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0 Chapter List 1567 Supplementary Conditions
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Trading very smooth, Jia Zhengjin successfully obtained the design drawing of the attacking magic tower, and the system thoughtfully converted him into a building blueprint in the game, so he can learn directly.

     This Perigi is definitely a talent in scientific research! There is such a fantastic idea.

     Of course, her research field is the application of magic, which is not related to science. It should be considered as Magic Research talent, that is, Magic Research.

      This kind of person, Jia Zhengjin of course not let it go.

     Her aptitude is very good, and she may reach the peak in the future, so she may not really take refuge in a certain force.

      No matter what, first get a chance to cooperate temporarily, and maybe get more useful Magic Research results from her. As for funding, Jia Zhengjin is not short of money at all.

     When the two returned from the magic tower, Perigi asked Jia Zhengjin to enter the manor and sat down in the hall of the house: "Duke-sama, are you still satisfied with the magic tower?"

     "Very good!" Jia Zhengjin signaled with a nod to the maid who served the fruit cakes, and then said, "According to the agreement, all your future research funds, as well as the costs of magic practice, I have contracted! But there is a small Small request, I hope you can agree!"

     "Duke-sama, is this a temporary supplementary condition? Not great, right? Let's just follow the previous agreement." Perigi was a little unhappy.

     "Why don't you listen to my supplementary conditions first?" Jia Zhengjin said with a faint smile.

     Perigi didn't like to add conditions suddenly after the negotiation, so silent.Seeing her silence, Jia Zhengjin knew the other party’s worries, so he said: “Don’t worry, the previous conditions are the same! I mean, under the same conditions, I would like to invite you to settle in the Holy Dragon City and settle in the Holy Dragon City. Magic practice and research are carried out in Dragon City."

     "Holy Dragon City!" Perigi was taken aback when he heard the words, "Why?"

     "Because I am mainly active in the Holy Dragon City, this duke status is also an accidental result. I usually don't stay here." Jia Zhengjin replied, "If you do research here, it is not convenient for me to directly assist in funding. you don't have to worry Others, I will ask someone to take care of everything. You can move in directly in the past."

     "Stay in Sacred Dragon City?" Perigi was surprised. "Duke-sama, the Sacred Dragon City you mentioned, isn't it the Sacred Dragon City I know?"

     "Sacred Dragon City in Magical Beast Forest, if there is no second place with the same name, it will be!" Jia Zhengjin shrugged.

     "So, you are from Holy Dragon City? It is from the Holy Dragon City built by the savior, Lord Keen the Godkiller?"

      "That’s right!"

     "I don't reject going to the Sacred Dragon City, but after all I have to leave my hometown..." Perigi said worriedly, "And I am not familiar with the place..."

     "You know Bonassis?" Jia Zhengjin asked.

     "Of course I know that the master is now playing for Master Keen in the Holy Dragon City."

     "When you arrive in the Holy Dragon City, you will get a lot of opportunities to ask the master for advice."

     "I am from the wind element, and that master seems to be from the thunder element?"

     "Olmat, Lord of the Storms, know that?" Jia Zhengjin asked again."That's the legend of our Wind Magic division." At the mention of this person, Perigi got excited.

     "He has a good relationship with our city lord, and he often visits the Holy Dragon City as a guest." Jia Zhengjin smiled, "At the same time there are human mage's legendary masters such as Master Chelsea and Master Hill. By the way, Guild Master Donald of Magic I will often go to the Holy Dragon City..."

     "But these big people, can I see them?" Perigi was happy for a while, and then frowned, "Isn't it possible?"

     "I have a good network in Sacred Dragon City, and I also have contacts with several masters." Jia Zhengjin's words are true, because they are actually coming for themselves, "As long as you agree to go to Sacred Dragon City, there will be opportunities to interact with them. Meet, and even get their true biography. This is my supplementary terms, I wonder how the young lady feels?"

     "This...this thing is too big!" Perigi could not hide his excitement, but he was also very hesitant. "I can't draw conclusions at will. I need to discuss it with my family."

     "Yes! But we will leave tomorrow," Jia Zhengjin said, "You can think about it tonight. I hope that next morning will get a positive answer."

     "This is no small thing, I must reply to Duke-sama tomorrow morning!" Perigi responded hurriedly, "May I ask, how extensive is Duke-sama's network in Sacred Dragon City?""As far as connections are concerned, no one in Sacred Dragon City can compare to me!" Jia Zhengjin replied, "This is not bragging, you will know when you get there. In short, as long as you are willing to go to Sacred Dragon City, you can enjoy the benefits of unprecedented. . And the only thing you need to do is to study earnestly and practice earnestly to improve yourself. I will provide all the resources you need to ensure your satisfaction."

     "Duke-sama will take us there personally?"

     "No, my teammates and I have to go to the next country to perform important tasks. So we will write a letter for you, and someone will receive it when we arrive. There will be another group of people going to Sacred Dragon City tomorrow, and you can keep Together. In short, think carefully tonight, as long as you agree, cooperation will continue in the future! If you don’t want it, it’s okay. At least the Magic Tower has been successfully traded, and I will provide funds as agreed, but the speed of the funds’ arrival is not guaranteed."

     "I'll think about it!" Perigi was actually willing to go there, but after all, his hometown is hard to leave, and there is still a lot of worry about going to such a far place.

     Leaving Perigi’s manor and refusing to send someone to escort her with a carriage, Jia Zhengjin took advantage of the night to return to his temporary residence alone.

     He didn't worry about Perigi's rejection, because the guidance of those legendary powerhouses could be discovered but not sought by anyone. What's more, now the attraction of Holy Dragon City, because of oneself, the identity of the savior has become stronger.

     There are two prerequisites, plus financial assistance and other conditions, I believe it is difficult to refuse.On the second day, as it turned out before dawn, Perigi brought his servant to the door: "Duke-sama, I discussed carefully with my family last night and thought about it all night. Perhaps it’s a rare opportunity to go to Sacred Dragon City, and I’m willing to take it. All the family members will try it in the past. But let’s say yes first, if I find that Duke-sama has not been able to arrange all the resources for magic practice and research for me, or you have deceived me and cannot give me and the masters the opportunity to ask for advice, Then I will return with my family decisively, and our transaction will be cancelled immediately! Of course, the funds you have given me will not be refunded!"

     "Hahaha! no problem." Just agree to go, and you won't want to come back when you get there! Jia Zhengjin relaxes, "Is all luggage and everything ready?"

     "Cleaned up!"

     "Then we will wait for Gemanda and his family to come, and then arrange a carriage to take you off!"
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