling System" is not bad, please don't forget to tell your friends in QQ group and Weibo Recommend! (Chinese Name: 疯狂升级系统)

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