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0 Chapter List 213 Sneak People To Retreat
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"The city guard seize total victory! The city guard has returned from defeating foreign forces!" Early in the morning, the guards who reported the news ran all over the city, spreading the good news everywhere.

     The civilians in Guangming City have long been accustomed to this message of victory. Those who should go to bed, get up early and get up early for work will not be affected.

     In fact, at the beginning, every time the city guard returned from victory, they would be elated and excited to rush to the city gate to meet. But in the course of time, accustomed to no longer feel fresh!

     However, today the city lord got up very early, and happily put on his clothes under the wait of the servants, and brought all the civil and military officials to wait outside the city gate.

     In fact, when he first set out, he heard that General Dolma and Christina were captured, he was very anxious. After all, General Dolma is his first hero in the City of Light, and Christina is the Direct Disciple of Master Leo. When such two important figures were caught, he dared not release the news to the civilians.

     Now it's finally done! It's really different if there is Master Leo himself. Not only cleared the previous shame, but also rescued the captured Zhuoma.

     The city lord and his officials looked far away, and really saw the city guard troops coming from afar, grandiose grandiose!

     The speed of the horses is very fast, and the city guard troops arrives at the city gate very quickly.

     "General Zhuoma, welcome back!" The City Lord of Guangming City quickly stepped forward to express his condolences, "I already know about you, I have wronged you!"

     "The city lord is serious!" Zhuo Ma responded unnaturally."I'll be back!" The City Lord of Guangming City smiled and patted him on the shoulder, then glanced at the city guard's troops suspiciously, "Where is Master Leo? Where is Christina?"

     "This..." Zhuoma didn't know how to answer.

     Fortunately, Mi Gao reacted quickly, and he immediately came over and said: "Your Excellency the City Lord, Master Leo, after calming down the invaders, said that he would temporarily take Christina on a journey of penance!"

     "Oh~ so that's how it is!" The City Lord of Guangming City nodded, "Did you say how long it will take this time?"

     "No!" Mi Gao shook his head hurriedly.

     "Hmm~ Forget it!" The city lord of Guangming City laughed, "Since you are all back, it means that the foreign invader has been beheaded? Bring the first level over and show me who is so bold!"

     "Report Your Excellency the City Lord!" Moses said immediately, "We didn't have time to beheaded. The man was eaten by a monster in Magical Beast Forest while escaping! Really sorry!"

     The City Lord of Guangming City was taken aback for a moment, and then laughed heartily: "What is there to apologize for? That person also reap what one has sown! Is Magical Beast Forest a good living place?"

     "Your Excellency the City Lord, should we immediately celebrate with a banquet and reward the whole army?" A civilian came over from the side.

     "Yeah! Yes! Set a banquet to celebrate this victory. I want to reward the soldiers who fought bravely!" Guangming City Lord Laughing Heartily, then whispered to the civil official, "The budget of 100 gold coins for you is more than the only thing you are asking. !""Yes......" The civil officer was suddenly covered with black lines, but he was already accustomed to. Every time the reward celebration party for the Three Thousand City Guards, the budget is basically more than 150 gold coins. Therefore, when he encounters such a situation, he always has to fill this hole with part of the funds he had previously greeted.

     The city lord said 100 gold coins, then even a copper coin would not be given. And if you really use 100 gold coins to do it, he will suspect that you are greedy for ink, even if you make a list, it is useless! Therefore, the civil servants who have their turn to do things will secretly make up for it with the gold coins they have greeted with, adhering to the famous saying that it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble. It is easiest for anti-text officials to be greedy for money. If you don’t draw a few strokes on the record, there will be a lot of treasure in the city lord’s warehouse!

     "The place where the celebration will be held shouldn't be right by the Guangming River over there, right?" Mi Gao suggested, "It won't be easy to disturb the people!"

     "The riverside, it's not bad too! The weather is rare today, so just take it for a walk!" The City Lord of Guangming City is quite happy now, so he didn't think much about other things.

     Hearing the answer from the city lord, Zhuoma, Leo, Michael, and Moses looked at each other, too small to detect and nodded each other.

     In fact, at least 50 of their three thousand city guards have yet to come back, and they are arranged in a forest about 1 kilometer from Guangming City to take care of the soldiers brought by Luruto troops.

     The request to hold a celebration party on the riverside outside the city is to facilitate the evacuation!

     At the celebration party, all family members of the City Guard will also be invited to participate, including those who have died.According to the plan, Zhuoma and the others would secretly contact their family members at the celebration party to tell the truth, and then the whole army fled to the waiting area one kilometer away while everyone was happy.

     In fact, the original plan was to take down the city lord of Guangming City and all the ministers of civil and military affairs at the celebration meeting, taking advantage of the situation, and completely control the power of Guangming City. It's just that the order given by Lord Keen was not to capture the city, but to take people away, so a good plan changed.

     But at least, saving people is no problem!

     The city guards thought so and did the same.

     There are few City Lords of Guangming City who have suffered defeat, and they would never have thought that such a situation would happen. So after over two hours of preparation, the grand celebration will officially begin!

     All civil and military ministers, noble squires were invited, and all city guards and their families also participated. It's just that according to the size of the position, the level of status, the wine and dishes on each table are also classified.

     The city lord, civil and military officials, aristocratic squires, including generals such as Zhuoma, enjoyed the highest food and wine; the city guards and their families enjoyed ordinary food and wine.

     But for the four generals such as Zhuoma, and the city guards, these past foods are now very difficult to enter the mouth, not even as good as oneself. The grilled meat and honey taste better.

     Everyone drank a dusky heaven and earth. The city lord himself has become unconscious drunk, and civil and military officials have also lean unsteadily from side to side.

     Seeing that the time is ripe, Zhuoma gave an order.

     The family members of the soldiers who had communicated with them at the celebration meeting immediately followed the command of the city guards in an orderly manner and began to move quietly in line.The four generals, Zhuoma, Leo, Michael and Moses, are responsible for the leadership. The whole plan is very smooth!

     When the city guards and their families were almost withdrawn, Zhuoma and the other four immediately mounted their horses and rushed to the waiting area. Then the generals changed to beasts, and the city guards and their families mounted on the soldier beluruto. Follow the more remote path.

     For them who are familiar with the terrain of Guangming City, it shouldn't be too simple to avoid others' eyes and ears, so they don't need to be like Jia Zhengjin, but they have to use magic to cover their tracks.
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