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    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Passing through the air force array, as the Elf King's team moved forward, the air force soldier at the end turned and followed behind several commanders, army commanders and division commanders.

     As long as the Elf King passed by, the soldiers from behind immediately neatly and tidy into the team, gradually turning into a long white dragon heading towards the Holy Dragon City.

     The elves went all the way and looked back. The long white dragon following behind continued to expand as they moved forward, growing bigger and longer, but the team didn't have any messy signs, indicating that there was strict training at ordinary times and it was a disciplined team.

     "This welcoming ceremony is really new, I have never seen it before!" The Elf King felt very interesting, so he used Elf language let's talk while we walk.

     "I just don't think their military uniforms are of much use. When it comes to fighting, there is no way to protect the soldiers!" Roald replied, "Your Majesty, this is an ornamental army, and its combat effectiveness is doubtful!"

     Seeing that they mentioned military uniforms, Isha hurried over: "Your Majesty, General Roald! I have been to Sacred Dragon City several times and have never seen such uniforms before! No matter which unit they have, they have excellent equipment and Weapons, combat effectiveness is actually not weak! I think that now this suit may be a ceremonial costume, but it cannot be a battle armor."

     "It makes sense!" The Elf King laughed, "again what kind of, the Holy Dragon City can withstand the pressure of more than 100 countries in the Human Empire, successfully deter them, and the army will not be too weak. But I can think of using this ritual uniform, This Saint Dragon City Master is also a face-loving person!"

     "Your Majesty, look!" Roald suddenly pointed forward, "What else is there?"In the process of advancing, the team has unconsciously passed through the entire air force, and now the air force grandiose is following the team, constantly advancing like a snake.

     Seeing the road leading to a huge lake, Roald found that the lake seemed a little strange.

     The Elf King led the generals forward and came to the bridge over the lake. At a glance, he saw the lake under the bridge. There were countless giant flying fishes lined up in a line, flying neatly against the water.

     These giant-gill flying fish have people sitting on their backs, and they are exactly the same uniforms, uniforms and badges as the air force that just came to pick up people. It's just that these military uniforms are blue, and they have a completely different flavor from the air force military uniforms.

     "Your Majesty, look!" Yisha stretched out her finger to the surface of the lake and said in surprise.

     The Elf King looked in the direction she was pointing, and the naval forces on the water used giant flying fish to form a new formation in order. Live high and look down, the whole army was actually constructed into the “Welcome” in the Elf Clan’s text His Majesty the Elf King is a guest at the Holy Dragon City!"

     "This was arranged by the Saint Dragon City Master?" While the Elf King was somewhat surprised, he was also amused. "From this point of view, the Saint Dragon City Master is a bit childish! But it's interesting."

     The elves and generals will also smile heartily. They have never seen such a welcoming ceremony, and have never read about similar events in history books. It shows that this Saint Dragon City Master has a unique idea and is completely different from the humans he has come into contact with in the past.

     The naval forces on the water moved quickly and formed a new phrase: "Good friends of the elves Welcome!"The Elf King couldn't help chuckled, and the generals next to him felt very interesting, and everyone couldn't help stopping to watch.

     After uttering two welcome words, the naval forces changed their formation on the water again, turning them into a huge picture of a sea of flowers.

     Although this flower sea map composed of giant gills flying fish and navy soldiers is not perfect, there are also many unfamiliar placements that slightly affect the overall appearance. But the elves saw it with keen interest and found it quite interesting.

     When the performance was over, the naval forces left the water soaring high into the air and lined up neatly in the airspace on both sides of the bridge.

     "Commander of the Navy Gunter!"

     "Deputy Commander of the Navy Amber!"

     "Navy Commander Vera!"

     "Deputy Commander Mi Gao!"

     "Navy Commander Sakuni!"

     "Navy Deputy Commander Luca"

     The six important generals all flew to the side of the bridge and saluted respectfully: "On the order of Lord Keene, I am here to greet His Majesty the Elf King and the generals we are honored by your presence Sacred Dragon City!!"

     "This welcoming ceremony is really interesting!" The Elf King first said in Elf language, and then thanked these generals. Then his eyes fell on Luca, with a puzzled expression, "Why have I never seen you?"

     The Elf King remembers absolutely clear to his people, no matter who appears in front of him can be instantly recognized. So the moment I saw Luca, I was confused about this strange elf."Your Majesty the Elves, I am not from the Forest of the Elves!" Luca immediately replied respectfully, "My ancestors were captured by humans, and later escaped with other elves, and then lived in a secluded mountain. Although they belong to the same line, But it has been separated from Forest of the Elves for hundreds of years!"

     "Oh~" The Elf King sighed a little, "Indeed, when I'm still young, there were countless companions who were unable to return to the forest for various reasons. Now there's some left the hidden elves... Now, where is your ethnic group? If possible, I want to invite you back to the Forest of the Elves!"

     "Thank your Majesty for your concern," Luca said calmly, "but our ethnic group has become accustomed to living in seclusion and has a new hometown of its own. Although we belong to the same family, there is no need to come back together!"

     "Bold!" Roald stared immediately upon hearing the words.

     "Huh!" The Elf King immediately stopped him, said in a soft voice, "Once our Elves suffered a catastrophe, countless sisters and brothers were forced to leave the group. It is not their fault! Instead, the previous generation, even my two generations The Elf King, can’t protect his subjects, causing their tragedy, and face them without face. Roald, even if he doesn’t want to return, they are still relatives, so you can’t use this attitude to face them!"

      "Yes!" By such a saying by the Elf King, General Roald immediately curbed his anger, obediently and honestly.

     "How did you come to the Holy Dragon City? It was also because you were captured by humans and became slaves, and then the Holy Dragon City Master rescued you?" The Elf King asked curiously."Report to your Majesty!" Luca replied calmly, "My race is still living in seclusion in the mountains, and no one has come out. We have not been captured by humans and become slaves, but I want to go out for adventure. After passing through the Holy Dragon City, I feel this He was quite good, so he responded to Lord Keene's recruitment and devoted himself to his command!"

     "So that's how it is!" The Elf King nodded, "That's okay, our Forest of the Elves and Sacred Dragon City are allies. Since you have joined Sacred Dragon City, you might as well go back to Forest of the Elves when you have time! "

     "Thank your Majesty for the invitation!" Luca replied politely.
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