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0 Chapter List 1290 Summon Night
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Because of the Dragon of Darkness, although Jia Zhengjin heard the call for help, he couldn't spare his hands at all.

     Now Dragon of Darkness used all its strength without letting go. Even if Connie and other six powerful men surrounded him, they could still rush out to contain Jia Zhengjin, showing how terrifying the strength.

     Obviously Dragon of Darkness also knows that if Jia Zhengjin goes down, he can now easily kill Ambrose and Demon Legion with the power of the God of War, and prevent the Gate of the Demon World from opening. So he would never allow this to happen!

     With the containment of Dragon of Darkness, even if Jia Zhengjin feels anxious, he is still impotent at this moment.

     The coalition powerhouses below worked hard. After Tina was healed, she immediately raised her magic wand and began to summon meteorites to attack the demon army.

      Christina and many priests desperately rescued the coalition powerhouses and soldiers, while constantly taking out the potion from the silk bag to distribute to the wounded.

     It’s just the riddled with scars coalition powerhouse and army, fighting very hard in front of the demon army. After being strengthened by the demon shadow, Ambrose has extremely terrifying strength, which is countless times more powerful than before!

     Harry, who was able to tie him in front, felt extremely tired at this time. You can only summon Skeleton Legion continuously, and then use the hand of the king to resist.

     Just resisting the demon army, could not stop Prince Ambrose.

     The black hole under the demon statue is getting bigger and bigger, and the opening speed of the Gate of the Demon World is unbearable."Ha Ha Ha Ha!!" Seeing that such a huge coalition army was pinned down, no one could help himself, Prince Ambrose laughed wildly, "This is the formidable strength that no one can defeat! This is the power that governs everything! Fear! ! Be afraid! I am the True King!!!"

     Faced with such arrogant Prince Ambrose, the coalition powerhouses have no way to argue. Because at this time everyone joined hands, and there was nothing to do with him.

     "Oops! The Gate of the Demon World is almost impossible to stop!" The Pope couldn't help shouting, "He must be stopped!"

     "I can't rush over!" Liz frowned.

     "Everyone concentrated their efforts to cover her past!" Noel yelled, one of the gods shot into the sky, and the crazy arrow fell towards the demon army.

     Other strong coalition forces also have concentrated firepower, attacking in one direction.

     But the demon army is a steady flow, and as the Gate of the Demon World continues to expand, Prince Ambrose has absorbed more and more black mist, and it seems that the strength is getting stronger!

     Let the coalition powerhouse make every effort, still unable to advance one point, and even continued defeat by Demon Legion.

     This makes each person show a desperate look. How can such a terrifying enemy be defeated?

     The only hope should be Jia Zhengjin and the others, but under the control of Dragon of Darkness, let alone Jia Zhengjin, even Connie and the others cannot be cloned.

     The wounded in the rear couldn't help but pray to the gods they believed in, hoping that miracles would happen.

     Just does not have a response from the gods, Gate of the Demon World is still getting bigger and bigger."It's about to succeed!" Prince Ambrose has scarlet eyes, "this World, it will be mine soon!"

     "Desperate to stop him!!" Beast King Milo broke out with full strength and violently attacked the surrounding demons.

     Other strong coalition forces also broke out even more terrifying forces in despair, desperately fighting the demon army.

     In the fierce battle, many strong men died in Devil's Hand because of exhaustion, but the demon army did not retreat half a point.

     Seeing that the sun and moonlight in the sky are getting stronger and stronger, they are about to overlap. Not to mention that all the coalition powerhouses below are desperate, and Jia Zhengjin, who is struggling with Dragon of Darkness, is also desperate. If this continues, the devil will really appear, and the devil will really come out to wreak havoc on the entire world! At that time, no one can stop...

     "When the two suns and the moon are fully integrated, the Gate of the Demon World opens smoothly!" Dragon of Darkness creates a powerful dark Magic Barrier, which envelops Jia Zhengjin and the other six powerful players. "It seems that this game, The final winner is me! However, although you have failed, let me have a great time! I can allow you to survive as souls and stay by my side! Feel honored! After the birth of a new world, you Just know how right it is to obey me..."

     Facing Dragon of Darkness's proud words, Jia Zhengjin pushed back and quickly looked up at the sky.

     Sure enough, the two suns and the moon are already in an equilateral triangle, and they are slowly moving towards overlapping trajectories.

     According to Dragon of Darkness, once the coincident Gate of the Demon World officially opens, it will be too late!But I can't separate myself, without any means, to prevent the triple rays from shooting at the demon statue, which obviously cannot be done by the coalition.

     Is it really impotent? Is this World really inevitable from being destroyed?

     Block the sun and moonlight...Block the sun and moonlight...

     When fighting the Dragon of Darkness desperately, he thought hard in his heart, suddenly divine light flashes, leaving distance in between quickly.

     Quickly take out the Night Goddess Heraté shawl from the virtual backpack, it can forcibly attract the night. If it can be done, it may be able to stop the sun.

     Since the opening of Gate of the Demon World requires sunlight and moonlight to finally coincide, maybe this artifact can reverse the situation?

     Quickly put on the shawl, and sure enough, the skill of [Yong Ye] appeared in the skill.

     This is the power of Night Goddess to summon the night, and it is also the hope in Jia Zhengjin's heart now.

     Looking at the sky, the sun and moon are more compact, and he hastily used the skills.

     When the skill is activated, a strange black glow shoots into the sky. Then, a peculiar female voice rang in the air, chanting a strange and incomprehensible spell.

     "Wow!" During the spell, the whole world began to spin.

     When everyone looked up in consternation and looked at the sky, in an instant The Big Dipper, the two suns vanish from sight, the darkness returned to the world, leaving only the bright moonlight in the sky and the twinkling stars in the sky.

     As soon as the sun disappeared, the moon's light stopped sending downward. With a grunting sound it stops, the expansion of Gate of the Demon World also directly stopped.

     "How can it be like this?!" Prince Ambrose exclaimed, don't dare to believe.Dragon of Darkness was also taken aback, and then stared at Jia Zhengjin: "You even have a cape of Night Goddess? This is impossible!"

     "There is nothing impossible in the world!" Seeing that Night Goddess' shawl actually provokes the night, and he seems to have gradually entered the invisible status in the night, Jia Zhengjin immediately raised the trident and rushed towards the Dragon of Darkness, "Yours The conspiracy will never come true, give up!!"

     "Until final moments, you can't say anything!" Dragon of Darkness sneered, "but this is interesting, so that there is a sense of tension in the game!"

     Seeing that he actually regarded this incident as a game, Jia Zhengjin roared shot it out with a spear, ready to destroy it directly.
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