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0 Chapter List 825 General Salen And Mrs. Jeanne
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Build an outdoor shelter in Magical Beast Forest and rest for another night, then drove non-stop, and finally returned to Holy Dragon City at noon on the third day.

     Everything in the city is functioning normally, and nothing special has happened.

     But as soon as Jia Zhengjin came back, General Salen and Mrs. Jenny came to see him.

     It is said that these two arrived at the Holy Dragon City with Jia Zhengjin at the time, and were arranged to stay in after they arrived, and they didn't know the specifics were what's the matter. Jia Zhengjin was busy himself, and went to the Magical Beast Forest to go hunting in the past two days. It really made General Salen and Mrs. Jenny wait.

     However, Jia Zhengjin still has to hand over the task first and get the reward or something. Therefore, let his subordinates invite General Salen and Mrs. Jenny to the floating city, entertain them with good wine and food, and go over as soon as they are busy.

     After thinking about them, after all, they waited for several days, and it was a bit wrong to just let their hands go down to greet his wife, so turn the head and looks to his wife: "Tina, I will take care of the little things first. You go to the palace for me first. Chat with General Salen and Mrs. Jenny, and Olivia will go there with him. When I'm done here, I'll be there right away!"

     "Yeah!" Tina Wei nodded with a smile, greeted Olivia casually, and summoned the ice sculpture with a wizard ball.

     After his wife left, Jia Zhengjin immediately went to the weapon shop.

     "Master Keen!" Maureen was the only one left in the weapon shop watching. Her father Wayne left the Holy Dragon City and ran outside to buy goods. So Maureen, who is usually ironing to make weapons, stays at the counter bored to death at this time. Seeing Jia Zhengjin, she was excited about cannot be more, and quickly greeted her from the counter, "You are back? Could it be that the scales of the iron armor beast have been obtained?"Jia Zhengjin took out all the scales of the armored beast from the virtual backpack and piled them on the store floor: "They are all here! Is it enough for you to build the Hero Sword?"

     "Enough, enough!" Maureen looked at the iron beast scales that almost covered the floor of the shop and replied excitedly, "Now I have the confidence to create the best Hero Sword! Lord Keene, thank you!"

     [System] You have completed [Maureen's Blacksmith's Heart]!

     [System] You got a permanent 10% discount coupon from Wayne Arms Store!

     [System] You got the basketball court build blueprint!

     Get a permanent 10% discount coupon from the weapon shop, this thing is definitely worth the money!

     [Wayne Arms Store Permanent 10% Discount Coupon] From now on, you can enjoy a 10% discount on everything you spend in Wayne Arms Store!

     [Basketball court build blueprint] Interesting ball games can relieve stress and hold relevant games in a timely manner, which can effectively train the participants and increase the happiness of the people. Materials needed for manufacturing: 500 stone bricks, 100 iron ingots, 4 strange silks, and 30 plastics!

     I didn't expect to get the build blueprint of the basketball court, which is purely an entertainment facility!

     Jia Zhengjin was quite disappointed not to get any useful drawings.

     But it's better than nothing.

     "Master Keen, thank you again for bringing back the iron armor scales for me!" Maureen said excitedly, "I am going to close the shop immediately and concentrate the mind to create Hero Sword. This time it will definitely succeed!"

     "Then I wish you the best Hero Sword!" Jia Zhengjin nodded, "I have to take a step beforehand.""Master Keen, go slowly!" Maureen sent him to the door, then impatient put up a sign to close the door and locked the door of the weapon shop from the inside.

     Hurrying to the floating city, General Salen and Mrs. Jenny were already sitting in the palace and were chatting with Tina.

     Seeing Jia Zhengjin coming in, the couple immediately stood up: "Master Keen!!"

     "Kean!" Tina also hurriedly got up.

     "Let you wait a long time!" Jia Zhengjin smiled and walked over, and politely nodded to General Salen and Mrs. Jane.

     "Master Keen, as the master of the Holy Dragon City, is busy with official duties. We can understand!" General Salen answered with a smile, "If it is not too long to be out and need to go back to Guangming City in time, we are still willing to live here. Longer."

     "Yeah! Everything in Sacred Dragon City is very novel. It has so many things that make us gasp in amazement." Mrs. Jenny also looked at Jia Zhengjin and said, "We both want to settle here forever!"

     "Oh? If you two have such a plan, I am always welcome." Jia Zhengjin smiled upon hearing the words.

     General Salen hurriedly said: "Nevertheless, our husband and wife cannot follow one's heart's desires! There are still thousands of soldiers waiting to be fed in the city of Guangming. How can we leave them alone to enjoy the blessing?"

     "Can you take them all over!" Jia Zhengjin said, "I don't mind accepting more people.""Lord Keene’s kindness, we take it!" Mrs. Jeanne took a step forward, "but Sarron and the Hungfeng Empire hatred as deep as the ocean, I am also personally humiliated by the Hungfeng Empire King. Before the Hungfeng Empire was successfully overthrown, our husband and wife I won't go anywhere! If possible, the grievances between our husband and wife and the Xiongfeng Empire will be settled in the future, and Master Keen can allow us to come here to settle again!"

     "No problem!" Jia Zhengjin had no reason to refuse.

     While they were talking, Tina walked to him and softly said: "Kean, you guys have a good chat first. I want to go to the college to see Princess Sophie, want to know more about her current study progress."

     Tina obviously felt bored here, especially since she couldn't talk when she came over, so she wanted to play with that Princess Sophie. Jia Zhengjin can understand and nodded now: "Okay, then you go first!"

     "Yeah!" With her husband's permission, Tina immediately became happy, and politely said with a nod to General Salen and Mrs. Jeanne, "Then both of you, the conversation with you just now was very pleasant. Now that you have something to discuss with Keane , I'll be separated first."

     "Congratulations to Mrs. Tina!!" The two immediately responded and watched Tina leave the palace.

     After Tina left, Jia Zhengjin went up the steps and sat down on his throne: "Sit down, both of you! You guys are looking for me on a special trip, surely you can't gossip and chat? What's the matter, you can open the door and see the mountain."

     General Salen and Mrs. Jeanne also sat down, and after looking at each other, they looked up at Jia Zhengjin.

     General Salen started talking: "Master Keene, in fact, our husband and wife came here this time, we really have something to ask for!""I said, to open the door and see the mountain!"

     "Okay! Since Lord Keane is so refreshing, I won't go round the curves and skirting the corners." General Salon looked into his eyes, "Master Keane, originally this trip was just for a batch of food. In order to solve the food shortage problem of our soldiers and people in Guangming City. However, after coming to the Holy Dragon City, we accidentally discovered many magical things! Therefore, after repeated consideration, our husband and wife decided to buy some food from Master Keen. thing!"

     "Oh? What do you want to buy?"

     "Three thousand kobold soldiers, and as many monsters as possible!" General Salon answered eagerly.
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