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Taobao Merchants

author: 叶恨水

Suning has opened a Taobao shop that can connect with novels and movies! You can resell goods in other planes, and you can sell things in this world to alien characters! Ever since, Suning is awesome! Leigushan, Suning sincerely handed the ointment to Wuyazi, "Why give your life's hard work to others? Take revenge and wipe out a grudge. You still have to come by yourself. Here, genuine black jade intermittent ointment, let you leaping onto roofs and vault over walls is not a dream!" Li Yuan, Suning long-term focus, "Brother Li, Little Red Girl in one's prime, your lung disease...Do you feel that your body seems to be hollowed out? Come on, 21st Century special medicine Let you heal your lung disease and revive your manhood again!" In the Valley of Unrequited Love, Suning has a heavy expression, "Daxia Yang, Miss Long is leaving temporarily, is it inconvenient to cut your nails? Here, modern prosthetics, let you re-experience the feeling of left and right balance... …" What kind of great kindness and great virtue how to repay? It's very simple... Suning laughed heartily, "You just need to give a five-star good review, dear!" If you think "Taobao Merchant" is not bad, please don't forget to send it to your QQ group and Weibo Recommended by friends! (Chinese Name: 万界淘宝商)

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