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    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

When Jia Zhengjin talked with Epal in a low voice, Kedra stood up, looked up at the huge Flame Spirit, and laughed wildly: "Finally—the great Lord Blas is about to come back to life! What I am carrying Responsibility can finally be fulfilled! Great Master Blas, let me be a part of you and help you return to this World!"

     When the voice fell, Cadella chanted the complex spell again, and took out a dark crimson dagger from his arms.

     As the spell sounded, the Flame Spirit suddenly twisted frantically, as if resisting what thing.

     Immediately afterwards, the stone statue of Vulcan Blas slowly opened his eyes, then opened his mouth and began to absorb the flames.

     All the flames are now on the Flame Spirit, so it is the stone statue that it is resisting.

     It's just that such a huge Flame Spirit feels extremely formidable existence, and it is powerless to resist under the suction of the gods. I couldn't move if I wanted to escape, I could only watch desperately as the flame on his body was quickly sucked into the mouth of the Vulcan statue of Blas.

     "I'm going! It's weird!" Jia Zhengjin could see heart alarmed, body leaping.

     "I'm afraid there will be more weird pictures next." Aipal said softly.

     "A more weird picture?"

     "You just look at it!"

     Jia Zhengjin stared wide-eyed, carefully watching what happened not far away.

     As the flames continue to be absorbed, the Flame Spirit's huge size gradually shrinks. This process can be much faster than it can consume lava and fire elements.

     Even though I struggled desperately, I was still unable to resist, and I reduced it with astonishing speed...And when Flame Spirit was finally completely absorbed by the stone statue, the flames in the space disappeared and dimmed. At the moment when he thought it was over, Jia Zhengjin was surprised to find that Kadela slowly stretched out his left hand and used the dark crimson dagger to slash his own wrist/skill. .

     "Great Master Blass, I will be with you!" Kedra walked to the statue, letting the blood sprayed out from her left hand, and it was all drenched on the statue's feet.

     What is incomprehensible is that when Kadra's blood fell on the ground, it turned into hot lava and blended into the stone statue with astonishing speed.

     Jia Zhengjin couldn't say a word, because Kadra was still bleeding frantically and didn't mean to stop.

      Ten minutes later, when the last drop of blood fell from his wrist, he turned up his head and laughed loudly: "Finally-I can finally become one with the great Blas! I will follow Blas and get immortal! "

     When the voice fell, his body caught fire instantly, and was burned thoroughly within a few seconds, leaving only a pile of ashes.

     This scene even made Jia Zhengjin appear full of goosebumps, feeling that this Cadella is crazy.

     "Kā cā kā cā ~" When Kadra turned to ashes, the stone statue of Vulcan Blas suddenly shattered.

     The stone layer on the surface peeled off, revealing a life-like human flame inside.

     Before long, the stone statue was completely shattered, and a thorough lava man walked out.

     It is completely composed of lava, and facial features can be clearly seen.The strangest thing is that when he walked towards Jia Zhengjin and Aipar step by step, the heat on his body was getting less and less, and finally the lava continued to transform into normal skin.

     When he approached Jia Zhengjin and Apal, he turned into an ordinary human appearance, almost exactly the same as a god.

     "Aipal, long time no see!"

     "Vulcan Blass!" Apal stood up, "I know you!"

     "You make me feel something's wrong!"

     "I don't know what you are talking about."

     "Your eyes are a little strange, as if you are looking at a stranger!"

     "You and me this was originally so stranger!"

     "What have you experienced?"

     Seeing the opponent stretched out his hand, Epal immediately took a step back vigilantly: "Don't come here!"

     "I just want to see what happened to you!"

     "Wisdom Goddess Ella asked me to accompany Keane to resurrect you. Now that we have succeeded, we are leaving!" Aipal looked at each other warily.

      "Xiu!" Before the words fell, Blas, the god of fire, shot flame beams from his eyes, directly forming a Flame Shackle around Aipal and Jia Zhengjin, making them unable to move.

     "Vulcan Blas, do you want to fight with me?" Epal asked with a frown.

     "No, I just want to know what happened to you! It seems like a lot has changed during my sleepy days!"

      From start to finish, Blass, the resurrected god of fire, did not mention his devout believers, even if the opponent turned himself into ashes in order to resurrect himself.

     He didn't look at Jia Zhengjin either, his attention was on Epal."We already follow the Mission Completion requirement of Wisdom Goddess, you better not try to provoke me!" Epal's eyes flashed black light, "don't know why, I have an urge to hunt!"

      "Huh?" After discovering that Epal's situation was not right, Blass, the god of fire, showed a surprised expression. He checked Epal's eyes carefully, "Why are these eyes... so familiar? Darkness, killing, despair... Epal, what exactly is going on? This is not the appearance of the goddess of love!"

     "Boom!!" Before the words fell, Epal burst out with amazing power, directly destroying Flame Shackle.

     Jia Zhengjin didn't even react, he felt an indescribable terrifying power push himself away, and he was in the air like a kite with cut string.

     Fortunately, when I was about to hit the sharp stalactite, I quickly used the flash to land steadily, and looked at Epal in astonishment: "What are you doing?"

     However, Aipal has not replied, her body is shrouded in an amazing dark aura, and her body exudes terrifying prestige, staring at Blass in front of her, murderous aura.

     Something's wrong! Apal is absolutely wrong!

     Jia Zhengjin felt that the Apal in front of him seemed to have become a yet another person, and it was extremely terrifying existence.

     "Damn it!" Seeing that Epal suddenly turned into this appearance, the newly resurrected Vulcan God Blas's eyes were shocked, "The Demon God Dimon! how can it be like this? Why do you merge with the Demon God Dimon? what happened?"

     "Blas..." Aipal, who was wrapped in Dark Strength, slowly raised his head, his eyes were scarlet, "It's really interesting! Where do you escape this time?""Hey! What happened?" Jia Zhengjin's mind was very confused.

     "Noisy!" Aipal turned to look at Jia Zhengjin, and raised his right hand to scratch.

     Jia Zhengjin wanted to escape quickly, but found that his neck was unable to breathe before he could use the skill, and his body baffling off the ground and flew up, completely unable to breathe. I want to speak, but I can't make a note.

      "Huh?" Aipal, who was about to squeeze him to death, as if seeing something strange, pulled Jia Zhengjin Void over, and grabbed his head with his left hand.

     At this moment, Jia Zhengjin only felt his soul trembled, and then there seemed to be something that wanted to break and surges out of the body, the kind of pain that made people want to die.

     What is she doing? what thing is going to be ripped out? Is it... Ruyi Baoyu?

     Suddenly and quickly, I thought of a certain possibility.

     "Stop!" Sure enough, the next moment in Space Vibrations, someone appeared directly through the air, opened Epal with a palm, and pulled Jia Zhengjin over.

      "Huh?" Aipal of eyes red waited for someone.

     The other party guarded Jia Zhengjin and frowned at her.

     Gu Louluo! He appeared.

     "Who will tell me what's going on?" Blass, the newly resurrected Vulcan, was confused.

     "You are not affected by the divine power plunder..." Gulouluo ignored Blass, the god of fire, but looked at Appal.

     "So powerful's power! It's really interesting, where did you come from?" Epal's dark aura is more prosperous.

     Jia Zhengjin has fully understood, Wisdom Goddess Ella, what a good calculation!
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