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《Rebirth of a Top-rated Wwastrel》brief introduction

Rebirth of a Top-rated Wwastrel

author: 辰机唐红豆

"I have to be a prodigal. Don't the invincible waste my parents' talents for making money?" Hong Dali said in the interview he remembered. Immediately after the interview, Hong Dali pulled up the "Big Prodigal System" interface, looked at the various sorts and varieties of good things on it, and touched his chin, mutter to oneself: "If you lose another 200 billion, you can change this set of the strongest humanoid mobile. The weapon’s Core Technology'Antimatter Annihilation Engine' is the Design Blueprint, and it seems we have to work harder!" "I want to splurge! I want to lose!" (Chinese Name: 重生之神级败家子)

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