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0 Chapter List 899 Treasures In The Grave
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

With Michaela, she moved quickly in the direction of the sound. It didn't take long to find Adi Lily who was missing.

     At this moment, Adi Lily was in the depths of the cave, being pursued by a large group of ghouls.

     Looking at the appearance, the ghouls chasing after her are all the leaders exactly the same as the one just now.

     What's going on in this grave? There seem to be ghoul leaders everywhere!

     The ghoul leader is a very common mob?

     Jia Zhengjin felt a mess in his mind, but he didn't have time to think, because Adi Lili had already ran towards him in panic.

     When she saw Jia Zhengjin, she immediately let out an excited cry: "Kean~~! Help~!"

     Jia Zhengjin had no time to blame her for leaving the team for wordless and silent, and no time to scold her for rushing towards him with a bunch of ghoul leaders, and quickly erected the Titan Shield to block in front, while raising the Holy Cross silver spear in his right hand.

     "Saved!" Adi Lili quickly walked around, hid directly behind Jia Zhengjin, and joined Michaela.

     "Boom!!" The ghoul leader who was chasing her directly hit Jia Zhengjin's shield.

     "Punishment!" When the second ghoul leader came and hit the Titan Shield again, it immediately activated the disciplinary passive of the goddess of thorns. A large number of thorns appeared around Jia Zhengjin, quickly entwining all the ghoul leaders in front of him. .

     "Hoo~hou~hou~" The leader of the ghoul, who was entangled in thorns, opened his mouth and attacked Jia Zhengjin with a loud roar. The powerful fluctuations directly shook him back.However, it also activated the Profound Ice Sword Qi effect on Jia Zhengjin's body. For a time, thorns and sword energy flew together, raging crazily in the body of the ghoul leader.

     Even the Ice Guard was activated, and Ice Snow Elf was automatically summoned.

      The huge size of Ice Snow Elf directly filled the entire passage, completely blocking this not spacious passage.

     Such an environment is obviously not suitable for Ice Snow Elf. Although he was summoned, he was quickly beaten up by the leader of the ghoul, and finally vanish from sight.

     However, he also bought a lot of time for Jia Zhengjin, and the ghoul leaders who killed Ice Snow Elf were also punished and killed by Profound Ice Sword Qi.

     After confirming the experience value, it means that the ghoul leaders in front of them are all dead and clean. Jia Zhengjin quickly carried out a raid. As a result, the things that these ghoul leaders exploded were similar, and they were basically parts of Snowd’s suit. The attributes of one-handed axe, two-handed axe, one-handed sword, two-handed epee, bow, armor, etc. are just a little bit higher than ordinary iron armor.

     However, the iron armor that Tang Bing can make at this moment is of high quality, at least it can be exquisite, and is definitely higher in defense than Snowd's suit.

     Of course, it's better to have it than not. Take it back as a spare equipment, and maybe you can sell it to other forces for a little money.

     After dealing with the ghoul leader, Jia Zhengjin turned his head and looked at Adi Lily a little unhappy: "What are you doing? know or not because you run around, so we need to waste a lot of time to come and find you!"

     "I found this tomb by accident, I'm really curious!" Adi Lily said with her head down."Curious? How dangerous did you know or not just now?" Jia Zhengjin frowned. "If it weren't for me arrived in time, those ghoul leaders can tear you to shreds!"

     "That won't be!" Adi Lili hurriedly said, "Although they are terrible, I can still escape."

     "Meaning that I was meddling in other people's business just now?" Jia Zhengjin was somewhat furious when he heard this.

     "No no!" Seeing him angry, Adi Lily quickly said with a smile, "Kean, you saved my life! But Keane, there is a big treasure chest inside the tomb, which should be the funeral of the owner of the tomb. I was too late to watch, so I was driven out by these guys. It just so happens that you are here too, why don't you go in together?"

     "Still in together? You don't know at all repentant?" Jia Zhengjin stared said, "You want me to be a tomb thief with you?"

     "What tomb thief?" Adi Lily shook her head, "We are called expeditions! And this tomb has long been deserted, and the opening is wide open. Although it has not been discovered now, sooner or later someone will pass here by accident like us. If they didn’t pay attention, wouldn’t it be a sin to be slaughtered by monsters rushed out of the tomb during their rest at night? Now that we have discovered this tomb and have enough power to destroy the monsters in the tomb, we should replace the monsters that may appear nearby in the future. Passers-by get rid of the danger! And the funeral of the original owner in the tomb is our reward for doing good things, wrong? ”"Myths!" Jia Zhengjin stared, "Don't find reasons for yourself. Breaking into someone else's tomb privately, this was originally so wrong. It's not the right thing to disturb the owner of the tomb. He even coveted the funerary of the owner of the tomb. , It’s really thief! Get out with me quickly, our main task this time is to prevent Dragon of Darkness from resurrecting Beluga, don’t you know which is more important?"

     "Adi Lily, Lord Keane is right!" Mikhail said beside, "You make everyone worried, this shouldn't be. We have a more important mission to complete, which is related to the matter of life and death in this world. In contrast, exploration in the tomb is an insignificant little thing."

     "You don't understand at all!" Adi Lily shook her head, "The identity of the owner of the tomb is unusual. The lowest guard in it is actually the leader of the ghoul, which shows that it is a big figure in Ancient Era! In general, Great Character's graves are all. There are many fakes used to confuse his enemies or opponents, and the real tomb is only known by the most trusted family! Usually, Great Character's Tomb** has unimaginable treasures and treasures, and there may even be Antiquity Divine Item! This tomb Obviously it is an ancient era, and its descendants don’t know why it never appeared again. Must have faith The mysterious tomb, the greater the chance of the Antiquity Divine Item appearing! Antiquity Divine Items are all very powerful, and you can get any of them. You can have unimaginable power!"

     "Antiquity Divine Item?" Jia Zhengjin was originally going to leave with Adi Lily directly, but when he heard these four words, he was suddenly moved.Seeing that he was a little moved, Adi Lily hurriedly increased the fire: "Kean, I just ran to the deepest part of the tomb and saw with my own eyes the burial goods of the owner of the tomb piled up in the entire space! In its sleeping place, there are countless gold Silver treasures, and treasure chests dedicated to storing the most precious funeral objects! If we can get that batch of treasures, it is unimaginable wealth! My requirements are not high, let's split the account by three to seven. I only want 30% of this batch of treasures, and everything else It's yours!"
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