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0 Chapter List 1767 Bright Expedition
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The Nuwa has been flying in the air without landing, and all the people who boarded the ship are also curiously exploring inside.

     Jia Zhengjin gave them relative freedom and didn't have to stay in the room all the time.

     So in addition to privacy time, under Nuwa's monitoring, you can freely travel around the ship, visit relatives and friends, or meet new friends, or explore any area on the ship except forbidden areas.

     At noon the next day, Christina and other light believers received a new oracle.

     It should be the first batch of Radiant Influences assembled around the Holy Dragon City. Although others are still on their way, they will arrive one after another.

     The God of Guangming wanted to fight for the time to resurrect the gods, so he naturally had to hold back the Holy Dragon City for some time.

     All the believers in the light have got the news, the war has begun, and the goal is-Holy Dragon City!

     God said that Godkiller Keen will Ruin the World and must be stopped. Therefore, launch a holy war and be sure to destroy him and his subordinates!

      To receive God's order, Christina, Master Leo, and other Guangming believers in Sacred Dragon City were all stupid. After Jia Zheng made the announcement yesterday, these people were still confused and unwilling to believe it.

     They have lived in Sacred Dragon City for so long, but they actually have feelings. In addition, Lord Keen treats people well, never doesn't have any evil deeds, and has a close relationship with Church of Light, how come you suddenly become a sinner who wants Ruin the World?

     Ordinary Guangming believers are even like this. As Jia Zhengjin's pawn, Christina, not to mention, is very confused.

     As Christina's teacher, Master Leo, who is the same as his father, feels equally complicated.Unexpectedly, it was true, the great God of Light took the initiative to declare war on Keene!

     How should this be done?

     The God of Light is the God of this World Supreme Existence, the enemy he wants to destroy how can it be continue to exist?

     On the one hand, as Jia Zhengjin's wife, on the other hand, she is also a devout believer in the light. As Jia Zhengjin said, Christina is really in a dilemma where she cannot make a choice.

     In her heart, she believed that the God of Light would win this war.

     Doesn't it mean that my husband will be wiped out, or will be wiped out by my most respected faith! What should I do?

      Christina didn't clamor to go to the assembly point anymore, her identity was too embarrassing. Going means betraying one's husband, and not going means betraying faith. Either way, it hurts people.

     I only have to admit my fate and comfort myself according to my husband-now I have no choice, because I was temporarily held as a prisoner and couldn't leave. It was not a choice.

     Of course, it's just an excuse to escape reality. How can there be such a free prisoner who can walk around in the ship.

     On the other side, the first batch of Radiant Influence assembled in the Otto Empire, headed by the Pope, most of the Church of Light elders have also arrived.

     After waiting for a day to gather Radiant Influence troops with a number of no less than 100,000, finally to receive God's order again.

     The God of Light declared the enemy of the war to be the Holy Dragon City, and the goal is to destroy the God Killer and the Holy Dragon City Master Keen in order to protect the world!

     The pope was stunned.

     All the members of Radiant Influence, even the generals and soldiers of the Otto Empire who came to help the battle, were all stupid.Holy Dragon City Master Keen, who defeated Dragon of Darkness Save the World before and was regarded as the savior, how did he become the enemy of Ruin the World?

     How can a Holy Dragon City that is friendly with all forces become a heresy against Radiant God's?

     However, the oracle is absolute, doesn't have any questioning Radiant God's command.

     Perhaps, after seeing it in person on the battlefield, you can ask clearly.

     The army set off immediately, and the first group of members of the forces, grandiose, set off from the Otto Empire.

     The remaining members of the forces who have not yet assembled have also received the oracle and will definitely go to the Holy Dragon City one after another.

     This 100,000 army is just the vanguard, and there are millions of Radiant Influence troops coming quickly.

     During the march, an elder came to report: "Your Majesty The Supreme Pontiff, Saint Claire suddenly left this morning for unknown reasons!"

      "Is that right?" The pope lowered his head and meditated, "The saint has a special status and is a child of the gods. How could he leave at this crucial moment?"

     "Remember that Sir Saintess has a good relationship with God Killer Keen. Will he go to the Holy Dragon City alone to question after receiving the oracle?" the elder said worriedly.

     "Do not rule out this possibility!" The pope nodded, "I think as a saint, I will never betray Radiant God's. Just go to the Holy Dragon City alone, even she is quite dangerous."

     "Your Majesty The Supreme Pontiff, then we..." The elder looked up at him.

     "Speed up the march and strive to reach the Holy Dragon City today!" The pope ordered loudly, "I also want to ask in person, what exactly is Keene kid's going on!""Are we really going to go to war with the Holy Dragon City?" the elder asked in a low voice, "That's a godslayer, only gods can deal with it. Besides, there is the dragon Connie backing..."

     "This is an oracle, no doubt!" The Pope said seriously, "Since the God of Light issued such an oracle, he naturally has his reason. As believers of Light, we only need to follow the oracle! Praise the great God of Light!"

     "Praise the great God of Light!"

     "Okay! Order the army to speed up the journey, and must arrive before the saint is in danger to ensure her safety."


      At this moment, the Pope was worried about something dangerous, the saint Claire had arrived in Sacred Dragon City.

     It's just that from the fortress all the way to the city, everything is as empty as anything, the place of prosperity that used to be unusually bustling with noise and excitement, at this moment, deathly silent.

     In doubt, Sudden Appearance in the air is a weird Steel Fortress hiding the sky and covering the earth. Before she can react, a ray of light to drop from the sky directly covers the whole body.

     The next moment, Claire disappeared in place.

     When she reacted, she was no longer in the city, but in the copper wall, iron bastion. Inside the extremely wide Steel Fortress, brightly lit.

     Looking up, he just saw Jia Zhengjin sitting on the console, and quickly stepped forward: "The God of Guangming has issued an order..."

     "Needless to say, I already know!" Jia Zhengjin stood up and walked in front of her.

     "That's right! Your wife, Christina, and the other light believers in the Holy Dragon City didn't go to the rally point. They should be controlled? With them, of course you can immediately learn the content of the oracle!" Claire nodded."Then Sir Saintess followed the Oracle of Light and came to crusade me?" Jia Zhengjin smiled.

     "What a joke?" Claire rolled his eyes, "How can it be my enemy! Where is our army?"

     The units recruited by the system will naturally not betray Jia Zhengjin.

     Jia Zhengjin also just made a joke, and then responded: "Don't worry! The army has been assembled long ago. However, we are not going to fight with Radiant Influence members. The enemy is only the realm of the gods! It is just time for you to come back. Tell Christina and the others as a saint Speaking is easier for them to accept."

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