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0 Chapter List 1055 Recruit Hard
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"Go here! Go here! Those who are willing to change their beliefs and follow Master Keen to serve the game goddess, all go here! Please cooperate as much as possible, this is also for the destiny of all mankind!"

     "Those who are willing to join the Church of the Gods, are here!"

     "Hurry up if you can! time is running out!!!"


      In the Human Empire coalition camp, too many to count empire officials and generals, following the orders of the Four Great Empire(s), worked hard to publicize and find people willing to join the new church among the millions of surviving coalition forces.

     The grandiose team moved in the direction of Jia Zhengjin, but a closer look reveals that the relatively speaking is actually only a very small part of it.

     More people do not move, they have a firm belief in gods, and they belong to the kind of immutable existence that has been implanted in their brains since childhood. Therefore, even if the leader of the new church is a strong man who has stepped into the Domain of God, and sees the amazing picture of the birth of the goddess with his own eyes, no one is willing to change his banner.

     Jia Zhengjin made a high platform, placed the statue of the game goddess Liv on the stage, and then stood on it and shouted to the coalition soldiers who had come to join the Church of the Gods, "Friends who have joined the church, please pray to the goddess!" Friends who have not joined the church, please hurry up. Our ceremony is very simple. As long as you genuine and sincere want to join, kneel down in front of the goddess and take the oath seriously. You must be sincere! When you take the oath, immediately pray to the goddess , Don't hesitate! The ones in front move here again, the ones behind are a little forward..."

     Under the high platform, the crowd was crushed, and the dense heads seemed to surround the entire area.The problem is that Jia Zhengjin took a closer look at the number of Protestants in the Church of the Gods. It turned out that the number of Protestants in the Church of God was just over 10,000, and there was still a considerable distance from 100,000.

     In this case, there is no way to meet the requirements! Even the first divine power skill cannot be activated.

     This requirement is too harsh!

     But what makes him most depressed is that there are still millions of troops left in the Human Empire coalition. So far, only more than 10,000 people are willing to change their beliefs and follow them to believe in new gods? The probability of a few hundred 0.01% is too low, right?

     Don’t all let the Four Great Empire(s) send people to promote it, is this to save all mankind?

      Even so, those millions of people are unwilling to abandon the gods they believe in? Could there be such a firm belief?

     As a one who opposes the belief of God, Jia Zhengjin has difficulty understanding the loyalty of the vast majority of people to the gods in this World.

     In the church interface, each member can pray once in the morning, noon, and evening, and a total of 3 points of faith can be provided a day. Too much prayer is useless! The problem is that there is no time to wait at all. Each person who joins prays at most once, and no amount of faith will increase.

     Therefore, to redeem the first divine power skill, 100,000 believers must be collected, otherwise it is completely meaningless!Glancing at the sea, all mankind desperately exerted their full strength. For the purpose of containing the sea clan rather than defeating it, it is creating storms, huge waves, and seas of fire, and trying to stop the sea clan's speed has become quite slow. However, it seems that it will not last long, because the sea clan leader Sage and six of his eight generals are very powerful, and the sea clan army is fierce and unafraid of death, almost vast and limitless.

     The defensive front continues to retreat, and the situation is not optimistic.

     "Smy! Arthur! Zandra! Yates!" Jia Zhengjin looked anxious, and hurriedly called the Four Great Empire(s) king, but he did not care about so many. "Why are there just over ten thousand talents? I need it here. At least one hundred thousand believers! One hundred thousand do you understand?"

     "Master Keen!" Smiley showed a depressed expression, "Even if you say so, we are all spare no effort helping! But the vast majority of people have cultivated faith in a certain god since childhood. It is basically impossible for them to give up their beliefs that they insist on. I told you before! We already worked very hard to attract more than 10,000 people!"

     "The situation is urgent now. Only God's strength can stop the Sea Clan! Do you want to be slaughtered by the Sea Clan?" Jia Zhengjin said loudly, "I don't care what you do, now go and pull me at least 90,000 people. Join the church! It doesn't matter if they quit later, at least join and contribute a little faith now!"

     "But Master Keen, it doesn't make sense to be so insincere!" Smy said with a bitter expression.

     "Then what do you want me to do?" Jia Zhengjin frowned, "The only way to fight against the Sea Clan now is this!""Master Keene!!" While speaking, the frontline Donald used magic to transmit loudly and said loudly, "Isn't it okay? We've all consumed almost the same amount, and we can't stand it anymore!!"

     "Haven't you heard?" Jia Zhengjin was even more anxious when he heard the words, "I can't stand it anymore, if this goes on Sea Clan will enter the camp and wipe us all out!"

     "It's not that millions of troops can be withdrawn, and if they leave their troops and escape, once the Sea Clan invades the mainland, we will nowhere to run!" Arthur looked pale.

     "That's why I asked you to recruit another 90,000 people to join at any cost! Hurry up!" Jia Zhengjin urged loudly.

     "Yes!" The King of Four Great Empire(s) hurriedly turned and ran towards the camp.

     It seems too late!

     Although the number of churches continues to increase, the slow speed is 100,000 far in the indefinite future. Seeing that the enemy troops on the sea were about to break down the barriers of the strong human beings, Jia Zhengjin kept sweating on his forehead.

      if this goes on, it's really going to be over!

      The King of Four Great Empire(s) quickly issued an order to mobilize officials and generals of all countries, use profit to lure, use eloquence to persuade, and do everything possible to attract people. But still disappointing.

     Although a small group of people were reluctantly persuaded to join again, the number of churches could only increase to more than 13,000.

     At this time, the front line had collapsed.

     The human powerhouses finally couldn't stop the Sea Clan army, and were forced to give up the defensive line and quickly retreated to the camp."Kill!!" Without the support of the human strong, there was no resistance in front of the Sea Clan, and the terrifying army formed a torrent of torrents, and Grandiose rushed over.

     "Master Keen!! We already did our best!!" Donald and others who returned to Jia Zhengjin were all body weary, strength exhausted, and spent almost all their strength. Facing Jia Zhengjin, they all showed guilt and desperate look.

      comes without enough time! ! Take a look at the church list with only over 13,000 believers, and the difference between Heaven and Earth is one hundred thousand.

      The Human Empire coalition camp is also low morale. Most of the millions of people are still disabled. Facing the army of the sea clan grandeur like rainbow, it seems that there is no resistance...
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