《Super Magic Farming System》brief introduction

Super Magic Farming System

author: 沧河贝壳

In a world where magic is respected, others have to die to comprehend a magic, but Baker has obtained a system of planting magic as simple as ‘planting carrots and cabbage’. Ding, the plant is mature and harvest the "Blood Blade Magic"! Ding, the plants are mature, and harvest the ‘serial trigger magic’! Ding, the plant is mature, harvest the "Eye of Eagle Magic"...Look at how Baker rises up among the strong races of humans, undead, dwarves, elves, giants, kobolds, etc.! PS: The work "The Lord of Baishi" has been completed with 3.4 million words. The character is guaranteed, and it is safe to collect. (Chinese Name: 超级魔法农场系统)

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