《Yang Xiaoluo's Cheap House Dad》brief introduction

Yang Xiaoluo's Cheap House Dad

author: 寒门

On a summer night where cicadas and songbirds sang, Yang Yan stood at the gate of the community, carrying a big bag high, and shouting with a smile: "Luoluo, go home and eat iced watermelon!" Whoosh! A short-legged Corgi impatient came out of the flowers, shaking his butt, and ran towards Yang Yan excitedly. Afterwards, a little girl sat on the shell of a big tortoise and slowly walked out from behind the big tree. Her big bright eyes found Yang Yan, her mouth laughed sweetly, and screamed: "Dad!" After her, a big orange cat leapt out of the flowers lightly, then a parrot walking with its wings on its back, a white hamster that looks to the left and the right...watch this scene , An old granny with a narrow mouth on the side of the road looked at Yang Yan in surprise: "Xiao Yang, your girl, it seems a little special!" (Chinese Name: 杨小落的便宜奶爸)

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