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0 Chapter List 874 Fairy Forest
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Coming out of the Holy Dragon City, passing by the fortress, this improvised team was advancing rapidly in the air amidst the sound of the guarding soldiers.

     Connie and Liz are dragons, so naturally they don't need mounts. At the same time, they can use dragon magic to accelerate the movement of Jia Zhengjin's fake dragons and Elf Race's Pegasus.

     Silent all the way, the team was just like Amazing Race, and arrived at the entrance of Forest of the Elves in half a day.

     It is not so fast to change to the normal speed!

     "Welcome everyone to Forest of the Elves!" After landing, the Elf King Noel turned around, "The next road is not suitable for flying, please follow us all the way!"

     In the dense primitive forest, countless giant branches and leaves are in a tangle together, forming a natural canopy. It is true that Flying Mount cannot enter the forest from above, but there is no road that can be passed in front of him. There are thorny walls all around. This situation makes Jia Zhengjin, Tina and others somewhat worried.

     "Kean, shouldn't we want us to break through the thorns and enter the forest?" Tina was somewhat worried, taking a look at the dense thorn plants, "I feel hurt!"

     "Master Keene, do we need to summon a powerful companion to make a way for us?" Mikhail asked hurriedly.

     Jia Zhengjin pondered, saying that the elves must have a way into the forest. It is absolutely impossible to break the thorns by yourself. So he shook his head to stop Michaela, and then looked at the Elf King.

     From the faces of Jia Zhengjin and the girls around him, Elf King Noel could see their thoughts, so he smiled lightly and turned his head and shouted: "Isa!""Yes!" General Isha who received the order came out immediately and walked straight to the wall of thorns.

     What is she what to do? Everyone looked at Isha curiously, is she going to split the thorns? Then why not pull the sword out?

     Just thinking about it, I saw General Isha facing the wall of thorns, suddenly chanting a long series of spells in Elf language.

     Immediately afterwards, the wall of thorns turned out to be alive, and the countless thorns that were in a tangle together quickly scattered, and moved back to both sides.

      Just for a moment, the wall of thorns in front of you is vanish from sight, and a spacious forest road appears directly in front of everyone.

     "It's amazing..." Tina was very emotional.

     "This is the plant magic that our elves use to protect ourselves and prevent enemies from breaking in!" Noel said, "thorns can freely form walls of thorns of different sizes, and even forests of thorns, effectively blocking enemies out."

     "Very good!" Jia Zhengjin nodded, "Can this magic man learn it?"

     Noel shook his head: "This is the Elf Race's gift given to us by Goddess of Nature. Other races cannot be schooled! However, some human magicians can use some kind of Earth Magic to use plant seeds to create similar effects."

     Jia Zhengjin was a little disappointed. He saw that this wall of thorns was good. He originally wanted Noel to teach Tina. When he went back, he asked Tina to set up one around the Holy Dragon City!

     "Alright! Seize the moment," Connie urged, "Today's task is to meet the Thousand-Year Tree Witch as soon as possible, and then rush to the Beit Empire!""Everyone, come in with me!" Isha led the way, leading the Pegasus and the people along the forest road.

     After everyone went in, those thorns rebuilt a solid thorn wall with astonishing speed are in a tangle together.

     The inside dimmed instantly, because the surroundings were surrounded by dense trees, it was difficult for light to shine in.

     But there is absolutely no need to worry, because dazzling green lights suddenly flashed on both sides of the forest road, illuminating the surroundings.

     There were a lot of peculiar plants on the roadside, which looked like a huge flower bud, but suddenly the flower bud blossomed, and a peculiar crystal like a night pearl appeared inside. It's like some kind of special light bulb, novel and interesting.

     Jia Zhengjin was dumbfounded, this scene is simply too alien, and (of houses, scenery etc) magnificent.

     Tina and Michaela around him were also fascinated by it, and enjoyed the beauty as they walked.

     But Connie and Liz, the dragon mother and daughter, seem to have no interest in these plants that shine like starlight, maybe because they have seen more?

     "What are you doing?" Just as Jia Zhengjin and others were full of emotions, there was a sudden rebuke behind them.

     Turning his head and looking around, he saw Roald spitting anger and grabbing Adi Lily's right hand.

     Adi Lili was a little embarrassed, her hand was a luminous crystal plucked from the bud: "I, I will take a look..."

     "Bring it!" Roald took back the luminous crystal from her hand, putting cautious and solemn back in the bud, is this possible?

     "Please don't steal my Forest of the Elves at will!" Noel could not help but say to her seeing this scene."Oh!" Adi Lili was lightly coughed awkwardly. The people around her were too strong, so she immediately noticed her movements, it was really boring! Such interesting luminous crystals can be sold at a high price if they are sold in Human World! But it's a bit difficult...

     "Don't change your thief!" Jia Zhengjin felt embarrassed because he brought Adi Lily out. I thought she could restrain herself a little bit by her side, but I didn't expect to dare to be so bold! Even when the dragons and the elf king are there, they dare to steal things from their in front of one's eyes!

     "I'm just curious to take a look!" Adi Lili quibbled.

     "Adi Lily, you are not doing this right!" Tina reminded softly, and at the same time, she went over and took her hand. "We are now at the Forest of the Elves as guests, and you are here with Keane and me. Don't mess around, or Keane and I will be ashamed!"

     "Anlaan!" Adililly hurriedly grabbed her head and promised, "I promise not to steal anything, can I? Anyway, your in front of one's eyes, I can't steal anything..."

     "I hope you can manage your own hand well, thief!" Noel reminded, then turned to the others, "Let's move on."

     "Don't embarrass me!" Jia Zhengjin reminded her again when she passed Adi Lili.

     Adililly put out her tongue and made a grimace at him. Seeing that Jia Zhengjin was angry and about to fight, she hurriedly hid behind Tina.

     Hey! Bring this guy is right or wrong? Wouldn't it be less worrying along the way?

     But letting her stay in the Holy Dragon City, I am afraid that more people will be disturbed.Jia Zhengjin was rather helpless. Fortunately, this team is strong. It is not easy for her to steal from so many strong in front of one's eyes, so she shouldn't worry too much.

     The team moved a little forward, Elven Archer of Sudden Appearance Brigade ahead.

     When these Elven Archers found the Elven King had returned, they immediately let out a cry of excitement, while someone played the tree flute.

     The sharp sound of the tree flute echoed everywhere, telling all the elves in the forest that their king is back!
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