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0 Chapter List 271 Thermal Power Generating Set
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The defense of the city has things are very different now, and the inner and outer cities are densely packed. With thousands of Elven Archers doing their best, Jia Zhengjin also used the newly learned skills to swallow potions and use explosive arrows.

     Behind is the kobold crossbowmen and the young new crossbowmen team led by Amber Join the battle.

     The fierce battle lasted until midnight at around midnight, and finally left behind the corpses of the terrifying giant insect pile up like a mountain in both inner and outer cities, and finally won!

     Although a few giant insects occasionally appear, the number is no longer enough to break through the defense of the arrow tower and threaten the residents of the city!

     Almost everyone involved in this battle was tired and weak. But because it was a long-range operation, except for a relatively unlucky town guard who was injured by the giant corpse of to drop from the sky, doesn't have any casualties. This can be considered

     Jia Zhengjin's hands were too tired to lift up, he could not remember how many arrows he shot in total!

     Only knowing that tonight's battle has made him directly rise from level 12 to level 13!

     To know that upgrading from level 12 to level 13 requires more than 200,000 experience points. Even if I went to Tansandia City before, I also hunted some monsters after returning. But how much experience is that? In fact, almost all the experience of this level of 200,000 was contributed by this wave of horrible worms!

     The only regret is that no boss appears. Moreover, apart from being able to decompose the corpse of insects into insect shells, insect wings, and a large amount of raw meat, there is no trophies to find.

     The newly acquired skill points will be added to the power system after repeated consideration.After learning the knowledge of the power system, you can unlock the most basic production of thermal generating sets. And upgrading this skill can unlock other types of generator sets such as hydropower, wind power, solar power, and even nuclear power.

     Although Jia Zhengjin already had a magic core battery, after all, the magic core was obtained by hunting the monsters. Jia Zhengjin knows how difficult it is to find an electric monster.

     Furthermore, the magic core battery has a capacity. The power that can be maintained is also quite limited, and it's gone after consumption! This is a one-off thing, not so cost-effective! It's okay to use one in an emergency, such as generator repair, and use it instead when there is no electricity. Or some equipment that requires electricity and cannot carry a generator set can also be driven by a magic core battery. For example, it may be possible to build a super machine warfare armor in the later period.

     However, it is quite troublesome to make a thermal power generating set, because the entire set requires five important components: Power System, Control System, Silencing System, Damping System, and Exhaust System.

     And these five systems are combined together by many different parts. These parts have smaller parts combinations!

     Even if there is a system, it is a very troublesome production process.

     Fortunately, Jia Zhengjin has no shortage of materials and manufacturing time. As long as you work hard in the factory, you will soon be able to make it.

     But there is a question, the operation of the power system drives the city's lighting system. And the lighting system can easily attract terrifying insects!

     Tonight is nothing more than 50 street lights, which directly attracted enough worms to make Jia Zhengjin soar!A bug is about 10 to 20 experience points. In other words, 20,000 to 30,000 giant insects were killed tonight!

     The upgrade is very fast! But fortunately, this wave is all bugs with very low attack and defense power. If it were a more powerful insect tide, I am afraid that the city would suffer.

     But with great difficulty, I got the magic core battery and generator set, but can’t it be used for night lighting?

     Jia Zhengjin turned over in one's mind, and a bright idea suddenly occurred.

     Insects are so troublesome and dangerous to enter the city, so let them not enter, right?

     As for the method, Jia Zhengjin thought of one.

     Are there arrow towers in the inner and outer cities anyway? And in the future, it will definitely be added continuously, until every corner of the inner and outer cities is erected with arrow towers.

     And now the most annoying thing is when the worms come, because the number is too terrifying, so the arrow tower can't completely block all their travel routes. There will be a large number of insects will be put into the city, and shooters need to participate in the battle to remove them.

     What if a protective net was built on the periphery and above? It can not only intercept insects, but also let the arrow tower attack insects through the gap! And you can turn on the protection network and turn it into a grid, making the bugs die faster!

     Under normal circumstances, this kind of idea is difficult to realize, and it will inevitably require terrible human resources and precise planning.

     However, Jia Zhengjin, who owns the game system, said that it doesn't seem to be too difficult, right?Iron ore can be used to smelt wire mesh in the furnace, and there is also a strong iron fence. He can completely surround the outer city wall with barbed wire, and then build it over the city to form an oversized roof of barbed wire. Next, use a sturdy iron fence to enclose the entire city.

     After the power is turned on, except for the four gates that can freely enter and exit, regardless of the upper and lower levels, they are blocked!

     The power grid and electric fence can isolate any flying troops outside, preventing them from entering the city! But there is also a shortcoming, that is, the flying troops in the city cannot enter and leave at will. If you want to bring monsters and counterfeit dragons into the city, you can only pass through four huge city gates.

     Of course, if it’s possible to make the city safe, it is totally worth doing!

     It is necessary to pull up the protective net, the power grid and the defense of the arrow tower are enough to isolate any aerial attack. It can also cause some trouble to the enemy siege. Although this is part of a trap, killing insects does not have an experience bonus for you, but safety is much more important than experience! When the time comes, all you have to do is to do some repairs on the broken iron fences and wire fences! How simple? Take a hammer and take a look at it!

     Just do it when he thinks of it. Jia Zhengjin took advantage of everyone to go back to rest and sleep. He worked overtime in the factory all night. First, all the complex parts for the generator set were manufactured, and then they were brought to the tool table to begin assembly.

     As for the furnace, it began to smelt to make wire mesh.

     When he succeeded in assembling a complete thermal power generator set, there were already quite a lot of barbed wire in the furnace. He took them out immediately and quickly went out to install them.There is no way to make iron fences for the time being, because too much iron ore is required and resources cannot keep up. Need to wait for news from the mine!

     He first built four towering pillars in four directions in the inner city. The pillars are made of wood, but they are solid. Then, using the pillars as support, install the wire mesh flatly toward all around, creating a wire mesh roof over the city.

     Of course, I borrowed Buddy’s Flying Devil Beast Kuru for the whole journey. Otherwise, who could build it on such a high place?
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