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0 Chapter List 398 Explore Secret Tunnels
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Although Brian was unwilling in every way, he was a prisoner of others after all. The private army that I formed has been disbanded, and all property has been unreasonable confiscated, not having anything at all!

     The only thing he cares about now is his own life, at least he has to live to have hope!

     Jia Zhengjin took Bryan to the luxurious big house in the headquarters of the Sea Eagle Chamber of Commerce, which had been completely sealed off by the Sea Dragon City guards. The crowd watching the excitement around was also driven away.

     "Master Keene, General Albas, please!" The guarding soldiers were in front and led them to the warehouse of this big house.

     This warehouse is very old, with spider silk and thick dust everywhere. The contents inside have been moved almost, and a very hidden passage in the corner can be seen at a glance.

     "Master Keene, this is it!" The soldier took them to the passage and turned and said.

     Jia Zhengjin turned and looked at Bryan who was next to him, observing his expression.

     "Is there really a secret tunnel?" Brian looked surprised. If this is not the case, if his acting skills are good, he really doesn't know. He walked to the front of the passage in surprise, and glanced at the probe inside, "pitch black, see nothing!"

     "Master Keene, General Albas," the soldier gently put a lighted torch into the dark tunnel, "Look!"

     Jia Zhengjin and Albas stared at the torch in the tunnel at the same time, and within a few seconds, the torch was automatically extinguished in an instant!

     "There is no wind!" Albas stretched out his hand and fumbled in the tunnel for a while, then turned to Jia Zhengjin and solemnly said, "It's weird!""Hmm!" Jia Zhengjin nodded. Pondered a little, took out a self-made torch from the virtual backpack, put it into the tunnel and waited for a few seconds.

     It turned out not surprisingly, this torch was also extinguished!

     It seems that even the torch of the system product will baffling out! But what is it?

     "Master Keane, it's too dark inside!" the soldier said, "It's too scary to add the torch will automatically extinguish, so no one hurry up! We will immediately come over and invite you and General Albas, what do you think? do?"

     "It doesn't matter," Jia Zhengjin gave Albas a look, "Help Brian unlock the ring of imprisonment!"

      "Yes!" Albas didn't worry about Brian's sudden counterattack after being unlocked. As a Magician, he was also a Basic Magician who was not strong enough. He could subdue with no difficulty. Not to mention the God-like Lord Keen with the ability to control the dragon. Brian also basically unable to escape. All the soldiers in and out of Sea Dragon City were soldiers. He would shoot into a hornet's nest if he dared to change anything.

     Brian is not stupid, of course not joking about his life. So after being unlocked, he just moved his hands and feet, and then looked at Jia Zhengjin: "Return my staff, otherwise I can't use magic!"

     "Here!" Jia Zhengjin took out his magic wand from the virtual backpack and threw it away. This kind of ebony staff with only basic attribute, he couldn't catch his eyes at all, "Do you have magic to find the way?""I have learned the most basic lighting technique, I don't know if it works!" Brian took his magic wand, took a few deep breaths to relieve his tension, then waved the wand, and chanted a simple spell.

      "Shuā!" As his spell ceased, Sudden Appearance was a white ball of light on the top of the magic wand. The white ball of light seemed to stick to the top of the magic wand, emitting a gentle light that was shining but not dazzling.

     Brian stretched his magic wand into the tunnel and waited for a few seconds. The light ball did not disappear, which made everyone present with an excited look.

     Upon seeing this, Jia Zhengjin said to Brian: "You, go in first!"

     Although it can illuminate the road ahead, Brian is actually very scared in his heart. It's just that there is no choice at the moment, so I can only obedient.

     Jia Zhengjin waited for him to enter the tunnel and walked for more than ten meters before opening the mouth to ask: "How is it? Is there anything unusual?"

     "Nothing!" Brian replied.

     "The torch goes out, I thought it was because of the lack of oxygen." Seeing that he had nothing to do, Jia Zhengjin thought for a while, "It seems that this is not the reason! There should be oxygen in the tunnel, but there is also something that makes the flame unable to continue. Burning fire-suppressing substance. It seems that in this other world, weird things are too many to count!"

     "Will you continue to walk inside?" Brian saw him in thought, so he opened the mouth to ask.Jia Zhengjin glanced at him, turned his head and said to Albas, "I will go in with him to find out what secrets are in the tunnel! Leave some people to guard the periphery of this house, and you will go back to maintain the law and order of Sea Dragon City! Those private troops have just surrendered and must be closely monitored!"

     "Yes!!" Albas wouldn't worry about Jia Zhengjin. A godlike figure still needs a small character like him to worry about?

     Holding the stun gun, Jia Zhengjin quickly entered the tunnel and said to Brian in front of him: "All right, you go ahead and be responsible for lighting for me!"

     "Then you must ensure my safety!" Brian also knew that this was a strong man who could control the dragon. Entering this unknown tunnel, a low-level magician like him would not have much effect.

     "As long as you are obediently and honestly!" if it’s possible, Jia Zhengjin will of course try to protect him. After all, Brian's lighting is now an important support for exploring the tunnel. But if he encounters real danger and he can't cope with it, he will decisively abandon the person, and then use invisible cloak to escape by himself!

     Brian didn't know what Jia Zhengjin was thinking, so he relaxed a little after getting his answer. In his opinion, there is a Super Expert protection that can control the dragon, then doesn't have any terrible things!

     Although the entrance to the tunnel is not big, it is quite spacious inside. In Jia Zhengjin's view, it is a bit similar to the train tunnel of That World, except that this tunnel is longer and farther.Under the guidance of Brian Illumination, the two walked along the straight tunnel. After walking for ten minutes, I still can't see a re-export. The exit is not visible in the front, and the entrance is not visible in the back. Two people are walking in the exactly the same tunnel as before, and there is an illusion that they are not advancing at all, as if one is making no headway!

     After walking for more than five minutes, Brian gradually became nervous, and then asked, "Did we enter the maze? Why can't we go? And it's so weird here, there is not even a bug! Could it be something? Magic circle?"

     Speaking of the magic circle, Jia Zhengjin thought of the maze enchantment that Connie had arranged for her Holy Dragon City before. But after thinking about it again, it shouldn't be enough: "Keep going!"

     "Okay!" Although Brian was scared, he could only step forward again.
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