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0 Chapter List 5 Charcoal Grilled Ribs
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

To be honest, a young man who didn't wear anything at night, running around the beach, the picture was very unbearable. If this is in the city, someone calls the police every minute as a pervert and caught the game!

     Fortunately, this is an alien world, and it is also a remote and uninhabited area.

     "Ka Ka Ka..." Skull's mouth opened and closed quickly, closely following behind.

     Just like running a marathon, Jia Zhengjin held the Olympic flame in his left hand, leading them to run happily together~~ That's weird! ! People are scared to death! !

     He ran desperately on the grass near the house, looking back at the skeletons who were chasing after him from time to time.

     One of the skeletons is more unusual. Its head is completely different from the others, like an animal skeleton walking upright with a long tailbone behind it.

     Jia Zhengjin ran, suddenly a thought flashed through his mind. The number of these skeletons seems to be the same as the number of dead bodies seen on the beach during the day! And that animal skeleton, is it a lion head orc race?

     But why do these corpses turn into skeletons at night? Why didn't he who should belong to one of them changed? Is because of oneself soul possessed, will it not become a skeleton after resurrection? What is the principle of becoming a skeleton?

     His mind was full of doubts, unable to understand the situation.

     Although Skeleton walked slowly, it seemed that he would never catch up with Jia Zhengjin. But they will not get tired, no matter how fast Jia Zhengjin runs, or blindly follow suit.Jia Zhengjin's physical strength is limited. Strictly speaking, it should be the endurance value! Continuous running, let his stamina drop quickly. I am afraid that this 100 points of endurance may not be able to last until dawn.

     If only you have a long-range weapon in your hand, according to the speed of these skeletons, you can completely use the kite-flying tactics, one by one!

     The most basic bow and arrow are made, only three pieces of wood and three plant fibers are needed. But there is no material to make arrows! There are feathers in the necessary consumables for any arrow, but Jia Zhengjin has no feathers in his backpack, and there are more than a dozen skeletons behind him in the midnight watch, jet-black, and he has the opportunity to go to the dark forest to find feathers. ?

     Melee? Take the dagger turned the head around to fight? More than a dozen skeletons are slow to return, but they won’t be able to bear it if they surround themselves! That is simply giving away heads!

     The stamina is constantly consumed, and the skeletons that can't be walked for too long; there are no long-range weapons, and the kites cannot be used to destroy the skeletons; there are too many skeletons to be defeated by melee...

     Now Jia Zhengjin is in an awkward position, no matter what, these skeletons may catch up, very dangerous!

     The only weapon is the dagger, which is useless. The only lighting is a torch, which has no effect on the skeleton. Skeletons are not beasts, they are not afraid of fire.

      However... Not being afraid of fire does not mean not afraid of fire! In times of crisis, Jia Zhengjin's mind turned pretty fast. It is impossible to light a skeleton with a torch. The bones are not flammable, so I am not afraid at all! And a dozen skeletons, it is impossible for you to slowly burn with a torch.

     Jia Zhengjin thought of a good idea!His gaze saw the broken house he had abandoned, although it had been scratched by the skeleton, and there was no trace of the house. But there is still about half of the wood left. If it’s possible to light the house, and then lead all the skeletons over, will these Undeads, who have no IQ and rely on instinctive activities, automatically walk into the flames?

     The flame of the torch may not be very lethal, but the fire of the whole house should be able to kill these skeletons, right?

     It is very simple to light a wooden house. Jia Zhengjin has a torch in his hand, and there is a lot of firewood and plant fiber in his backpack that can be used as a firelighter.

     Just do as he thinks, he quickly turned around, pulled the skeleton and grandiose back to the broken house. While running, take out the wooden blocks from the backpack and place them around the house, as much as possible. Then he dropped a lot of plant fiber around and ran around the broken house while sprinkling it.

     He ran in front, and the skeleton was chasing slowly behind.

     Jia Zhengjin transformed the broken house into a huge bonfire shape, and then took advantage of the skeletons to not catch up, and started to stop and use torches to light a lot of plant fibers around the house.

     Plant fibers catch on fire, although Time Combustion is very short, it turns into ashes in just a few seconds. But the huge amount can also play a very huge effect. The huge bonfire made of a lot of wood burns quickly, and the fire is getting more and more prosperous!

     After the flame ignited, Jia Zhengjin suddenly thought of a question. How should I lead these skeletons into the fire? Is it going to pass through the flames directly naked? The skeleton was burned to death if he didn't die!unwise! The only benefit right now seems to be that the torch in the left hand can be put away temporarily. The fire of the bonfire illuminates a large area around, and you can recognize the way without torches!

     Looking back at the skeleton, who quickly followed when he stopped to rest, another thought flashed in Jia Zhengjin's mind.

     Although you can't bring skeletons into the fire, you can let the fire spread out, and you can still burn them to death!

     Now that the fire is so big, just putting a piece of wood can burn quickly.

     The most important thing in Jia Zhengjin's backpack is wood.

     Before the skeleton chased him, he immediately set off again, and at the same time took out the wood from the backpack and began to place the wood on the edge of the flame.

     Not long after the wood was put down, the flame immediately swallowed it and spread outward. He quickly placed another side by side along the wood, and so on, using the wood to build an extended low wall of flames behind him.

     Skeletons will not avoid the flames, dim-wittedly climb over low walls, just like this bashing sideways and colliding straight on. It's really effective, they burned a lot of their health in one wave!

     Seeing the effect, Jia Zhengjin's morale boosted, seduce the skeletons to continue chasing him, and after pulling a certain distance, he immediately created a wall of burning flames from the giant bonfire, allowing the skeletons to pass through the raging flames.

     Seeing their health drop rapidly in the flames, Jia Zhengjin seemed to see the hope of victory!

     He is already very tired, more than half of his stamina has been consumed. But still insist on creating a wall of fire.

     [News] You killed the skeletons and gained 10 experience points![News] You killed the skeletons and gained 10 experience points!


     The good news keeps coming, the dozen or so skeletons won't turn. Jia Zhengjin can bypass the burning wooden wall and stand behind to lure. Skeleton went straight through the sea of fire, chasing him straight. The health is constantly being burned by the flames, and they begin to fall one after another!
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