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0 Chapter List 1650 Doubt
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Bertha strongly opposed and tried to persuade Jia Zhengjin to give up the idea of going out, wanting him to stay at home obediently and honestly to guard his pregnant wife.

     Jia Zhengjinxin said, don't I want to stay at home? But what can this time do?

     Besides, how do I get you an outsider gesticulate while talking?

     Even if you borrow your son's body, it doesn't mean I have to listen to you.

     Ignoring Bertha's objection, after carefully explaining to the four wives, he went to the palace and summoned Megan to bless her to manage the Holy Dragon City.

     Needless to say, Jia Zhengjin spends most of his time as an arm-flinging shopkeeper. Isn’t Megan dealing with the affairs of the Holy Dragon City?

     After finishing the account of the family affairs, call Epal again.

     "The Wisdom Goddess was here last night." Epal came to him and said.

     "She found you?" Jia Zhengjin was somewhat surprised.

     "Yeah!" Aipal lightly nodded, "and let me go back and help with me."

     Unexpectedly, Wisdom Goddess not only found himself last night, Jia Zhengjin was somewhat unhappy in his heart, and his eyes stayed on Epal: "Then why didn't you leave?"

     "I why are you leaving?" Apal looked at Jia Zhengjin in confusion, "I don't know her, who knows where she is taking me?"

      "Huh?" Jia Zhengjin looked at Aipal in front of him in doubt. Didn't Wisdom Goddess Ira say that she has a very good relationship with Aipal? How come you are here in Epal, but you don't know it well?correct! If Apal really can't remember who he is, there will indeed be this kind of possibility. She has a lot of obstacles to identity. She doesn't feel that she is the goddess of love, Apal, but she knows what divine powers she possesses and all the knowledge she has previously stored.

     But she really is that right? Or just acting?

     If this is the case, it means that it is not a spy from the gods.

     But if it's just acting, what is she thinking about? Or what is the God Realm planning?

     After thinking about unconfirmed, Jia Zhengjin frowned and looked at her for a few seconds before saying: "Then let's talk about business!"

     "Business?" Epal blinked, "Go to the Lava Island to resurrect Blas, the god of fire?"

     "you know?"

     "She mentioned it after she rejected Wisdom Goddess Ella last night." Aipal nodded, "So I also know that you will definitely call me together this morning."

     "Since I know, then I don't have to worry about it." Jia Zhengjin didn't care whether Apal was a spy from the gods, and started talking directly, "You accompany me to the Lava Island to take care of this matter properly. By resurrecting the Vulcan God Blass’s method, has Ella said about it?"

     "I don't need her to tell this, I know it very well." Epal replied, "Blas is the god of fire, and the body is a group of Sacred Flame that will never go out. Although he died in the previous battle, the Sacred Flame went out. But it is also possible to reignite this flame and bring him back to life."

     "What should I do?" Jia Zhengjin asked."To ignite the Sacred Flame, you need to find the most pious believer of the fire god, the purest Flame Spirit, and then the Antiquity Divine Item crystal lamp. As long as you gather these three, you will be able to successfully resurrect Bla after arriving at the Lava Island. Si."

     "Is half a month enough?" Jia Zhengjin somewhat worried, "Where are we going to find these three necessities?"

     "Ira already told me," Epal replied, "The most devout believer in the god of fire is on the lava island."

     "Oh? What about the Flame Spirit and the crystal lamp?"

     "The Flame Spirit is particularly active near the Melcosta Volcano. To find the purest Flame Spirit, we need to go there!"

     "Mercosta Volcano?" Jia Zhengjin heard this word for the first time, "Is it time? Only half a month, and I have to find the crystal lamp."

     Apal reached out and took out a shiny crystal oil lamp from his arms, and the Seven-Colored Light appeared instantly and Jia Zhengjin was taken aback.

     "The crystal lamp was handed to me when Ella met me last night!" Epal said, "So, you only need to find the pure Flame Spirit this time. The Mount Melcosta is not far from the Lava Island. Time adequate."

     "Since everything has been prepared long ago, can't they go to resurrect Blas, the god of fire, by themselves?" Jia Zhengjin hummed lightly.

     "It seems to be saying that there is a shortage of manpower at the moment," Aipal put the crystal lamp away again, "The God Realm is not as powerful as before!""In other words, we only need to go to Melcosta volcano to find the pure Flame Spirit, and then go to the lava island to find the most pious followers of the god of fire, can we resurrect the god of fire Blas?" Jia Zhengjin asked, "but What is the appearance of the purest Flame Spirit? How do I find it? What should I do to resurrect the Vulcan after it arrives?"

     "With the crystal lamp, it's very easy to find Flame Spirit. Just leave it to me, no need to be worried." Epal replied, "As for how to resurrect Blas, the god of fire, Ella also carefully explained to me. "

     "In other words, everything has been arranged long ago?" Jia Zhengjin was upset. The feeling that others arranged every step he took was what he wanted to get rid of.

     Epal didn't know what he was thinking, lightly nodded: "Yes! Overall, it's actually quite simple."

     "Have Ella said, where is the miracle stone?" Jia Zhengjin pondered, "she told me that the miracle stone is near the lava island, but she didn't specify its location."

     "This? She said it." Epal recalled, "It is said that the miracle stone is in the vast ocean of Malos across the sea on the lava island. It is collected by the general of this small country."

     "Malos, the kingdom of vast oceans?" This was the first time Jia Zhengjin heard the name. Maybe this country had participated in the first two wars, or it may have sent messengers to Holy Dragon City, but he really has no memory. It should be said that I have not received it before, "So, everything is ready now?"

     "Well! Ella has everything ready," Epal said, "but I think it's a little strange!"

     "What does it mean?" Jia Zhengjin looked at her questioningly."I don't know, I just don't think things are so simple." Aipal raised his head and looked into his eyes. "Wisdom Goddess Ira, the wise god. Everything she does will not be completely meaningless. So I think, this trip It’s certainly not that simple. I’m afraid it’s not just the resurrection of Blas, the god of fire. Of course, her target shouldn’t be us either. This is certain..."

     If Apal was a goddess spy, surely he wouldn't have said this to himself, would he?

     Jia Zhengjin is more confused, or is she loosen the reins only to grasp them better Decieve Oneself?

     But this seems to make sense, is it true that Wisdom Goddess Ella really just wants to revive Blas, the god of fire?

     She said that only she can do this, but the most pious followers of the god of fire are on the lava island, and the necessary crystal lamps are also ready, just need to find a pure Flame Spirit! No matter how you look at it, it’s not that difficult. Just send an oracle and find a strong man in the world to complete it, right?

     The God Realm shouldn't be aiming at himself, that only has one possibility, and it is calculating Lou Luo. Just how to do it in the end?
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