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0 Chapter List 450 Can't Catch Mushrooms
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Tina was a little startled, what came oncoming was really the most common harmless mushroom in the forest.

     But this mushroom is completely different from the mushrooms I've seen before, because I've seen that kind of mushrooms stupidly, as long as someone shows up, they will immediately surround themselves and keep rubbing, like a small pet. No matter how you beat it or kick it, it still sticks dim-wittedly, so it is called a silly mushroom by the villagers.

     The mushroom in front of me couldn't see the characteristics of that silly mushroom at all, and it was not clingy at all. Instead, they constantly use flexible jumps to escape from the hands of those who chase it, just like a thinking animal, knowing to avoid and escape!

     In this case, to be honest, Tina was the first time I saw through childhood!

     In order to protect her, the people in front of the city rushed toward the mushroom. Who knew that the mushroom leaped over his head easily, and even deliberately stomped a foot on his face before rushing straight to Tina.

     Although knowing that the mushroom is a basically harmless and peculiar plant, the mushroom in front of me is so weird, Tina still feels scared instinctively. So he directly took out the magic wand and shot a fireball in the face.

     I rely on! Murder your husband! Jia Zhengjin saw the oncoming fireball, dodged flexibly, and then successfully landed beside Tina.

     "Ah~~!" Because the fireball didn't hit, the mushroom appeared beside her again, Tina exclaimed, hurriedly jumped back and threw a small fireball.

     Of course, such an attack Jia Zhengjin didn't care. Tina's reaction was so funny, it made him playful, and after dodged, he deliberately jumped over and circled Tina."Frost!" Tina immediately changed her tactics after two consecutive fireball shots, and the mushroom circled her provocatively.

     The Frost Technique had a significant slowing effect, and Jia Zhengjin felt that he became dull in an instant. I was surprised at first, and then lamented that Tina's adaptability is better than before! She grew up from a little village girl with nothing special to now being able to use magic flexibly. It is really not easy.

     A faint frost shrouded the mushroom body, losing its flexibility. Seeing it slowed down, Tina called out loudly: "Hurry up and grab it!"

     "Yes!!" Several city residents rushed over quickly and jumped from three directions.

     It's cold! The frosty Jia Zheng's blond hair trembled. Although Tina's magic attack is basically negligible, it slows down, and it's super cold!

     Of course it is impossible for him to let the city dwellers catch him, but he is slow for at least a few seconds after being hit by frost, and it is impossible to escape by speed alone!

     Fortunately, he was not worried. When the city people were about to catch him, he immediately used the ability to retreat.

     "Bang!!" The three city people all rushed into the air, lying on the ground with a stunned expression. Obviously the mushroom is right in front of you, and it has been slowed down by magic, be determined to win, why suddenly vanish from sight?

     The retreat speed is too fast for ordinary people to be basically unable to catch it with the naked eye.

     "It's here!" A city citizen yelled nearby, and at the same time a large number of people immediately rushed on.

     The mushrooms are vanish from sight again and appear in other places."What exactly is this mushroom?" Tina was really hard to understand. In order to catch it and continue the work that had been put on hold, he resorted to frost technique again. However, this time Mushroom failed. No matter how Tina attacked, she jumped and dodged every time, giving her no chance at all.

     The scene is more chaotic, and the overwhelming majority of the city people have put aside their work and joined the camp to besieged and hunted mushrooms.

      Thus, Tina's magic did not dare to use casually for fear of accidentally injuring these civilians.

     After the effect of the Mushroom Frost Technique of Jia Zhengjin's transformation disappeared, he jumped around more flexibly.

     Affect the construction of the new city? He thinks that it’s okay to let everyone take a break properly. After all, doing boring work all day long will make everyone feel tired except for the brainless existence of kobolds. Let them play with themselves and transfer the negative mood brought about by boring work, which is actually good. Besides, the Mirtai people won't be there for a while, so don't be too nervous.

     The most important thing is that there are eight 9th-order Great God-level monsters squatting in the city. Now the Holy Dragon City belongs to an absolutely safe area, and any monsters dare not easily approach the place where there are 9-level monsters. And those ordinary predatory beasts, with Wolf and Kobold troops, basically don't have any problems!

     Thinking of Wolf, Wolf is here!

     The riots here also attracted Wolf's attention. As the patrol captain appointed by Tina to maintain the construction of the new city, Wolf certainly couldn't let the progress of the project go wrong. Especially Tina seems to be affected now, how can he continue to watch with folded arms?So when a large group of city dwellers were being tricked by this weird mushroom, Wolf carried the spark knife and rush forward quickly, shouting loudly at everyone: "Get out of the way!!"

     Apart from Tina, no one understood Wolf's Chinese. But his aura and the movement of holding up the Starfire Knife and slashing made everyone understood.

     The city dwellers scatter like birds and beasts quickly, dispersing like a tide, leaving a huge circular open space.

     Wolf jumped to the center of the clearing and slashed from top to bottom.

     Jia Zhengjin hurriedly backed away, but Wolf approached again with astonishing speed, and the second knife came immediately oncoming.

     Not how many considering the time, Jia Zhengjin flexibly used the retreat skills to dodge Wolf's attack in the circular clearing surrounded by the city residents. It was somewhat flustered at first, but gradually mastered Wolfe's attacking rhythm later. The main thing is the powerful retreat skills. As long as thoughts stirred, the whole person can retreat at an astonishing speed and dodge all attacks!

     Not only the city dwellers, but Tina dumbstruck. She really couldn't believe that there would be a mushroom that was so flexible that even Wolf could not kill it! You must know that Wolf is a werewolf, and it is even more formidable existence after being advanced by Keane with some mysterious props. But his attack, this mushroom can be dodged at a speed hard to catch with the naked eye, which is simply too inconceivable!

     Is this really a mushroom? Is this really the kind of silly mushroom commonly found in the forest? impossible?However, its appearance is exactly the same as that of mushrooms, and there is no difference at all! What the hell does this happen? Tina couldn't understand the current situation at all!

     In fact, Wolf was also dumbfounded by being constantly avoided by the mushrooms in front of him! When he fly into a rage out of humiliation, he felt strange in his heart. He seemed to have a vague impression of this situation, as if this thing had happened at what time. But no matter what, cannot remember!
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