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0 Chapter List 1256 Out Of The Cocoon
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Jia Zhengjin watched the red hair who had been turned into a most beautiful woman crying in front of the god of death, not knowing why he was so happy.

     Sweeping his gaze to Death, seeing his hand, he hurriedly moved to the side vigilantly, and immediately raised Myrist’s mirror, for fear that the other party would grab his own artifact again.

     Fortunately, Grim Reaper just moved randomly and didn't pay attention to him at all. Who made that red hair rob the show? Everyone is looking at him!

     Hearing from the god of death, there is no way to restore what has been turned into a woman by this mirror? Because the owner of the mirror, Myriste, died as early as the first Gods' War, but she was the only one who could dispel this magic!

     Although this magical technique seems useless, it is still very domineering. Especially for Dungeon Masters, it is simply the most terrible punishment! Except for those who were born with the wrong sex, who would be willing to lose the little brother who was with him for life?

     Myrist’s mirror is so domineering, what are the effects of the remaining artifacts?

     Now that Dragon of Darkness and Reaper have no action, they don't plan to make a move, so take this opportunity to research and research.

      Thought until here, taking advantage of the chaos on it, quickly opened the virtual backpack to check the spoils that had burst out before.

     [Angel's wings] (Legendary) This is a feather of Battle Angel Marian. Use it to Summon Angel Marian once and let her assist in battle.

     This white feather is actually an angel wing? And it's a one-time consumable, you can summon Battle Angel.Jia Zhengjin once saw Decathlon summon Battle Angel, but at that time, the Battle Angel only one good look without substantial ability was inferior. I don’t know if the Battle Angel summoned by this feather is the same as that summoned by Decathlon at that time.

     [Horn of Divine Power] (Epic) It is said that the God of Creation was made with his own broken horn and possessed unimaginable power. Blow the horn, there will be a situation that couldn't think!

     The introduction is very simple, and it does not explain what will happen. But since it was made by the God of Creation with his own horns, it is definitely an artifact among the artifacts! Does the creation god have horns? What is his race?

     [Mysterious Clock] (Legendary) Use on the target to speed up the opponent's evolution once and increase the evolution effect. After use, the mysterious clock will disappear!

     This is also a one-time item that accelerates evolution, and the effect of evolution increases? No matter how you look at it, it was prepared for the ugly monsters.

     Could it be that the system deliberately created it considering its current situation?

     【Dragon Armor】(Epic) Mount equipment. Evolve the dragon mount and gain extremely powerful power.

     Don't be too obvious! Everyone knows that he has a counterfeit dragon. Although the body is a deformation monster, it has been transformed by Connie and has the characteristics of a dragon.

     It seems that the system is really being adjusted specifically for the current situation, so should the corpses of the three-headed dragon and the Child of Slaughter explode very powerful artifacts?

     It seems that what Liv said is true! It is true that someone is controlling the system behind, step by step pulling himself, controlling himself to achieve his goal.The ghost of the time of crossing suddenly appeared in Jia Zhengjin's mind. It was he who gave the system and allowed himself to travel into this different world. Is it possible that the hand behind is him?

     If it's really that ghost, what does he want to do? Capture this World? He is only one ghost!

     Although I can't figure it out, I don't seem to have a choice right now.

     Since the system has given these artifacts, of course you have to use them. Knowing that someone might be manipulating it, he can only be obediently and honestly led away first. Who made him not believe Liv's words before, and from the beginning of the journey, he has been in the pit, and the involvement is too deep. It is basically impossible to get rid of it! Unless you can sit down to not recognizing one's family, doesn't have any feelings, don't leave the foreign land at that time and wait for the people behind to fight fiercely with the gods of this World.

     It's just obvious that Jia Zhengjin is not so bullish.

     In this case, you can only let the opponent control first, at least kill the enemy!

     After all, Dragon of Darkness is to destroy this World, at least the people who control it are now in the same camp, and they all prevent the world from being destroyed.

      Thought until here, taking advantage of the Dragon of Darkness and Death being attracted by the red hair turned into a woman, quickly opened the pet pen, took out the ugly black cocoon, and placed it directly in front of them.

     At the same time, the counterfeit dragon elven ball was taken out and summoned.

     As soon as Cocoon and the counterfeit dragon appeared, he immediately took out the mysterious clock and used it at Cocoon.

     "Kā cā kā cā..." When he pressed the clock button, the pointer on it quickly turned around, and then a strange force shot out, instantly covering the black cocoon.This force was absorbed, the black cocoon gradually more than doubled, and then began to shake violently, and cracks slowly appeared on the surface.

     Jia Zhengjin stared at Black Cocoon nervously, not even daring to let out the atmosphere.

     The next moment, the black cocoon burst suddenly, and a huge dark wind phoenix soaring high into the air, the originally dim night seemed to be swallowed by even more terrifying black.

     The Dark Wind Phoenix flew into the air, raising her hair with a long and pleasant hum, which was in stark contrast with the unpleasant crow cry at the beginning.

     All the eyes on the battlefield were attracted by her, because with the appearance of the Dark Wind Phoenix, the surrounding storms filled with terrible pressure.

      Dragon of Darkness and Death saw this scene, both showing a surprised expression.

     "How could it be her?" Death said suspiciously.

     "No! This is not her!" Dragon of Darkness shook his head, "Although they have the same power, they feel different. This should be her offspring..."

     "Why would her descendants appear here?" Death said.

     "It must have something to do with that kid again! Since he appeared, these things that shouldn't have appeared again, one after another are back." Dragon of Darkness said, "Who is it that possesses such terrible power?"

     "That kid seems to come up with some strange things again," Grim Reaper said, "You can't let him go on, do it now! Otherwise, who knows what else will happen?"

      Dragon of Darkness frowned upon hearing this, pondered carefully, turn the head and looks to the imprisoned mother of beasts: "For the sake of safety, absorb her power first!"

     "No problem!" Death immediately flew towards Jia Zhengjin.Seeing death coming from a distance, Jia Zhengjin was shocked. The opponent didn't seem to intend to continue watching the battle, but directly intervened.

     This is the True God spirit, and I don’t want to be as stupid as the God of Beluga to let himself fight!

     Under tension, he hurriedly shouted to the dark phoenix who broke out of its shell: "Ugly! Stop the god of death!"

     The ugly monster who just broke out of its shell looked quite excited and was flying freely in the air. Upon hearing Jia Zhengjin's command, he immediately turned around and flew swiftly towards the god of death: "leave it to me ba!!!"
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