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0 Chapter List 1011 Sea Race
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The soldier turned out to be a sea clan! And at such close range, so many powerhouses have not seen the flaw. It happened that the leader of a small mercenary group brought it here?

     "What's going on?" Smy passed quickly.

     "Hiss——!!!" The octopus-like soft creature saw him coming, suddenly made a strange noise, and then jumps up suddenly, rushing towards his face.

     "Bold!!" Perrosi continuously paying attention to this side, when he saw that this sea creature wanted to attack Simai, he quickly flashed out, stretched out his right hand to grab it, and then slammed it to the ground.

     After being caught and thrown by a ninth-level powerhouse, the octopus-like marine creatures lay on the ground and became dying, and a large amount of seawater overflowed in their bodies, barely maintaining their lives.

     "What the hell is this what's going on?" Small didn't think this sea clan could hurt him, so he didn't panic from start to finish.

     "It's the phantom pearl of the sea clan!" During this period, Donald had already walked to the armor and knelt down to take a closer look.

     Inside the armor is a human corpse with his head lost and only the neck below. There was a shining purple pearl the size of a glass ball in the wound in the middle of the neck.

     "Illusive pearl?" Jia Zhengjin heard this term for the first time, seeing Donald taking out the pearl from the disgusting flesh and blood of the corpse, his eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

     "This is a very precious item that belongs to the Royal Family of the Sea Clan." Donald said, "It is said that it has a magical effect and can heal very serious injuries. But now it seems that it has the ability to deceive perception and strengthen the effect of disguise.""How did you find it?" So many masters have not been able to discern, how can Leah, a mercenary group leader named not found in the classics, be able to sniff it out? Jia Zhengjin doubtfully asked.

     "Report to Master Keen!" Leah replied respectfully, "At first we didn't recognize him, and even regarded him as a complete companion. It pretended to be very good and almost deceived everyone! But an unconsciously flaw made me feel Very wrong. I tried it boldly, but unexpectedly discovered its identity. Before, we were all watching the picture of Master Keen, your defensive line in the projection magic, and it was right in front of me. I didn’t pay attention, but I Because my head and neck were too sore, I wanted to move it, but I saw a tentacles under the helmet quickly retracted. I thought it was an illusion, but I felt that I had to figure it out, so I took the courage to uncover it. Who knows that he found the real body inside of his helmet. It wanted to escape, but I caught it!"

     "So it's like this..." Jia Zhengjin looked down at the "octopus" lying softly on the ground, "This is What the hell?"

     "Master Keene, this is the Leoquis of the Sea Clan!" Donald replied with a pearl over, "They are very weak in combat power, but they can contain a lot of seawater in their bodies, and they can last more than ten days without seawater. This kind of sea Clan creatures can use their tentacles to connect with the corpse’s nerves and manipulate them flexibly. Maybe our coalition forces have been unconsciously infiltrated by the sea clan’s meticulous work."

     "Then the Sea Clan knew about Master Keen's plan just now?" Smy said anxiously, "What if the Sea Clan doesn't give us the opportunity to arrange, and immediately launch an offensive?""Fortunately, we sealed off the entire area in time!" Arthur said, "I am afraid that there is not only one of the sea clan's meticulous work. Now we must find out all of them and prohibit any news from reaching the sea clan leader!"

     "The problem is, we have more than ten millions soldiers here!" Zandra frowned, "The people of the Sea Clan are lurking inside, and even the masters can't perceive them. If they all have this illusion pearl, how can they be able to do it? Pick out people?"

     "Yes! This is a very serious problem." Donald said seriously, "Because of his own characteristics, Leoius must attach to and manipulate corpses. So they are easy to identify! But there are other sea races who wear illusions. The queen of pearls will be more difficult to identify. To find them out of these tens of millions of soldiers is tantamount to to fish a needle from the sea!"

     "We don't even know the number of each other!" Small said anxiously, "What can we do?"

     "In short, first order all coalition members to remove their helmets!" Yates said, "We let the whole army check each other and found that the Sea Clan was arrested immediately! As for those who cannot be recognized, think about other methods! This period can only be completely complete Blocking, prohibiting anyone from entering and leaving at will, and also not allowing anyone to use magic, especially messaging magic!"

     Right now Yates' method was the most appropriate, so he immediately issued the order, and the entire coalition camp was boiling.

     In order to find out the sea clan who has mixed into the Human Empire coalition forces, all members go into action.

     Sure enough, in the large-scale search, at least seven or eight sea people who were not thoroughly disguised were caught. They all use helmets or hoods to cover bodies different from humans or fish heads.At least the sea people caught behind are all fish-headed human bodies, and it is difficult to be found if they are not paying attention.

     Only this Leoius was different from them, and only he was disguised by manipulating the corpse.

     "It can talk?" Jia Zhengjin asked while looking at Leoquius of Dying during the big search.

     "Master Keene, this is a relatively special sea race group." Donald came to explain, "They probably have a distant relationship with Warcraft. It is said that Ancient Times is a species that lives on land. It slowly entered the ocean and evolved. This is what it is now. So Leoius also possesses the intelligence of high-level monsters, which can be distinguished from ordinary sea creatures and become a member of the sea clan."

     "So that's how it is!" Jia Zhengjin knelt down and looked at Leoius in front of him, "Hey! If you can point out all the details of the Sea Clan to me, I will spare your life!"

     Hearing this, Leoquius raised his head laboriously to look at him, then coldly snorted did not respond.

     An octopus snorts to himself, this situation is really new.

     Smail sent this Leoqius over and shut them down with several other sea tribes who were unearthed and interrogated them severely. It's just that the mouths of these sea races are very hard, whether they are "octopus" or murlocs, completely without willing to open their mouths.

     The interrogation failed, and the King of the Four Great Empire(s) asked for help from the powerful. However, although everyone at the scene has an extremely powerful force that can easily crush these sea clan meticulous work, the interrogation is really without any means. After all, here doesn't have any magician who can use Dark Magic.If there is a dark magician who directly interrogates these meticulous souls, it will be even easier.

     The unrelenting Sea Clan's meticulous work has proven on the other hand that there are more hidden inside the coalition undiscovered.

     Everyone is unable to find a way out, because at present, the sea races that are found are easier to identify and can be found by removing the disguise. However, among the Sea Clan, there are also many existences that are extremely similar to humans, and it is generally difficult to distinguish between true and false.
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