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0 Chapter List 1051 Ocean Temple
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Lord Sea God!!!" Sea clan leader Sage jumped into the water in a panic under the huge waves, desperately chasing the falling Sea God, trying to figure out what happened.

     Both the sea race and the humans forgot to fight. Under the raging waves, each person tried to find a terrain that could protect him, and then clung to the buildings, rocks or other things that could keep his body from being swept away.

     The slightly stronger ones flew into the air, but did not continue to fight, looking at the rough sea in a daze.

     "Lord Sea God!!!" Fanny suddenly reacted and hurriedly jumped into the water and quickly swam towards the deep sea.

     Before Jia Zhengjin said that he would kill the Sea God, she was controlled and unable to intervene. With Jia Zhengjin's words, she was in a dilemma.

     Because if Poseidon regains his divine power, it may help Dragon of Darkness restart the second Gods' War. But letting him kill the Poseidon in this way is also very difficult for her who was taught that the Poseidon is the Supreme Existence god of the sea clan since she was a child.

     When she was struggling before, she had been comforting herself in her heart. Even if the sea god loses his divine power, No matter good or bad is also half a god, how can it be blown to death? Even the strongest magic is useless to him!

     But when she saw the sea god being bombed like this, and it seemed very dangerous, she was still quite panicked, so she immediately dived into the sea to see the situation.

     Not just her. The eight generals of the Sea Clan, in addition to the Sea Snake General Chapman who has been killed by Donald, Fabian, Ulisu, Gabriel, Haley, Imogen, and Jeremiah also all helter-skelter He jumped into the sea, desperately chasing the direction where the sea god fell.The leader of the sea clan and the eight generals all returned to the sea, and the sea clan on the battlefield at a loss did not know what to do.

     Later, when the sea clan calmed down a bit, they finally turned around and chased the eight generals and began to dive into the water. The remaining marine clan also followed suit and began to withdraw from the battlefield and return to the ocean.

      The Human Empire coalition did not pursue the Sea Clan, nor could it launch a counterattack while the Sea Clan a flight of dragons without leader.

     Because it is different from the sea race, although the existence of the magic circle allows them to fight underwater in breathing. But after such a tragic war, he already suffered heavy losses. In addition, the continuous wave offensive launched by the Shanghai God, and the last huge wave that fell, made them even more dead and injured.

     Now that the rescue partners are too late, how can we stop the military from counterattacking?

     So with great difficulty, when the wave ceased, all the surviving Human Empire coalition forces began to help each other, continuously salvaging the members who were seriously injured in the wave, and began to count the soldiers who died in the service because of the wave.

     "Master Keen!" Donald, Perros and other sea gods fell into the ocean. After Sea Clan leader Sage and the Eight Generals returned to the sea, they immediately came to Jia Zhengjin's side. Taking a look at the retreating Sea Clan, Donald asked in a low voice, "Have you already defeated the Sea God?"

     "It should be about the same!" Although Jia Zhengjin did not receive the System Notification, he knew that the explosion of Poseidon's heart position was not over yet. Moreover, the poison will continue to spread in his heart, and there is no way to cure it.

     If Poseidon possesses divine power, he will be somewhat worried. can perhaps use divine power to expel the poison in the body and repair the damaged heart.But a sea god who has lost his power should be impotent!

     "Then we...what should we do next?" Donald relaxed, looking back at the camp. The army suffered heavy losses and can no longer support a counterattack.

     "Master Keen!!" Chelsea, Olmat and many human experts arrived later, but the number was significantly smaller.

     Jia Zhengjin looked back and carefully glanced at and asked with a frown: "What about the others?"

     Of course, he asked about the strong people of Human Empire, because there were too few people in front of them.

     Hearing the questioning, the strong men who rushed to the back looked a little sad.

     Olmat came to Jia Zhengjin and said with a sigh: "Master Keene, the war is too cruel! We have lost many excellent companions. Those who are still alive are here!"

     "All the living are here?" Jia Zhengjin was slightly surprised, and glanced at the team in front of him. It was discovered that in addition to a large number of Tier 8 human powerhouses, there were also a few heavyweight figures missing. No matter what he thinks, there does not seem to be Light Envoy Hill in the team, even the Decathlon who has agreed to challenge himself after the war.

     "Master Keen," Olmat said sadly when he saw his expression, "as you can see, we also lost Hill and Decathlon..."

     "Are you kidding me?" Jia Zhengjin somewhat don't dare to believe, "They are all Tier 9 powerhouses!"

     "The eight generals of the Sea Clan are not to be trifled with!" Donald sighed, "Moreover, it occupies a favorable location, and has a vast and limitless Sea Clan army..."

     Jia Zhengjin was silent after hearing this.Looking back at the tragedy of the Human Empire coalition camp, the kobolds, imperial soldiers, and Ruruto troops I recruited were almost there in the war because they were at the forefront. As for the other coalition soldiers, it is estimated that most of them were damaged due to the last few waves of Poseidon.

     To be honest, this war is not a victory at all, it can even be regarded as a huge defeat!

     But Is there any way? Now this has been spare no effort, and a collection of Human Empire almost All Expert(s)!

     It can only be said that the terrain of the battle is too bad, and the opponent has the sea god to help, but I am a fake master, there is no way to prevent the sea god from the huge wave attack on the Human Empire coalition camp...

     "Master Keen!" Seeing him startled, Chelsea came over and said softly, "Are you sure you succeeded in killing Poseidon?"

     "It's not dead yet, but it's almost there!" Jia Zhengjin said.

     "Then we shouldn't be here!" Chelsea reminded, "Although I don't know how you defeated Poseidon, Sea Clan leader Sage is said to have the entire marine clan's treasures, including many rare artifacts. In case he has the artifact that can heal the Sea God, wouldn’t it be to ruin the enterprise for the sake of one basketful? If the Sea Race swept over again, we already have no strength to resist!"

     "Yes! Lord Keane, if you don't quickly destroy the Sea God while the Sea Clan is in chaos, the consequences will be unimaginable!" Perros also hurriedly said.

     "But how can we have counterattack forces now?" Jia Zhengjin frowned. "People have only lost one eighth general and a large number of sea races, but we have lost two ninth-tier powerhouses, a dozen tier-8 powerhouses, and overwhelming majority. Soldiers!""Because of this, we must also ensure that the Sea God is powerless!" Olmat stepped forward, "We are willing to protect Master Keen from rushing into the Sea Temple. Even if we all die inside, we must prevent any possibility! This is Concerning the survival of the entire world, we are all ready to die!"

     Jia Zhengjin turned his head to look, and the other strong men also nodded firmly.

     This made him worry too. If the Sea Clan really had the artifact to resurrect the Sea God, it would be a big trouble!

      Thought until here, immediately making a firm resolution: "Okay! Then we will risk our lives and enter Sea Temple!"

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