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0 Chapter List 1548 Destination
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

As they had guessed, many guards were trapped inside.

     Because there are too many parasites, these bodyguards have to hide in the red pimple wall in order to protect themselves, and even some guards have died long ago because they did not have nutritional supplements.

     Those guards who have died without any means, after eliminating the parasites around them, can only keep them in the wall.

     As for the guards on other roads, because they can receive the Side Quest, and the number of parasites killed when they come over is also counted in the mission. The number is cleared every time the first mission is completed, so Jia Zhengjin completed it. Soon he got a dozen elite treasure chests, a lot of gold coins, and experience points.

     After walking tired, let the ghoul overlord and the psychedelic clone clear a clearing, and the team temporarily stopped to rest.

     Taking advantage of this opportunity, Jia Zhengjin took out the elite treasure chest to see what was inside.

      "Huh?" When Jia Zhengjin took out an elite treasure chest, Apal looked over curiously, staring at the treasure chest and constantly looking, "what is this?"

      Olivia was also quite curious, next to Jia Zhengjin's shoulder, she looked down at the box nearby.

     Jia Zhengjin didn't speak and opened the box directly.

     [System] Congratulations, you've obtained the air conditioner creation blueprint!

     drawing? But the air conditioning drawing seems to have been learned long ago! Jia Zhengjin was a little disappointed, but it's not bad that the elite treasure chest can draw drawings!

     "Can I take a look?" Aipal watched the treasure chest disappear, and then a drawing appeared in Jia Zhengjin's hand, so he asked curiously."Yes!" Jia Zhengjin passed the useless drawing anyway.

     Aipal took the drawing and studied for a long time, looking confused: "What is this text? I have never seen it before..."

     You have never been to the earth, it's strange to have seen it! Jia Zhengjin secretly said in the heart, the products of the system are all introduced in Chinese, you will never understand it without first learning Chinese with yourself.

     After reading it for a long time without understanding, Aipal handed the drawing back to Jia Zhengjin: "This is what is here? What's the use?"

     "It's useless, it's just a useless drawing!" This is the truth. For Jia Zhengjin, who has learned the air conditioning creation blueprint, repeated drawings are really useless.

     After recovering the blueprint, Jia Zhengjin took out yet another elite treasure chest and opened it.

     I was thinking about what blueprints I could get this time, but I found that I got a bottle of intermediate magic potion.

     Both Apal and Olivia beside him were curious. After all, Jia Zhengjin took out the strange box out of thin air, and then opened the box and disappeared. It turned into a blueprint for a while, and a potion again, which was very strange.

     Found that it was a potion this time, Jia Zhengjinxin said that he didn't draw a drawing specially?

     Immediately opened the remaining elite treasure chests one after another, and the result was a large number of low-level and intermediate Life Potion, magic potion, a glass chandelier drawing, and excellent quality [Swordsman's Ring].

     [Swordsman's Ring] (Excellent) Attack 30, increase the physical attack of swordsmanship by 10%, and increase the damage of swordsmanship by 15%.

     It seems that the treasure chest is randomly prescribed medicines, drawings, equipment and other things, and the probability of medicines is the greatest.The swordsman's ring is pretty good, and Jia Zhengjin gave it to Olivia. After all, she also belongs to the swordsmanship department.

     After the break, the team set off again, constantly cleaning up parasites and skeletons on the way, and when they encountered a guard, they took a task and rescued them.

     Therefore, there are fewer and fewer traces of parasites and skeletons in the rear road. Some of the guards who are still hovering in the dead end of the team will take the initiative to clear them after the recovery.

      has to say This Titan Labyrinth is really big!

     There were about three hundred nanoworms exploring the way, saving a lot of time for dead-end detection, and moving along the right path. Even after letting the team walk for two full days, the monster that made the baby's cry was still not found.

     They have obviously gone inside, but the maze is like vast and limitless, and they don't know where it leads.

     Fortunately, Nanoworms can be used to record images and then continue to be taken outside. At least the Bourbon side can know that the team is safe, and can also tell Tina and the others, without worrying about themselves.

     The parasites and skeletons along the way were wiped out by them as bits and pieces, and the guards continued to clean up the rest. After the dangerous passages were dealt with, it became much more unblocked.

     The only regret is that killing parasites and skeletons will not explode any loot. Fortunately, the elite treasure chest given by Side Quest makes up for this, and it also allows Jia Zhengjin to Plentiful Rewards.

     After two consecutive days of exploration, Aipal doesn't have any changes, after all, she is a god.Jia Zhengjin and Olivia looked a little tired, they were too depressed in this maze, and because of the environment, eating was very difficult to swallow, and sleeping was very uncomfortable, and they seemed extremely tired these two days.

     The morale of the two people is slightly low, even though there are ghoul overlords and psychedelic clones to kill monsters along the way, not needed at all they take action.

     But they can't give up halfway, the team insists on continuing to move forward following the route of Nanoworm exploration.

     Finally, a nanoworm returned, showing that the image turned out to be the end of this passage that hadn't come to an end after two days!

     In the image, you can see a wider space at the end of the channel, filled with endless black mist, and the line of sight is obstructed. It can only be barely seen that the space is very large. As for what thing inside, the nanoworm must continue to explore.

     At the same time, various strange sounds continued to be heard in the space, and the baby-like cry became clearer and more obvious.

     "It seems we are almost at our destination!" Jia Zhengjin whispered, "The monster we are looking for may be at the end of this road."

     "Great! As long as we find the monster and deal with it, we can go back, right?" Olivia stayed right here early, impatiently, and even regretted coming over. She was also worried that after killing the monster, she would continue to walk around in this weird space, or "Titan's Internal Body World" as Jia Zhengjin called.

     Jia Zhengjin nodded. Although the Titan Internal Body World certainly has more space, this time it was mainly for the monsters that screamed babies and lured humans to enter, causing them to die and become skeletons.As long as the monster is destroyed, the mission Even if succeeds, this time the mission is also completed.

      I thought until here, and immediately said to Aipal and Olivia: "Let's go! Let's go over and investigate what the monster is. Then we will deal with it and go back the same way!"

     "Yeah!" It doesn't matter what Aipal does, so he nodded lightly.

      Olivia also wanted to go back early to reunite with Tina and the others. She didn't want to stay in this disgusting space. Now she became exhilarated and drew her sword, rushing to the front to help the ghoul overlord and the psychedelic clone kill the parasites, hoping to reach the destination as soon as possible.
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