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0 Chapter List 245 Magic Battle
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Bows and arrows have a certain Attack Range, so if the counterfeit dragon rises to a certain level, the arrows will lose their power and fall down instead.

     Jia Zhengjin has taken off the invisible cloak and put it in the virtual backpack: "Let's go!"

     "Ang~!" The counterfeit dragon roared and flew directly out of the city.

     "Don't let him run!" The king looked up roared.

     "Your Majesty, this dragon comes from nowhere, we can't be impulsive!" Maleuk hurriedly persuaded.

     "Did you see him leave like this?" the king said angrily, "coming! Notify Magic Guild immediately and stop it at all costs!"

     "Yes!!" The Imperial soldier received the order, and immediately someone ran out.

     Seeing that the king had given the order, Maleuk gritted his teeth: "The wind drifts!"

     There was wind under his feet, and the whole person immediately floated up and chased the counterfeit dragon with extremely fast speed.

     "Kean!" Tina saw Maruk and the terrifying number of imperial soldiers chasing from below, and she pulled Jia Zhengjin's hand worriedly.

     "It doesn't matter!" Jia Zhengjin said to her, "Try your blizzard!"

     "No way!" Tina shook the head, "I don't have enough magic to use it!"

     "So exaggerated?" Jia Zhengjin is somewhat astonished, "How much magic is enough?"

     "I don't know either!" Tina shook her head helplessly.

     "Forget it!" Jia Zhengjin said, "Let's leave directly!"

     "Ang~!" The counterfeit dragon roared and flew out of the city quickly.Although facing the giant dragon, his heart was very guilty. But Maleuk still followed the king's order and decided to stop the opponent: "Windlock!"

     He released a long slender tornado, straight to the ground and take off into the air. There was not much hope, after all, this kind of magic should have an effect on the legendary dragon.

     However, what is surprising is that this wind lock has successfully entangled the developed hind legs of the dragon, causing the dragon to stop.

     The counterfeit dragon flicked its wings desperately, trying to break free from the shackles of magic, but found that the wind locks struggled and entangled tighter!

     "This..." Maluk really hadn't thought, a terrifying dragon would be entangled by wind lock, which is only a moderate magic? Is this really a legendary race? Could it be that the historical records are wrong?

     "Oops! Keane, the dragon was caught!" Tina said nervously.

     "Yeah!" Jia Zhengjin nodded and frowned.

     He knew in his heart what's going on. If this is a real dragon, the opponent's magic is basically impossible to work! But the problem is that the counterfeit dragon is a complete counterfeit, and it is just a nothing special deformation monster! Even if it has the appearance of a giant dragon, it cannot have the true strength of a giant dragon, especially its resistance to magic!

     "Cross cut!" If you want to get rid of this magic, you must start with the magician. Jia Zhengjin attacked below without the slightest hesitation.

     However, the effective distance of the cross cutting is not very far, and the energy of the cross shape only flies out more than ten meters to complete dissipation."No way!" Jia Zhengjin gritted his teeth, "Tina, use Magic Attack!"

     "Oh, good!" Tina immediately raised her magic wand and threw a small fireball toward Maruk who was chasing her.

     Maleuk directly took the magic wand and picked it up, and directly scattered the fireball.

     "He is a powerful magician. It's strange that you can hurt him with the most basic fireball skills!" Jia Zhengjin glanced at his wife speechlessly.

     "Yes!" Tina spit out her little tongue embarrassedly, "Then I will use the wind blade!"

      "Shuā!" Wind Blade to drop from the sky, rotating and shooting towards Maleuk.

     "Wind Blade!" Maluk released yet another Wind Blade, directly offsetting Tina's Wind Blade in the air.

     "That's not good? Then lightning ball!" Tina immediately waved her staff and threw out a speed is surprisingly quick Ball Lightning.

     "Boom!!" This time, Maleuk did not fight, but quickly dodged backwards.

     "Ha! This trick is useful!" Tina suddenly eyes shined, and hurriedly threw down a lightning ball to attack Maleuk.

     "Bang BAANG!!" Maleuk feet not touching the ground, using Wind Magic to move quickly left and right, flexibly avoiding attacks one after another.

     He can fly with this trick, but obviously he can't fly high! It is estimated that it can only barely get off the ground, and it cannot be soaring high into the air like real flying. However, Movement Speed is so fast that it can't be hit by a lightning ball.

     "Christina, do you have any means of attack? Cooperate with Tina!" Jia Zhengjin saw that Tina's attack did not work, so he looked to the other side."Okay!" Although Christina did not completely take refuge in Jia Zhengjin, she already regarded herself as a member of the same camp. So without the slightest hesitation raised the scepter of light, "Holy light bomb bursts!"

     "Huhuhu!!!" Christina raised her wand and released several shining energy bullets, mixed with Tina's lightning ball.

     "Wind shield!" Maluk felt unable to dodge, so he immediately raised his left hand and created a whirlwind shield to resist the attack.

     "Good opportunity!!" Seeing this scene, Jia Zhengjin suddenly eyes shined, knelt down and patted the fake giant dragon’s head, "Spit fire at him!"

     "Ang~!" The counterfeit dragon that received the order immediately turned his head, and while flapping its wings, it opened its mouth and ejected an extremely hot pillar of fire. The pillar of fire shot straight out, towards Maleuk.

     Maluk, who was defending with the shield of wind, noticed that the dragon was breathing fire at him suddenly, and his face changed drastically! Because when he maintains the wind shield, he cannot move at will! But you can move after removing the wind shield. The problem is that lightning balls and holy light bullets will hit you!

     It's dangerous!

     Cold sweat broke out on Maleuk's forehead, and he quickly figured out what would be better for him. After thinking and thinking, finally decided to take a holy light bullet or lightning ball. Because he unconfirmed how strong the dragon's flame is, if it hits it and kills it instantly, it would be miserable!

      Thought until here, Maluk decisively interrupted the wind shield.Sure enough, at the moment he interrupted, a holy light bullet hit his chest accurately. Maluk endured the severe pain and turned and flew away quickly, and the remaining holy light bullets, lightning balls, and the flames of the dragon were all instantly empty.

     A big hole was burned in the chest of Maleuk's magic robe, and the high temperature of the holy light bullet burned him locally.

     For him, he was lucky, because Christina was not good at attacking as a priest, and he did not have the terrifying strength of Master Leo. Even if the light rod is greatly enhanced, it can only barely hurt him!

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