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0 Chapter List 267 Gu Li Gu
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Jia Zhengjin stayed up until about 1:00 in the morning, and finally finished all 400 street lights and stored them in the warehouse at one go.

     At the next morning, after eating the loving breakfast prepared by Tina, he immediately set out with Wolf, Carl, and Vera three werewolves, and went out to search for the electric monster.

     The Warcraft around the city has long been cleared, and can only travel farther.

     Fortunately, there are counterfeit dragons, and the werewolves also have Second step demon beast, Movement Speed is quite fast.

     In less than half a day, they found the first beast about 15 kilometers away from the Holy Dragon City!

     This is a giant white creature that looks a bit like a tortoise. Like a tortoise, it has a hard shell to protect itself. It has four stubby and short tails and can be retracted into the shell at any time.

     But its head is very peculiar, because it looks like a hammer. And the neck is thin and long, so it's the same length as its own body! If you just look at the neck, Jia Zhengjin immediately thinks of a giraffe. But this has nothing to do with giraffes, it's pretty much called a giraffe.

     "Try to see what attribute it is!" Jia Zhengjin said, "Look at how strong it is."

     Wolf immediately rushed forward riding Dakras, Second step demon beast opened his mouth and bit on the neck of this turtle-shaped beast. The pain caused the limbs and tail of this beast to Withdraw quickly, and then rolled around and twisted his neck. Escaped from Dakras' mouth.

     The tortoise can't do such a roll! Jia Zhengjin stared wide-eyed.Look carefully again, that strange beast's neck doesn't have any bite marks! A layer of hard rocks covered it, and it turned out to be an earth-type monster.

     Earth-type monsters have always been known for defense, and ordinary bites don't hurt, doesn't tickle to it.

     "Use Magic Attack!" Jia Zhengjin ordered immediately.

     "Wusu~" The counterfeit dragon received the order, and immediately opened his mouth to spray a hot pillar of fire, instantly covering this earth-type monster.

     The counterfeit dragon used the pillar of fire, and the two-headed Dakras could not use the water arrows. Not only would that not help, but it would also reduce the power of the pillar of fire, which might allow this earth-type monster to escape.

     Although Dakras can't intervene, Vera's Proboscis can cooperate, because it is also a fire monster!

     The proboscis bear opened its mouth and spewed a huge flame, intertwined with the fire column of the counterfeit dragon, forming a more powerful attack.

     Even Jia Zhengjin, who was standing on the counterfeit dragon, felt the extremely hot breath in the air, and the surrounding temperature continued to rise at an astonishing speed.

     Earth-type monsters kept tumbling in the flames, but there was no counterattack. It seems that apart from its petrified defense, it does not have any other offensive magic. And it was obviously not able to escape so fast, so it became a living target very sadly.

     Finally a few minutes later, the earth-based monster was thoroughly cooked by two scorching flames.

     [News] The Shapeshifter eliminated Gu Li Gu and you gained 500 experience points!"Gu Li Gu? What the hell is this name?" After confirming that it was dead, Jia Zhengjin immediately let the counterfeit dragon land. Reaching out to touch the corpse, it was so hot.

     "Master Keene, are you okay?" Wolf asked worriedly.

     "Stupid what are you doing staring blankly?" Jia Zhengjin was depressed, "Hurry up and let your pet use Water Magic to cool this guy!"

      "Yes!" Wolf and Carl hurriedly let the two Dakras release water arrows desperately, cooling them down by the thoroughly cooked Gu Ligu.

     After cooling down completely, Jia Zhengjin could finally feel at ease.

     [News] You got the core of the earth lv2!

     [News] You got the Rock Shield (perfect)!

     [Message] You got the creation blueprint of the rock armor!

     [News] You got Earth's Spear!

     [News] You got itchy powder formula!

     [News] You got the smiley powder formula!

     [News] You have obtained the Magic Skill book of Boulder Shield!

     [News] You have got a rock potion!

     [News] You have got a potion of slowness!

     [Earth Core lv2] The core of the earth, embedded in the armor can give you a strong defense force!

     Needless to say, this is the same thing as the electric magic core, which can be used to inlay equipment and obtain special abilities!

     【Rock Shield】(Perfect) Defensive power 150, reduce physical damage by 20%, reduce Magic Damage by 20%, Strength Required 200!Attributes are not ordinary horrors, after the war, they are simply tanks! The problem is that for Jia Zhengjin with a strength value of 200 points, radically is fantasy story! It seems that you can only keep it first, then let Zhuoma's humanoid monster try to get it.

     [Rock armor creation blueprint] Defensive power 100, reduces physical damage by 5%, reduces Magic Damage by 5%, Strength Required 200 points! Materials needed for production: 1 heart of stone, 100 granite, 100 stone, 100 clay!

     This is the same as the Rock Shield, right? Both are Strength Required 200 points to be equipped! The heart of the stone is What the hell? I have never seen it before, and has not heard!

     [Earth's Spear] (Normal) Attack 100, Defense 50, Strength Required 200 points!

     Impressed! The weapon also added defense, and it was a tank suit.

     [Itching powder formula] Itching, itching, itching, unbearable! Materials Needed: 1 magic vine and 1 phosphate powder.

     [Laughing powder formula] Hahaha! Really laughs! Materials Needed: Clown flower powder, human face butterfly powder.

     These two profiles made Jia Zhengjin speechless.

     【Boulder Shield Magic Skill Book】Learn the boulder shield after using it.

     It's mage's skill book again, just for Tina, let her learn a trick Defensive Magic.

     [Rock Potion] After taking it, the defense power will be increased by 100, and you cannot move within 5 minutes!

     I rely on! Isn't that asking for a dead end? After drinking this medicine, it is just as a target for people to play with! Jia Zhengjin couldn't help but think of the monster that was just now. It deserves to be the thing that exploded, and it was as dead as it was.[Slow Potion] Sprinkle on the enemy to reduce its speed by 5 times! You can also take it by yourself if you feel bored.

     Who would be bored to drink such things? Jia Zhengjin couldn't help rolling his eyes. But it is really a good trophy, the crucial moment can play a very huge effect! For some opponents whose speed is surprisingly quick, like the thief Adi Lily I met before, if it is reduced by five times, it is slower than ordinary people, right? Isn't that just waiting to be abused?

     Ok! Collect this medicine!

     Although it is not an electric monster, but the harvest is quite big. It wouldn't be a pity either, this kind of monster that can only be used as a target, no matter how strong its defense is, it is a waste product for Jia Zhengjin. Instead of wasting time to tame it, it is better to find a stronger one!

     "It's still early, continue to search nearby with me!" Jia Zhengjin said after scraping the spoils, "I hope the next one is only an electric monster!"
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