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0 Chapter List 824 Ugly
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The ugly monsters eat too fast, and finding the magic core from the corpse of the black gar mite is easy for it as a hand's turn.

     The sharp claws cut open the hard head, used its beak to accurately bite out the magic core, then raised its head and swallowed in one bite to immediately find the next one. Each time the process did not exceed two seconds, only its black figure was constantly shuttled among the corpses.

     But even so, the number of black gar mites is really terrifying, and the eating speed of the ugly monsters requires at least several hours to find all the magic cores and eat them.

     Probably could not bear such a slow process. A few minutes later, the ugly monsters flew into the air decisively, flapping the wing to release an extremely powerful black flame to the audience, instantly enveloping all the corpses of the black gar mites on the ground, and even went inside the cave. Burn off.

     It seems that the eating just now made it recover a lot of Dark Strength, at least not weak enough to need parasitism.

     Jia Zhengjin got the trophy of Queen Black Garmite, and left quickly on the scene, back to Tina and the others.

     Seeing those black flame burn to ashes the huge corpse of the black Garmite with astonishing speed, leaving behind a dark and smooth magic core crystal, and then the ugly monster opened his mouth and sucked, all the dark magic core automatically flew into its mouth, I couldn't help feeling For a foodie, there is one way to go.

     However, these thousands of magic cores rushed into the ugly monster's mouth frantically, and its stomach did not change a little. I really don't know if there is a different-dimensional stomach that can transfer all the food that I eat.

     The magic core on the surface was eaten up, and the ugly monsters fluttered their wings and flew along a cave into the dark depths."Shall we go in and take a look?" Jia Zhengjin said to Tina.

     Tina shook her head again and again: "I'll forget it! I can't stand the bug den or something. Keane, I'm here waiting for you!"

     "Master Keene, your subordinates accompany you in!" Olivia was not afraid.

     Jia Zhengjin can't worry about Tina, after all, this is the dangerous Magical Beast Forest. Even if there is a counterfeit dragon by its side, other high-level monsters may still appear.

      Thought until here, immediately shook his head and said: "Olivia, you are here to help me protect Tina!"

     "Yes!" Olivia received the order and immediately answered respectfully.

     "Nadu! Titan python!" Jia Zhengjin summoned the two Seven step demon beasts again and let them guard nearby, "Protect Tina!"

     "Kean, you have to be careful yourself!" Tina said softly to him.

     "Hmm!" With Olivia, the counterfeit dragon, the Titan python, and Nadu beside Tina, even if the Eight step demon beast appears, it should be able to hold up a period of time and completely protect Tina from retreating to her side. Jia Zhengjin was relieved and immediately jumped into the cave and equipped the lord's cloak during the landing.

     The body in a vampire state is light, and it won't be hurt even if it jumps from a high place. And the jumping power has become very amazing, as if it can fly. In a place that is too high, it is possible to summon bats to fly with them.

     The cave of the black gar mite is indeed very deep. It descends along the vertical cave. Although it cannot be accurately measured, Jia Zhengjin estimates that the distance from the entrance to the bottom is at least one or two hundred meters.If ordinary people fall, 100 percent torn body and crushed bones.

     The space frozen by blizzards and icicles has all melted. The ugly flame, although it doesn't feel the temperature, is still very powerful.

     After gently landing, I found that the end of the passage was a huge space. There are countless densely packed caves, including yourself, just passed through the cave above the head. Obviously, all the caves above lead directly to this underground space.

     The underground space is dark all around, even with night vision capabilities, there is no edge at all. And after landing, the nearest hole above his head is also hundreds of meters away.

     No wonder it can hold so many black gar mites!

     "Ugly monsters!" The most important thing now is to find the ugly monsters first. It is an important pet of its own, and its combat power is enough to overcome the existence of the ninth-tier powerhouse. Jia Zhengjin immediately went into action, scanning the surroundings with his night vision ability while calling out its name.

     "Here~" A reverberating voice came from a distant place. It was the ugly monster who responded after hearing Jia Zhengjin's voice.

     Jia Zhengjin hurriedly ran in the direction of the sound, only black ashes were left along the way, and there was not a single magic core left, and it was obviously eaten by the ugly monsters.

     Running to the front, after a few minutes, Jia Zhengjin finally found the ugly monster who was madly sucking the dark core.

     This made him feel relieved and walked quickly to check how much was left.

     Ugly monsters eat the magic core really fast, so in the blink of an eye, there is not much left, and all of them will enter its stomach."Can't afford it~" As he witnessed the scene, he remembered the scene in Themus City before. If the ugly monsters have to eat so many dark magic cores to regain their strength after every full fight, how can it be?

     While he was emotional, the ugly monsters had swallowed the final moments dark core in his stomach. It was still somewhat discontented, flapping its wings, turning and flying in front of Jia Zhengjin, urging: "Magic core! Magic core!"

     Jia Zhengjin knew that it was asking to put it in the virtual backpack. The magic core of Queen Black Garmite was immediately taken out and put into the mouth of the ugly monster. At the same time, he sighed and said: "You can eat so much, even if the Magical Beast Forest is all dark It’s not enough to kill all the monsters, right? And the first World War requires such a terrifying amount of dark magic cores to replenish magic power, I feel I can’t afford it!"

     The Ugly Bagua swallowed the magic core in his mouth, flew to Jia Zhengjin’s shoulders, combed the feathers with his mouth, and opened his mouth and said to him: "Ugly has evolved too quickly and has not stabilized its strength. Because of this, it is hidden in The magic in the body cannot be too one-time usable! When the foundation is consolidated, there will be no such problem."

      "Is that right?" Jia Zhengjin only slightly relaxed after hearing this, "In this case, I'm still a little relieved. Otherwise, you can ruin me just by the needs of the Dark Demon Core! By the way, you have to Mana Recovery now. how is it? ”

     "After eating these magic cores, I can barely restore the energy of less than half." The Ugly Bagua replied immediately, "So in order to avoid consuming too much energy, keeping the body form to a minimum is the best choice.""Is that right?" Turned his head and glanced at the black ugly bird on his shoulder, it turned into a phoenix body, and the Human Form was quite beautiful. But what's beautiful doesn't work, the most important thing is its combat effectiveness! Jia Zhengjin asked worriedly, "Then if there is a battle, can you still deal with a Tier 9 powerhouse?"

     "With the current energy, at most use the once domain. It is not easy to kill the ninth-order strong, and leave safely under the opponent's hands no problem!"
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