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0 Chapter List 1062 Stop The War
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

[Ultimate Potential Potion] (Epic) It is said that this is a potential potion refined by a certain god when he is bored. It has a Special Effect that can permanently increase the potential value.

     Looking at the name and introduction, it should be the same as the potential potion, both for increasing the potential value. But since it carries the word "Ultimate", and it is still a potion of Epic Rank, the potential value that can be increased is definitely a lot.

     Jia Zhengjin himself couldn't use this potion, because he learned skills or something and had nothing to do with potential. Basically, this kind of potion is used by people around him.

     The people around him who can make him willing to accept this precious medicine are his wives.

     Among them, the potential of Perin and Christina seems to be very high, so it is not necessary.

     However, Tina's magic potential is only 51 points, which is too low.

     Now that she is ready to equip her with these artifacts and High-Level Skills, of course, she must also try to increase her potential, so she can pass the pass line anyway? Otherwise, it is a pity that you cannot unleash the maximum power of the skill, or you cannot master the essence of the Magic Skill.

     It’s impossible for this ultimate potential potion not to even improve at 9 points, right? Then really let the gods make this gimmick!

      "Hū!" Checking the loot all the way and moving upstream, finally surfaced. Jia Zhengjin took a comfortable breath of fresh air and found that the battle ahead was almost over.

     Sure enough, Connie, the super dragon who stepped into the Domain of God Join the battle, had a different effect.

     Although she still can't beat Dragon of Darkness, she is enough and to spare against the sea race.Even if the attributes are restrained by the sea clan, she who has relatively mastered the divine power, no one can resist!

     Fortunately, she said before that she was restrained by the sea clan, and she probably could't beat him. Isn't this to abuse the opponent?

     Of course, maybe Connie hadn't figured out her divine power yet, so she was not confident.

     In short, with the help of Elf King Noel, Beast King Milo, the head of the Temple of Wisdom, Patty, and the support of the Elves and Orc armies, as well as a large number of mage's from the Temple of Wisdom, the Marine Army was finally successfully driven out of the Human Empire. The camp of the coalition forces retreated and moved towards the ocean.

     When Jia Zhengjin floated up, Sage, the leader of the sea clan, was teamed up by Connie and Liz's mother and daughter. Using Liz's sealing technique as a check, Connie burned Sage into charcoal with a strong flame.

     The death of the leader of the sea clan caused four of the eight generals around him and the morale of all the sea clan soldiers to be greatly reduced. They couldn't resist the offensive at all with a flight of dragons without leader.

     "Kill them all at once!" Jia Zhengjin hurriedly shouted loudly when he saw this.

     Needless to say, Connie, Noel, Miro, and Patty had already planned this way and turned their target to the eight generals.

     At this crucial moment, Jia Zhengjin quickly jumped out of the sea behind him and shouted anxiously: "start off leniently!!!"

     Looking back, Jia Zhengjin was a little surprised: "Fanny? Why did you follow?"

     "Thinking about it, I still feel that I can't just watch with folded arms and watch our marine army collapse!" Fanny crossed Jia Zhengjin and swam to the marine army quickly, raising her head loudly shouted, "Enough! This meaningless war is here! This is the end!"The appearance of this beautiful mermaid's made Connie and the others confused. Because she had a conversation with Jia Zhengjin before, and it didn't look hostile. So everyone temporarily stopped and looked at Jia Zhengjin in doubt.

     "Fanny, we and humans are deeply hatred like a blood sea, how can we just forget it?" Among the eight generals, the beautiful general hiding in the clam shell turned her head and said loudly to her, "The human godslayer kills our gods , Now Your Majesty Sage..."

     "It's because His Majesty Sage is dead, that's enough!" Fanny replied loudly, "He was used by Dragon of Darkness to confuse Lord Sea God, and wanted to cooperate with Dragon of Darkness to resurrect other gods and destroy this World. Doing so. , What good is it for our sea clan? world destruction, our entire sea clan will also be destroyed together!"

     Fanny's words silenced the four marine generals and the surrounding marine soldiers.

     "If the world is facing destruction, the races living in this World are still fighting with each other for their own selfish desires, which will only accelerate the progress of destruction! Do you all want to follow vanish like smoke in thin air?" Fannie asked loudly Said, "Are you willing?!"

     "Hey! What's the situation? Don't you fight anymore?" Connie listened to Fanny's words, frowning and looking at Jia Zhengjin who flew out of the water and came to her, who was hugged by her daughter Liz. These little characters will soon be wiped out!"

     "Don't worry!" Jia Zhengjin hurriedly shook his head, "Look at it first."

     Although she felt very disappointed, Connie gave Jia Zhengjin face.

     Fanny shouted to all the sea clan, Xiaozhi moved with emotion and reason, and quickly calmed them all.In fact, it was mainly the death of Sea Clan leader Seqi. The status of a flight of dragons without leader made them not knowing what to do. In addition, there seems to be a very powerful reinforcement from the human side, and the Sea Clan has no possibility of defeating it. Otherwise, even if there is only a small possibility, they probably have to fight to the end.

     Seeing that the situation was under control, Fanny turned to the remaining eight generals: "Heli, Ulisu, Gabriel, Jeremiah, end here! Do you want to die completely meaningless, or to protect This World, don’t be destroyed by the Dragon of Darkness and contribute your own strength? Lord Sea God there will come a day to be able to resurrect, provided that this World still exists. It really disappears forever! Do you want to see this ending?"

     "Of course we don't want this!" Heili opened her shell and looked at Fanny and said, "It's just that our hatred with humans has accumulated to such a deep level, and there is still the possibility of turning back?"

     "No matter how deep the hatred between our two ethnic groups is, when facing world destruction, we must temporarily let go!" Fanny sighed, "Besides, this war is also because of Dragon of Darkness's instigation, and His Majesty Sage will take the initiative. to sortie. Now that your Majesty is dead, the war started by him is already finished! Have you heard it? All brothers and sisters of the sea clan! I said that the war started by His Majesty Sage ended with his death !!!"

     All sea races look at each other in dismay, and were silent for a long time.Just when Fanny was worried about looking at the Sea Clan in front of her and afraid that they would say "no", Heili first stod out and looked at Fanny and said: "So, do you want to reintegrate our Sea Clan? You want to lead Are our marines heading for a different path?"

     "I..." Fanny was stunned when she heard the words, she just hoped that everyone would stop the war. But Heili's questioning method seemed to ask her whether she was going to seize power and replace the position of leader of the sea clan. This made her dumbstruck and unable to reply.

     The two sea female generals looked at each other for a few seconds. Just when Fanny was too nervous, Heili suddenly walked up to her, turned around and opened the shell to the largest extent: "Then I will see if you can take us. Where to go!"

      "Ah?" Fanny dumbstruck, the development of things made her not able to respond.
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