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0 Chapter List 823 Trophy Of Queen Black Garmite
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Jia Zhengjin and the psychedelic clone didn't make a move. Faced with the siege of the two seventh-order ice monsters, the Titan Python and Nadu, the Black Garmite BOSS didn't even fight back and fell directly.

     [System] Titan python kills the fifth-order dark magic beast(s) queen of the black gar mite, and you gain 12,000 experience points.

     It turns out that this queen of the black gar mite is only the fifth stage, no wonder she has no strength to fight back in front of the two Seven step demon beasts.

      Although there are still thousands of black gar mites escaped, but the gains were quite good.

     Not to mention rising to level 20, Jia Zhengjin's experience value has reached more than half, closer to level 21.

     You have to know that he is now upgraded from level 20 to level 21, but he needs more than 52 million experience points!

     This means that in the previous battle, at least six to seven thousand black gar mites were frozen to death in the cave, and they were blown to death by thunder after running out! Such a refreshing way to brush experience makes Jia Zhengjin extremely happy! I don’t know if the black Gar mites that escaped will come back here to breed again?

     Maybe after living a period of time, I can come here again to brush up on experience?

     The living black gar mites have escaped, and the whole area is completely cold and abnormally quiet.

     "Come back! Nadu, Titan Python!" At the end of the battle, Jia Zhengjin of course recalled two Seven step demon beasts immediately, and then quickly ran to the corpse of Queen Black Garm, and squatted down and fumbled for a while.

     [System] You got the Deworming Gloves (Excellent)!

     [System] You got the insect killer (excellent)!

     [System] You have obtained Dark Core Lv5!

     [System] You got the creation blueprint of the anesthesia gun![System] You got the college build blueprint!

     [System] You got the granary build blueprint!

     [System] You got the mite mask (perfect)!

     [System] You have obtained ancient copper coins!

     Worthy of being a BOSS, although only Tier 5, 3 drawings have been released!

     [Insect Gloves] (Excellent) Defense 30, the damage from insect enemies is reduced by 45%, and the Damage Enhancement to insect enemies is 100%!

     This is completely equipment for insect enemies. The reduction of insect enemies by 45% is equivalent to half! Coupled with its own Defensive Magic and the defensive power of equipment, there is no need to be afraid of insect enemies. The 100% Damage Enhancement attribute to insect enemies is a nightmare for insect enemies!

     Speaking of insect enemies, should they be all insect monsters such as black gar mite, nadu, frost spider, etc.? There seems to be a lot of insect monsters in Magical Beast Forest, this thing should be quite practical!

     [Insect Killer] (Excellent) Attack 205, Damage Enhancement to insect enemies 120%, there is a 3% chance to directly kill insects of any level when attacking!

     The attributes of this weapon are very arrogant, and what is even more arrogant is its appearance!

     Jia Zhengjin raised the insect killer and couldn't help but rolled the eyes after looking carefully for a while. This is just a fly swatter made of special material, okay? Completely no difference with those fly swatters I have seen in my previous life!

     Fly swatter is really amazing as a weapon!But its attack is very strong! At 205 points, it is higher than the Holy Cross Silver Spear, and it is 120% stronger against insect enemies. If you include the insect-repellent gloves, that is a 220% increase, and it directly hits 656 points when attacking insect enemies, which is terrible!

     Furthermore, it also comes with a 3% chance to kill insects in seconds. Although the probability seems very small, it can ignore the level of insects. Even a god-level insect king, once there is a 3% chance of breaking out, he will be killed in seconds, right?

     Are there insects among the gods? Since Life Goddess is of the plant system, there must be gods of the insect system too? If you are fortunate enough to meet one, why not try this fly swatter can kill God?

     Well, this is just indulge in flights of fancy! Where are the gods so easy to meet, let alone let yourself just meet the gods of the insect system.

     [Anesthesia gun creation blueprint] Use it to anesthetize the target, capture alive's best choice! Automatically learn the formula for making anesthetic bullets after use. Materials needed for production: anesthesia gun barrel, anesthesia gun parts, anesthesia gun butt, anesthesia gun handle.

     The anesthesia gun is indeed a good thing, it can let ordinary people face some giant beasts or difficult to defeat beasts, by firing a large number of anesthesia bombs to make the enemy lose combat effectiveness.

     If this kind of anesthesia gun is mass-produced, armed with a special hunting team, perhaps under its own hand, higher-level monsters can be captured and brought back for domestication.

     【College build blueprint】Improve teaching quality and recruit teachers to impart skills. Materials needed for construction: 180,000 stones, 150,000 wood, 1 huge bronze bell, and 10 arbitrary books.Is this school? From the introduction, it seems that teachers can be recruited and then teach students some skills. The question is, does the school built teach the science system skills of That World or the Magic System skills of This World?

     It seems that there is no way to figure out this guessing, and you need to go back and build it to know.

     [Granary build blueprint] The storage of grain is a big problem! Owning a granary can slow down the rate of food decay and greatly increase the shelf life. At the same time, it can store more food in a limited space! Materials needed for construction: 5000 stones, 3000 wood, 100 hay, 150 ropes.

     There are not many construction materials, but it is obviously very helpful!

     Although many ice cellars have been built in Sacred Dragon City to store various vegetables, fruits and meats, as more and more people in the city, the resources produced are also increasing!

     Although after the road was opened, merchants from outside kept coming to buy goods, but it also aroused the enthusiasm of the people in the city to plant. After all, everyone wants to make more money. Therefore, the food in the ice cellar has not decreased but increased, and at all time it has remained full.

     The ice cellar is full, so I can only store other grains in the warehouse. However, the wooden boxes in the warehouse do not have the function of refrigeration and preservation, so the food spoils quickly. It takes a long time for Storehouse Manager to deal with rotten food every day.

     Therefore, this granary is exactly what is urgently needed for Shenglong City! After you go back, you must build more granaries immediately to at least ensure that grain storage is not a problem!

     [Mite Mask] (Perfect) Defense 50, Magic Defense 30, automatically Skill Learned after being equipped [Hidden].[Hidden] When you use this skill, you can enter the invisible status as long as your body stays still, and the enemy is hard to find!

     The attributes are average, but the skills are still possible. It's just that Jia Zhengjin already has an invisible cloak. The mite mask's ability to be invisible without moving is almost a far cry. It's okay to give it to people around you!

     [Ancient Copper Coin] This is a remote ancient Era copper coin, some interested collectors will pay a high price to buy it with you.

     What the hell? Rather than sell it to others, not even as good as oneself. At least the style of this copper coin looks quite interesting.

     After harvesting the spoils, Jia Zhengjin finally stood up and turned to greet Olivia.

     Killing so many dark monsters is to allow the ugly monsters parasitic on Olivia to obtain dark energy and restore its strength.

     However, as soon as I turned around, I found that the ugly monster had already left Olivia's body, and was desperately pulling the magic core from the black gar mite's body not far from him, and then swallowed it one bite at a time.
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