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0 Chapter List 218 Weird Loli
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Treasure box?" Tina looked at Jia Zhengjin curiously.

     "Yeah! What a big treasure box, there must be many treasures in it!" Jia Zhengjin said softly, "It's just that the key is on the city lord, I don't know how to get it!"

     "He must have placed such an important thing next to him!" Tina didn't think there was anything wrong with Jia Zhengjin's coveting the city lord's treasure chest. After all, they had sent troops to attack her city twice, so she was an enemy! Since it is an enemy, there is no need to be polite!

     "Hey! If you can steal it, it will be easier!" Jia Zhengjin sighed saying, "It's a pity that I don't have any stealing skills!"

     "Stealing?" A calm voice came from outside.

     "Who?!" Jia Zhengjin and Tina were both taken aback. They suddenly looked back and saw Palin deadpan walk in, only then relaxed.

     "It turned out to be you!" Jia Zhengjin turned his head and glanced out, making sure that the without other person is close here, "Don't suddenly appear from behind, scary people will scare people to death!"

      "Oh!" Palin nodded and walked to his side. "You said stealing just now?"

     "Yeah!" Palin was not an outsider, so Jia Zhengjin told her about the treasure chest.

     After listening to Jia Zhengjin's words, Palin also fell into thought: "I am good at tracking, and I have no talent for stealing!"

     "I didn't ask you to steal it!" Jia Zhengjin shook his head, "Think about it together, Is there any way to open the box?"

     "How about the maid beside the city lord to buy through?""Well! This is a good idea!" Jia Zhengjin eyes shined, "The personal maid will not be suspected by the City Lord of Guangming. There is a great chance of stealing the key."

     Immediately, it seemed that it wasn't Tina or Palin who was answering.

     I hurriedly turned around and saw Connie holding Liz, not knowing at what time appeared behind her: "You came at what time?"

     "When your wife was talking about old women!" Connie smiled on her face, not showing any anger.

     But Tina trembled all over, and she was quite scared. Because even if she didn't know Connie's identity, she had heard from her husband that she was terrifying, and she must not provoke her. And the flying magic and acceleration magic that followed gave Tina to her strength without the slightest doubt.

     "Hey! Don't scare my wife like that!" Jia Zhengjin hurriedly hugged Tina, protesting unhappily.

     Connie lightly smiled: "Don't worry! My belly is not that small. It's just an angry word, it can't be taken in my heart! After all, I seem to be the one who robbed her husband! Haha!"

     Tina's face was immediately embarrassed.

     "Hey! You just said to buy the maid of the City Lord, what if the other party disagrees and reports to the City Lord of Guangming City?" Jia Zhengjin asked.

     "You won't pretend to be unrecognizable?" Connie said with a smile. "So simple things, do you still have to teach? But what is there to care about the treasure chest of a small town lord? If it is the king's treasure chest , Then there is a meaning to find out!""Anyway, we are also going to the capital of the Xiongfeng Empire, maybe we really have a chance?" Jia Zhengjin said, "but since you didn't come for the treasure chest, why come to me?"

     "Who said I was looking for you?" Connie looked at Tina holding Liz, "I'm looking for your wife and other girls to go shopping together!"

     Hearing this, Tina grabbed Jia Zhengjin's sleeve nervously.

     Feeling the fear in his wife's heart, Jia Zhengjin hurriedly reached out and patted her palm a few times, then looked at Connie: "You to ascertain fault, are you going to bully my wife?"

     "I said that my metric is not that small!" Connie suddenly became a little unhappy. "You think about how to get the treasure chest. I want girls to go shopping with me, that's it!"

     "Bang!" When he reacted, he found that he had been thrown out.

      "Fuck! Embarrass me in front of my wife?" Jia Zhengjin was so angry, but he didn't dare to go back and settle accounts with her. My current strength is not enough to compete with an epic terrifying existence.

     "Buy the maid..." Thinking of Connie's words just now, he a bright idea suddenly occurs. I looked around and made sure that there was no one nearby, so I immediately ran back to my own room, put on a whole set of fiber armor, and then put on a tiger mask.

     Slowly and carefully glanced at the mirror to confirm surefire.

      time of departure, I happened to see Connie taking Tina, Palin, Christina, and the elven girl out together. Among them, only Connie suddenly looked back at herself, and no one else noticed.Jia Zhengjin blinked at her, and Connie immediately showed a calm smile, then pretended not to see anything and left quietly.

     "Which is better to catch?" Jia Zhengjin, who was secretly observing in the dark, fell into entanglement before he did it.

     The selected target must be controlled first! If the other party loyal and devoted to the city lord, that would be bad!

     Secondly, you have to place an order! If you are making up a group, forming a troupe, you may have missed the news if you rush to move!

     Furthermore, it must be someone who can enter and leave the city lord's room at any time, and can be close to the lord at any time!

     After looking around, she finally locked up Maggie, who took herself to the bathroom just now and took herself to the room.

     She is currently cleaning the room alone, in a state of order. So far, City Lord Guangming has called her the most times, indicating that City Lord Li is the most recent.

     The only thing she doesn't know now is how loyal she is to the city lord!

     do not care! Anyway, try it first.

     After thinking twice, Jia Zhengjin finally decided to attack!

     "Meggie, Your Excellency the City Lord wants you to buy some pine nuts!" At the moment when Jia Zhengjin made up his mind to make a move, two more maids with brooms appeared. He immediately retracted.

      "Oh!" Maggie immediately stopped her work and the two maids took over. She left the room and walked out quickly.

     Out of the city lord mansion, it should be better to catch!

     Jia Zhengjin pondered and quickly changed back. Then walked slowly outside.The gatekeeper saluted him politely. He put on an act and nodded perfunctorily. After he came out, he quickly changed into a tiger-faced man on a remote road, and then hurried after Meiji.

     He sneaked all the way to track, bypassing many pedestrians and patrolling guards. But I found that it was different from what I thought. People coming, people going on the street are much more lively than the City Lord’s Mansion. It is really difficult to catch Maggie in this environment.

     As he was thinking about countermeasures, he suddenly felt patted behind him.

     I hurriedly turned around, but found that it was not a soul in sight.

     "Hey! Big cat, look here!" A silver bell-like laughter sounded behind him.

      "Huh?" Jia Zhengjin hurriedly turned around. As a result, a little black-haired loli appeared in front of him, who was about 1.6 meters tall and was 13 to 14 years old. Little Lori's hair is tied into a cute double ponytail and she is wearing a tight nightwear.

     How did she get behind her? Jia Zhengjin only thinks that he has one's hair stand on end: "Who you are?"
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