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0 Chapter List 1427 Barren Land
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The Duchy of Tyros, straddling the hub between the Mark Red Empire and the island nation of Ilan.

     This country is quite good, but the whole country looks particularly desolate.

     From entering the territory of the Duchy of Tyros, Jia Zhengjin and others only saw the wasteland as far as the eye can see on the way. Except for the pedestrian merchants who follow the road like them, it is difficult to see the cities in the Duchy of Tyros, let alone the civilians!

     The wasteland is full of weeds reaching the calf position, but even the weeds are all withered and yellow, it seems that the eyes are malnourished.

     There is no tree within a thousand miles, not even a small sapling.

     Apart from the withered yellow weeds, this place seems to be different from the desert.

     In such a desolate land, can people really live and build a country? What are they trying to survive?

     Walking on the wasteland is very tiring, and the pedestrian groups on the road are able to discern, especially the roads are tortuous, even uneven, and not even at all. When encountering an uphill, the carriage walked very hard.

     Fortunately, Jia Zhengjin and his team are all riding Flying Mount, which is much more comfortable than the others.

     After flying along the road for most of the day in the wasteland, I finally saw a Giant City from a distance.

     Said to be a city, in fact, apart from the high stone walls on the periphery, there are almost countless backward villages in it.

     Compared with several countries and regional cities along the way, this so-called principality should be considered a poor area, right?

     I don't know if there is only this city in the entire country, or there are other cities in other places.Jia Zhengjin led the team, each person riding a tiger bee, quickly approaching the city.

     After leaving Doma Sangjie city, he found a remote mountainous area and built a tiger pattern bee nest. Then let Luluto return to the Holy Dragon City on his own, and the team changed to recruit the tiger bees as Flying Mount, making the journey faster.

     When we arrived near the city gate, we found that civilians in the city were holding clay pots, queuing to pass in and out of the guards.

     Those who went out were all carrying empty jars, and they came back holding full water. Although they were struggling, they seemed very happy.

      What lets one be astonished is that after entering the city, they found that these civilians actually put the water brought back from outside the city on the side of the road and sold it directly to pedestrians and merchants passing by.

     What's even stranger is that they don't want money, but want to exchange water for food, clothes and other living resources.

     Of course, there are also some stranger things mixed in. They displayed some huge insect corpses that they didn't know where they got. Most of them were larvae with little combat effectiveness. They were grilled on the street and cooked into weird food, and they also used it to exchange various resources with the people passing by.

     "It seems that this country is not very rich in resources!" After entering the city, the team went down and walked. Tina looked at the surrounding scenery and couldn't help but say to Jia Zhengjin.

     "It should be said that you can't see any resources?" Jia Zhengjin also kept looking around. "Probably water resources are also relatively scarce, otherwise they would not be exchanged for supplies."

     "Are those insects their food? I don't know where I got them. Can I eat them?" Tina was nauseous.Jia Zhengjin felt nothing. After all, he was born in a country where everything can turn into food before crossing: "It may be in the wasteland, some giant insects dug their underground nests. Most insects are used to laying their eggs underneath. , Let the larvae grow to a certain extent and come out on their own."

     "It looks so desolate in this way!" Christina said softly beside her.

     "This road is really hard!" Palin said, looking down at the bumpy city road.

     "Well! After the cement road is built, there will be no this problem!" Jia Zhengjin smiled.

     "Cement road? Are you talking about the cement road that Saint Dragon City Master Keane asked the entire continent to build?" The conversation between themselves and their husband was heard by a commoner at a stall next to him, so he asked curiously.

      "Oh?" Jia Zhengjin turned his head and glanced at him. He was about 40-50 years old full beard uncle. "You know?"

     "Of course!" Uncle full beard nodded, "However, our Principality of Tyrus probably not build a concrete road."

     "Why?" Jia Zhengjin doubtfully asked, "This road is very inconvenient. After the cement road is built, the traffic will be much smoother, and the communication with neighboring countries will be closer. It will help you get rid of your current economic situation?""Communication with surrounding countries?" Uncle full beard shook the head with a plain expression, "Our country has no resources. As you can see, even the capital, Faling City, has this virtue. Everyone can barely live a life. It doesn't at all. have any capital to do business with other countries. Because of this, a country as weak as ours has not been annexed by other countries. The reason is exactly like this barren and useless land. After the occupation, it won’t get any benefits. Instead, it has to We pay huge sums of money to feed the people. Our nearby doesn’t need to talk about the economic situation at all, because it really doesn’t have any resources! There are no trees, no minerals, scarce water resources, poor land, and animals are rare and difficult to feed..."

     "Then why are you staying in this country?" Tina asked curiously, "It sounds like nothing at all, why don't you find a way elsewhere?"

     "Although this is the case in the Duchy of Tyros, the people are at least free and not enslaved by the ruler. Life is a bit harder, but it is barely able to live. Moreover, the royal family gives the people a certain degree of autonomy and dignity. As long as there is Dignity, as long as you can barely survive, the people of Tai Ruosi will be satisfied."

     "The requirements are really low." Palin Deadpan looked at him.

     "Haha~" Uncle full beard opened his mouth and smiled, "Satisfied with what one has! Are you going to the island country of Yilan?"

     "How do you know?" Tina asked."The people who pass here are basically to the island country of Yilan, and there are few people who come to visit the Duchy of Tyros! After all, there is nothing beautiful here except for the wasteland as far as the eye can see." Uncle full beard laughed Said, "However, although the island country of Yilan is beautiful, its water resources are particularly short. Regardless of it is an island country, surrounded by the sea, but there is really little fresh water to drink. Sometimes people on their side have to go We buy water in Falling City. So if you want to continue on your way, you might as well buy some clean fresh water to prepare."

     "Oh? There is such a thing?" Jia Zhengjin was surprised, "Ilan island country is also short of water?"

     "Lack! Look at those pedestrians and merchants, which one is not in a hurry to buy water?" Uncle Full Beard stretched his hand to the surroundings.

     Jia Zhengjin turned around and looked around, and he found that the pedestrians and merchants behind him stopped one after another, and they were all haggle over price with the water seller.

     "Guest, if you don't prepare some fresh water now, you will definitely regret it!" Uncle full beard smiled and patted the clay pot in front of him, "I want a low price, just three days of rations!"

     "This water will be exchanged for three days' ration?"

     "Guest, water is precious!"
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