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0 Chapter List 1841 Ling Diao
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

The sound of footsteps gradually came downstairs, seeming to be upstairs.

     Jia Zhengjin inserted the stone spear into the gap between the windows and doors, used the lever function to open the windows and doors that were not locked, and then jumped out before the mountain clan returned to the house.

     At the height of the second floor, falling down must be torn body and crushed bones.

     It's just that he doesn't care, he can be resurrected immediately after death. Moreover, he was not prepared to fall like this.

     While in the air, directly contact the Cosmic Aircraft Carrier: "Nuwa..."

     He was going to let Nu Wa use the teleport function to transfer himself to the ground, eliminating the steps of rebirth after falling to death.

     In the end, the words were not finished, the Giant Shadow passed by, and the next moment was caught by what thing, the body soaring high into the air.

     Looking back, it turned out to be a huge bird that appeared in the sky at some point. It looked like a crow, but the black hair on the whole body was mixed with one third light yellow fluff, and it was concentrated on the abdomen.

     There is a beautiful colored feather on the top of the bird's head that stands alone and is larger than the surroundings. It is definitely not a crow.

     Obviously, the bird of unknown origin passed by and just saw himself jumping out of the window, so he caught it as food and prepared to take it back to enjoy.

     Looking at the house of the mountain family, an angry mountain family probed out from the window, and kept checking up and down, and finally saw Jia Zhengjin who was taken away by the big bird in the sky, waving his right hand foul-mouthed, the distance was too far, the wind was too loud It's big, I can't hear what I'm shouting, anyway, it's so angry.

     Jia Zhengjin didn't care about the mountain clan, and now he must solve the big bird problem.Although Big Bird took him into the sky and fell down absolutely torn body and crushed bones, he, who possessed the power of immortality, didn't care at all.

     Decisively took out a stone spear and stab the big bird hard to bite his mouth.

     "Keng!" Sparks appeared, and the sharp stone spear could not pierce the bird's beak.

     In this case, it can only attack its eyes.

     Jia Zhengjin turned his head and threw the stone spear to the left eye of Big Bird.

     However, the big bird suddenly turned in the air, letting the stone spear fall into the air, then dived directly and landed on a nearby big tree.

     There was a giant bird's nest on the big tree, and three or four large chicks raised their hair and screamed anxiously, with their mouths wide open.

     After the bird landed, he shook his head vigorously, shook Jia Zhengjin a little to have a dizzy spell, and then threw him at the chicks.

     Jia Zhengjin in midair faintly took out another stone spear, and threw the stone spear away before one of the chicks big mouth opened wide bit him.

     "Puff!" The stone spear entered the chick's mouth and penetrated through its neck.

     The chicks struggled with pain and bleeds.

     The few chicks next to them didn't care about this, and immediately rushed to prepare Jia Zhengjin to tear apart the food.

     Even if they knew that they could not eat themselves, they would be burned to ashes by the flames of revenge, Jia Zhengjin was still unwilling to be used as food, so he took out the stone spears again before falling, and crossed them just to jam the big mouths of the three chicks, and took the opportunity to land. He took out the third stone spear and pierced it into the neck of the nestling closest to him."Qua——!!!" In a flash, two chicks fell in a pool of blood, and the other two mouths were stuck by stone spears. They bite dim-wittedly. The big bird suddenly became angry and rushed towards Jia Zhengjin. The sharp beak attacked with full force.

     This time Jia Zhengjin did not dodge, letting the big bird bite him.

     Just before the big bird tears his wound, the fair judgment and revenge flame activate, the big bird was burned to ashes within a few seconds.

     Jia Zhengjin also took the opportunity to solve the remaining two chicks.

     Looking at the deadly four giant chicks and the big bird turned into ashes, Jia Zhengjin put away the stone spear, deadpan: "Yourselves are dead, no wonder I!"

     [System] You Have Gained a Level!

     The four chicks plus the experience value of a big bird just make Jia Zhengjin rise to level 8 and obtain a Skill Point.

     Habitually groping for these giant bird carcasses, the four chicks gave some eagle feathers without other trophies.

     Big bird broke something good.

     [System] You got the Lingyu Sword (Normal)!

     [System] You got a down jacket (bad quality)!

     [System] You got the Ling Diao Feather!

     [System] You got the Ling Diao pet egg!

     [System] You have obtained tree fruit seeds!

     [Ling Yu Sword] (Ordinary) Weapons made of Ling carved feathers are light and peculiar. Attack +5, Agility +3, Jumping power +1. Equipment level requirements: Level 5!

     The attributes look pretty good, at least in low-level weapons.

     It's just that Jia Zhengjin didn't like to use the sword, so he threw it into the virtual backpack.【Down Jacket】(Inferior quality) A fashion made of Ling carved feathers can provide a certain degree of cold resistance. Cold Resistance +15, Equipment level requirement: Level 1!

     It looks good, at least it keeps warm.

     However, Jia Zhengjin's Cold Resistance has long been improved to the extreme, so it is not necessary.

     【Ling Carving Feather】Common materials that can be used to make specific weapons and armors, as well as some sundries.

     [Fruit Seed] Planted in farmland, fruit plants can be grown.

     [Ling Diao Pet Eggs] You can use an incubator, or hatch a pet Ling Diao in animal pens and pastures.

     The appearance of the pet egg is somewhat surprised. Jia Zhengjin looked at the pet egg, then opened the virtual interface to watch the skill points he gained after upgrading, and thought about it carefully.

     Incubators require certain technological prerequisites to be manufactured, and currently cannot be activated.

     The efficiency of the animal pen and the ranch are different, but there is not much difference before this low-level creature.

     In view of the fact that the ranch consumes more materials than the animal stall, after thinking about it, Jia Zhengjin decided to activate the animal stall with skill points.

     Then let Nuwa transport herself to the ground, cut down trees, gather ore nearby, build a temporary animal pen, and hatch the Lingdiao pet eggs.

     Unlike Warcraft, this ordinary creature is domesticated so quickly that there is almost no waiting time, just a few seconds, and the pet egg becomes an adult eagle that is exactly the same as the big bird that just captured it.Nüwa’s teleportation device allows herself to easily travel to any area with coordinates, but it is a bit scary in front of this planet’s technology. Flying pets are relatively common, so the Ling Eagle mounts are less exaggerated.

      Quest Completed, by the way, also upgraded to a Flying Mount.

     Jia Zhengjin dismantled the animal pen, rode the eagle sculpture and turned around, to the City Guard staff member, where the cockroach clan hiding in the flower bed was located.

     After returning here, I found that the staff member of the cockroach family at the flower bed had disappeared. It was slightly pondered. It should be understood that it was the picture of me being taken away by the eagle eagle. leave early.

     If City Guard thought he was dead and suspected that the mission was not completed, wouldn't the delegation also be interrupted?

     This can't work!

     You must go back before the other party thinks he is dead and the commission is interrupted!

     Jia Zhengjin hurriedly mounted the Ling Diao, turned and flew towards the underground metropolis.
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