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0 Chapter List 247 Where Did The Dragon Come
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

At the moment Connie used the magic, a rain of fire suddenly fell on the sky that had been ravaged by ice and snow.

      Their number cannot be counted Lava Fireball to drop from the sky, melting and evaporating all the snow and ice at a terrifying speed, and the fireball is densely packed towards Master Gülen and the four magicians he brought.

     In addition to the scary number of Lava Fireballs, a huge Magic Domain is formed with Connie as the center. The temperature in this area continues to rise, becoming like a giant stove.

     "It's hot~" Just after getting a new life from the torture of the blizzard, Jia Zhengjin and others immediately fell into the high temperature horror of Lava Hell!

     In just a few seconds, I felt the dry mouth and tongue, and my skin was hot, as if it was about to be steamed.

     "Don't accidentally hurt the friendly army!!" Facing such a terrifying high temperature magic, Jia Zhengjin shouted with a dry voice.

     Grand Master Gülen and the four Grand Mages were forced to retreat, retreating outside the domain with extremely fast speed, and landed in front of the Imperial Army.

     Connie took advantage of the magic, and the entire airspace finally returned to normal!

     "Master Gülen!" King Burris walked out of the team, "what's going on? Why do the dragons that should have been extinct appear three at once, and they all appear in our empire? Why is Magic Guild's detective Didn't even detect the barriers? Why are they appearing here?"

     Facing a series of questions from the king, Grand Master Gulen had no choice but to shake his head: "His Majesty The King, currently our Magic Guild also not knowing anything at all! As for the detection of enchantments, for a legendary creature like the dragon, It didn't work anymore!""Then you Magic Hall can expel these three dragons from Tansandia City?" Burris asked.

     "His Majesty The King," Grand Master Gulen was a little embarrassed. "As I learned from my fight with the dragon just now, the fire dragon carrying people is very weak and should be able to deal with it easily! But the other one big and one small two red giants Dragon, I don’t know how small it is. But the larger fire dragon can use domain-level magic. Just to deal with it, I am afraid that all the elites of our Magic Guild will be dispatched! But you also know that the elites of our Magic Guild are now Wandering across the country, it is not easy to convene, and it also comes without enough time!"

     "What should I do? Do you want to watch these dragons slaughters in my city?" Burris said angrily, "How should I explain to the millions of subjects who trust me?"

     "Your Majesty don't be impatient!" Master Gülen hurriedly said, "As long as we figure out why these three-headed dragons came to the Xiongfeng Empire, there may be a glimmer of opportunities!"

     "Then you are not hurrying?" Burris was obviously anxious.

     Get rid of the dangerous counterfeit dragon in the air, and flew to the two red dragons under the command of Jia Zhengjin.

     Only now did he understand that the identities of the epic creatures of Connie and Liz turned out to be real dragons!

     This made him quite shocked that there was a giant dragon in Magical Beast Forest, and he became his neighbor. Apart from the dragon, are there other legendary creatures in the forest as far as the eye can see?But there is no time to study these at the moment, he came to the two red dragons, loudly said: "Connie, Liz, let's retreat!"

     Connie looked at the huge dragon eyes, first glanced at the three girls Tina, Palin, and Christina who were already shocked, and then nodded to Jia Zhengjin. He opened his mouth and made an ear-splitting dragon roar, and he directly turned and flew outside the city.

     The city of Tanzania is in chaos. Except for the chaotic imperial army, millions of people in the city were panicked because of the appearance of the dragon, hiding at home shiver coldly.

     Legends of the dragon slaughter city are everywhere, and almost every place where the dragon appears in the story, no matter how big the city is, no one will be spared.

     Now that the three dragons appear over the city, could it be the end of the city of Tansandia?

     However, at this moment, the dragon suddenly changed its direction and flew outside the city. The unexplained people in the city thought that the imperial army had defeated the dragon, and now they poked their heads out of the windows of their homes to revel.

     "How did the dragon retreat?" King Burris was confused, unable to understand the situation before him. What are they here for?

     "Your Majesty, I will follow up and ask what happened!" Grand Master Glenn was not afraid of death, and immediately took the four Grand Mages and flew high in the sky again, chasing the dragon.

     "Your Majesty!" The magician Maluk came to Burris, "Although I don't know what the dragon came for, but the person on the dragon's head definitely stole your crown and treasure. I don't know. In what way was the thieves freed from all the slaves in the dungeon!""Then why are you still hesitating? Chase it for me!" Burris gave an order, and the imperial soldiers assembled and grandiose rushed towards the gate.

     "Your Majesty!" Maleuk said in his heart that he can catch up and how is it? There are three giant dragons around us, and we may not be able to defeat it even if we make every effort.

     But the king rushed, he couldn't stay here.

     Following Connie and Liz, Jia Zhengjin quickly drove the counterfeit dragon to the outskirts of the city. After landing, I found that the slaves dug all the way from the palace dungeon had also joined Xianjier and the others, and all rode on Ruruto's back. Thousands of elves gather together, the scene is quite spectacular!

      Relatively speaking, the human slaves such as Mrs. Jane, and the five cheetah beauties mixed in this troop seem inconspicuous.

     Seeing the three-headed dragon turning back, thousands of Ruluto immediately carried the slaves high and joined them.

     "Go!" The goal has been achieved. Jia Zhengjin gave an order to return to Magical Beast Forest with the rescued elves.

     At this moment, Master Glenn rushed over with extremely fast speed, loudly shouted: "Wait a minute!"

     "Ang~!" Connie suddenly turned around in the air, and greeted Master Glenn with a roar, "Old man, are you coming to die?"

     "Don't be impulsive!" Grand Master Gülen loudly said, "I have no hostility, I just want to find out why you are here! The dragons have not appeared for a long time, so that humans think that you have been extinct in Gods' War! So Suddenly so many come here, which makes us very puzzled! The most important thing is why you are with human beings..."Halfway through the conversation, he suddenly froze. Because he flew closer, he discovered the Luluto troops beside the dragon, and the thousands of elves on these Lulutos!

     And in this brief moment, the city gate opened wide. King Burris led an imperial army by the thousands and tens of thousands.
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