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0 Chapter List 242 Types Of Orcs
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

With the invisible cloak, Jia Zhengjin easily bypassed the imperial soldiers patrolling in the palace and entered the dungeon smoothly.

     However, there are dozens of imperial soldiers in the dungeon, and it is difficult to save people. You must try to lead them away, otherwise you will be spotted by opening the door!

     Slightly pondered, Jia Zhengjin retreated to the entrance of the dungeon and looked around. Then took out a simple bomb from the virtual backpack, lit it and threw it directly to the flowerbed next to it.

     He himself quickly returned to the dungeon.

     About a few seconds later, there was a loud sound of "boom" outside, and the whole dungeon seemed to be shaking!

     "what sound?"


     "Get out and have a look!!"

     The imperial soldiers in the dungeon quickly went into action and rushed outside.

     After successfully distracting all the imperial soldiers, Jia Zhengjin immediately took out the matched key to open the iron door and sneak into it.

     They will return soon, so they must seize the moment!

     Entering the dungeon, he took off the invisible cloak and motioned to the prisoners not to make any noise.

     Due to the large number of people, it took a lot of effort.

     For Jia Zhengjin's Sudden Appearance, not only the elves, but other human and orc slaves were also extremely shocked. But when he explained that he was here to save everyone at the time of departure, the slaves in the dungeon were all boiling!Jia Zhengjin opened the cell where the elven slaves were held, released them all, and removed the imprisonment rings on their hands and feet for them: "Listen to me, there are many imperial soldiers in the dungeon, and there are a lot of patrols outside. Soldiers. Once they are disturbed, they will attract more terrifying troops! So we need to escape in a more alternative way!"

     "How to escape?" someone asked immediately.

     "Come on!" Jia Zhengjin took out more than a hundred stone picks made temporarily before departure from the virtual backpack. "Young and vigorous all stood up, and everyone led a stone pick! We dig from the deepest part of the dungeon to dig holes in the ground. Flee to the outside of the city!"

     "This how can it be?" Hearing this, the elves were suddenly full of doubts, "Are you kidding me?"

     "Come here!" Seeing that they didn't believe it, Jia Zhengjin immediately led everyone to the deepest position of the cell, then took out a stone pickaxe and knocked it hard on the ground for a while.

     Although there is a sound in stone pick mining, it is not very loud. As long as you don't pay attention to it outside, you can usually not hear it.

      "Hōng!" When the dug location had zero durability, a square cave and a stone brick ground block appeared on the ground.

     The elven slaves all saw dumbstruck, the unbelievable hole dug out with a stone pick was so neat! And it seems to be very simple, it doesn't take much effort! This is really amazing! Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to dig out this four sides square, right?

     "Do you understand everything?" Jia Zhengjin softly asked when they saw their silly look.The elves quickly showed a pleasantly surprised look. The hundreds of people who took the stone picks immediately became busy, and one after another began to dig into the deepest open space in the dungeon.

      there is strength in numbers, seeing the squares being dug out, an incomparable gigantic pit appeared in it, and it was slowly growing. Jia Zhengjin put all the dug out squares into the virtual backpack, while taking care of them.

     "Hey!" Probably saw the elves dig an escape route quickly in a hard to understand way. The slaves in other prison cells finally cannot bear. And the one who called Jia Zhengjin was Mrs. Jenny, who had met once in the king’s palace before, “Can you save us? Take us along the way? If you don’t save us, we will call the guard!”

     Seeing her serious expression, Jia Zhengjin knew it was definitely not a joke.

     But it's nothing to save them by the way, and if you don't save them, it's likely that the other party will do something bad on purpose. To be on the safe side, Jia Zhengjin immediately took the key to release Mrs. Jenny and several other human female slaves. By the way, the five orc slaves were also released together: "It is okay to take you together, but pay attention to maintain silence, whatever happens must not destroy. Our escape plan!"

     "Don't worry, we won't make any noise!" Mrs. Jenny came out of the cell and immediately held hands with several female slaves, walking towards the elves who were digging holes.

     "May the beast god Canberra bless you!" The five orcs who were released are all women. They have charming bodies that are exactly the same as human women and even more sexy, but they are all leopards with patterns on their heads.This is a very strange ethnic group. A cheetah's head is placed on top of a beautiful woman's body. It feels strange to think about it!

     These five are obviously of the same race, and Jia Zhengjin looks at their heads, always feeling that they have one's hair stand on end.

     Out of curiosity, he cannot bear asked, "Are all the orcs look the same as yours?" At the same time, he said, the king has such a heavy taste? Even if the body is a human, but the head is a fierce cheetah! Does he dare to sleep with such a dangerous thing? Are you afraid of being eaten up in the middle of the night?

     Probably seeing Jia Zhengjin's gaze, these cheetah beauties immediately understood his thoughts.One of the cheetah beauties started talking: "Our orcs have three forms, each of which is different! They are a complete animal type, a half-human animal type, and a humanoid type. The complete animal type, as the name implies an entire animal type state at birth, They are also called returning children. They maintain the form of beasts like their ancestors, and at the same time have very little intelligence, equivalent to four or five-year-old children. Such children are easy to mix with ordinary beasts, so their status It is the lowest. Several of us are half-human beasts, and our bodies are half human and half beasts. There are many types of half-human beasts, such as our beast's head human's body, some human head beasts, and half human half beasts. For people like us, apart from their special appearance, they are not much different from humans! Of course, the most human-like is the third type, humanoid! Basically, humanoid orcs are the closest to humans. They have only very unassuming beast characteristics. For example, the ears on the head, the tail behind them, the scales on the body, etc. Their characteristics are easy to hide, and they are the easiest to pretend to be humans. In fact, humanoid orcs The situation of being hunted by humans is also the most serious! Because they are usually beautiful and have a unique style that human females lack. Among them, the fox and cat women are the most pitiful. They are too beautiful to be greedy. The humans keep sending hunters to attack their tribes, looting the poor girls and selling them to the royal families of various countries..."
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