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    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The speed of the wives was really fast. Jia Zhengjing went to the bedroom to wash off his body's sweat and put on clean clothes. Here, Master Leo, Christina's teacher, came.

     "Kean, let Master Leo take a look first." Tina came to him, "Aipal is expected to be able to come soon, and Palin will find her. As for Lord Supreme Pontiff, it seems to be right. Seven days later."

     "No need to do this?" Jia Zhengjin really doesn't know what to say, "Do we need to be so anxious? Everyone is so young, and there will be time in the future. How about it in a few years..."

     "Even if it's a few years later, you have to take a look first!" Tina insisted, "If there is a problem, it should be cured sooner. If there is no problem, it would be better, right?"

     "Then why don't yourselves check it, maybe it's not my problem?"

     "Didn't you say it? If it's you and me, then we might all have problems." Tina said softly, "but now I, Palin, Chris, and Amy are unresponsive. Moreover, Chris also uses Radiant. Magic has shown it to our sisters, everything is normal."

     "Meaning or I have a problem?" Jia Zhengjin was depressed.

     "It's not that there must be a problem! It's just a check anyway, and it's okay." Tina persuaded softly, "Master Leo has already arrived, but he deliberately put down his busy work and rushed over. You just let him Check it out, it will be soon!"

     "Yes! Let the teacher check it for you!" Christina also came over and took her husband's hand, "Very quickly, just a few seconds.""Kean, take it as a daily physical examination! As the Saint Dragon City Master, your health is related to all your subjects!" Amy also persuaded.

     Facing the firm attitude of his wives, Jia Zhengjin had to compromise: "All right! Then trouble Master Leo."

     "No trouble," Leo smiled and walked over, standing in front of Jia Zhengjin, "After all, it is also about Chris. She has no parents. I am the teacher who is her parent. The writer, of course, also hopes to be earlier. Hold your grandson. Come, you girls get out of the way."

      "Yes!" Tina and the three hurried back to the side, looking at her husband nervously.

     Jia Zhengjin had to stand obediently and honestly, seeing Master Leo lift up his magic wand to chant, releasing a gentle light over his body.

     After a few seconds of light vanish from sight, Master Leo lowered his head in thought.

     "Teacher, how is it?" Christina asked hurriedly.

     "Master Leo!" Tina and Amy also looked at him nervously.

     Even Jia Zhengjin is worried, isn't there something wrong with him? Is it because of the sequelae of crossing? Will it be because of oneself the soul passes through, so without any means fertility?

     While indulge in flights of fancy, Master Leo finally said: "I just took a closer look, everything is normal. You don't have any problems, you are very healthy."

      "Is that right?" Jia Zhengjin suddenly relaxed when he heard this, "It's great!"

     "Teacher, since everything is normal, why is this happening?" Christina doubtfully asked, "Several of us are healthy. Why do that many people have children and we have no response?""This kind of thing is not about one hundred shots, one hundred hits." Jia Zhengjin hurriedly said, "Everyone is okay, so it's okay! We are still young, why are we in a hurry? Don't think about it now, and you are so young Minute the child is too dangerous!"

     "Danger?" Tina, Amy, Christina, and even Master Yu Leo looked at him in doubt.

     "What I said wrong? Everyone has just grown up, and the body has not grown well this time. It is really dangerous to have children rashly!" Jia Zhengjin looked at them seriously.

     Tina and others look at each other in dismay, then shook their heads: "No! No matter where, the church will send a pastor to welcome the new life, with the shelter of Radiant Magic, what's the danger?"

      "Ah?" Jia Zhengjin was stunned when he heard the words, "Is there a priest to help with the birth of a child? What about ordinary people? Can you afford a priest?"

     "Kean, you know so many weird things, but common sense is too weak." Tina reluctantly shook her head, "The female priests in the church with poor progress in cultivation or ordinary qualifications, many of them will be referred to. No matter what country or city, as long as there is a church related to the pastor, they will exist. They will come to the door for free, cast spells to help new lives come, and protect the safety of mothers. Moreover, most people are Marrying and having children at our age, what is the danger?"

     Ok! Jia Zhengjin forgot that this different world is different from the earth. The physique of a person is different, after all, magic elements are everywhere. yet another is that someone has a priest using Radiant Magic, which is more convenient and reliable than a doctor's operation."Can we change the topic? Since everyone is fine, let nature take its course!"

     "Since Master Keen is okay, then I should go back too! I still have a lot of things to deal with." Seeing Jia Zhengjin shifting the topic, Master Leo said immediately.

     "Thank you teacher!" Christina hurriedly walked over, "I will see you off."

     "No! Just a few steps, I am not an outsider." Leo waved his hand to look at Jia Zhengjin, "Then Lord Keen, I will go back first."

     "Thank you, Master Leo!" Jia Zhengjin sent him to the door of the bedroom, until his back disappeared at the end of the corridor, then turned around, "All right, I'm all healthy, it's okay! Don't you think it's too hot recently?" Do you want to make the whole summer cool and comfortable?"

     "It's really hot, but in summer what is?" Amy asked curiously.

     "Yes! Summer what is?" Tina was also very confused in her eyes.

      Although Christina didn't say a word, her gaze was also inquisitive.

     "Summer becomes extremely hot after the Sun Festival, and then continues until this season disappears." Jia Zhengjin explained.

     "Season?" The three girls looked blank again, "Then what is?"

     "Four seasons! Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, you won't not know?"

     "What?" Tina and the others were even more at a loss.

     Jia Zhengjin was stunned when he saw this. In the foreign languages he learned, he really hadn’t seen any season descriptions of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. He thought he had limited vocabulary, but found that he used similar words describe, Tina, etc. People don't even understand.Shouldn't this World not even divide into the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, right? How can it be?

     With a skeptical attitude, cautious and solemn asked: "You really don't know the four seasons of the year? Then how are the seasons divided throughout the year?"

     "What is the season anyway?" The confusion on Tina's face didn't look like a fake.

     "It's the spring of All Living Things to Recover, full of vitality, and then the hot summer as it is now, then the cool and harvest autumn, and the cold winter with snow. All year round!" Jia Zhengjin explained.

     "You are talking about different time periods of the year? But what season, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, we have never heard of it!" Tina shook her head in confusion.

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