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0 Chapter List 1444 Fengshan
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

To be honest, Guliza did make Jia Zhengjin quite angry in the palace, feeling that the other party was very rude.

     However, the king personally apologized for him, and at the same time drove him away from the palace, which has made Jia Zhengjin a little angry.

     Unexpectedly, now Guliza would come to apologize in person again. Although the tone was weird, he looked sincere, but he didn't feel very good at talking.

     After talking in person, I don’t think he is that annoying. He doesn’t care much about other people’s feelings in other words. He is a bit irritable but also recognizes one’s mistakes and be able to reform oneself. The quality is not bad.

     Jia Zhengjin was not a stingy person either. He smiled and shook hands with Gu Liza immediately, telling him that he didn't take this matter to heart and would not go back to "tattletale".

     Guliza obviously heave a sigh of relief, and the civilian behind him also relieved his heart and quickly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. He couldn't stop Guliza, so he was panicked. I want to get people to stop me and prevent Guliza from messing with the messenger again, but I am afraid that it will not be too late, so I can only keep an eye on it, hoping to see the opportunity and act.

     Fortunately, Guliza came to apologize, which relieved his hanging heart.

     After being forgiven by Jia Zhengjin, Guliza immediately kept inquiring about the "Savior" by himself, revealing a considerable amount of worship.

     I really didn't expect that he turned out to be his own fan, and he seemed to be of that kind of mentally disabled level.

     The word brain damage is still a pun.

     One is that his admiration for the "Savior" is amazing, yet another is that Guliza himself does often have brain-disabled speech and actions, and he feels that his thinking is different from ordinary people.Of course, Jia Zhengjin does not hate this kind of person. Maybe when I first saw him, I thought he was a bit annoying, but after talking a lot, I knew it was true temperament.

      With great difficulty Sending away the civil servants and General Gulza, Tina and the others have all soaked in the bath and put on clean clothes, and then heehee haha went out to go shopping.

     Jia Zhengjin also hurriedly took a shower to refresh himself, and then set out to move towards the treasure hiding place.

     As for the safety of Tina and the others, Eppal is here, don't be kidding!

     Riding a tiger bee left the castle and flew towards the location of the mysterious treasure map on the Virtual Map. It’s not far from the treasure place here, and it’s not too close to it. Over an hour, I reached the treasure map smoothly.

     The treasure map is marked on a mountain peak shown in the Virtual Map.

     I don't know what good things this mysterious treasure map can give, Jia Zhengjin is quite looking forward to it.

     It is best to have another artifact to strengthen one's own strength.

     Thinking of the treasure that might be dug up, seeing that it flew into the sky above the mountain, suddenly there were countless fireballs attacking from bottom to top, and I almost clicked on Jia Zhengjin who doesn't have any mental preparation.

     "Come down!!" Someone yelled, a strong wind chain caught the tiger bee and pulled it down forcefully.

     Jia Zhengjin subconsciously wanted to flash back in the past to counterattack, but quickly remembered his current false identity, so he quickly hugged the tiger bee and let the wind chain pull the man with the mount to the ground.

     "Wow!" Just after landing, a dozen fully armed female guards surrounded him, and several female wizards wearing magic robes watched this side vigilantly."Who dares to break in without authorization!" A female mage wearing a blue robe stepped forward, glanced at the tiger bee with a surprised expression, and then asked loudly.

     "Who are you? Can't you cross the road?" Jia Zhengjin stood up.

     "Who you are? Where do you come from? Why have you never seen it before?" The female mage in the blue robe asked continuously.

     "I said it was just crossing the road!" Jia Zhengjinxin said that he was digging a treasure map, why should baffling be stopped?

     "Cross the road? Crossing the mountain is the deep sea, where can you go?" The blue robe coldly said, "Is it possible that you want to go up the mountain?"

     "Even if I want to go up the mountain, what does it have to do with you?" Jia Zhengjin said, "There is no sign prohibiting entry here!"

     "The mountain is closed today, no one can enter!" The blue robe loudly said, "I don't ask who you are, you want to do what. Now leave me immediately, and you can't come near here! If you don't leave, we won't You're welcome!"

     When the voice fell, all the female soldiers raised their swords and pointed at Jia Zhengjin, and at the same time the female wizards also held the magic wands, ready for combat at any time.

     To be honest, these people Jia Zhengjin can solve it easily. But after all, he can't reveal his identity, and he doesn't want to beat a woman.

     I just want to dig out the treasure again, otherwise, why did you come here?

     Moreover, the other party is protecting like this, could their people also dig treasure? What if they dug up the treasure map?

     Can others find the system treasure map? After all, it will not disappear there after being generated...

     The problem is, it's not easy to fight them directly.Thought until here, Jia Zhengjin was slightly pondered: "Actually, I came here to look for a kind of herbal medicine! For it, I rushed to the island country of Yilan from a remote place. I must find it before I can go back and save people! Although I don’t know Why are you guarding here, but can you accommodate me and let me go into the mountains to find herbs? I will leave soon!"

     "Herbs?" The blue robe asked indifferently, "What kind of herbs are you looking for?"

     "Six-star grass!" Jia Zhengjin thoughts not to think, and then bludgeoned a name.

     "Six star grass?" The blue robe was lightly snorted, "I have never heard of this herb!"

     "Yes, because it is a very rare, precious medicinal material that few people know!" Jia Zhengjin said hurriedly, "because it is only available here, I have to go up the mountain..."

     "Close the mountain today!" Blue Robe said coldly, "I don't care whether it is true or false to find medicinal materials. Anyway, you are not allowed to enter now. If you really want medicinal materials, come back tomorrow."

     "No, you guys can ease..."

     "Huh!!!" All the female soldiers made a fighting pose, making Jia Zhengjin's mouth shut instantly.

     "Say it again, today I will seal the mountain!" The blue robe warned, "I won't leave again, Execute without any mercy!"

     Jia Zhengjin is really puzzled, why are they closing the mountain? Are there other copies of the mysterious treasure map? In this world, someone got the same as yourself? But this is a system product!

     In the current situation, he had to step back without revealing his identity, but he was unwilling to leave like this, worried that the mysterious treasure map would be dug up.

     Pondered down, suddenly got an idea.There is no need to fight with them.

     Avoid it first, and then use Space Magic to teleport in. Isn't it unaware of it? Or use invisible cloak...

     and many more! The situation in the mountains is unclear.

     There are so many people guarding outside. What if there are more defensive forces in the mountains, and even magicians who can see through invisibility?

     He didn't want to cause any trouble before leaving the island nation of Yilan. If you have to show your identity, it will be very headache!

     But he can't give up the treasure...


     Divine light flashes in the mind.

     Teleport to the mountains and immediately use the Book of Mushroom Transformation to transform into a mushroom, and you will not be seen by anyone! Even if someone is not found, you can find the treasure.

     Yes, just do it!
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