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0 Chapter List 1848 Population Boom
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

"A meteor swarm appeared 50 kilometers ahead. It is predicted that there will be an impact in a few minutes!"

     "Predict damage!"

     "The impact will cause slight damage to the aircraft carrier's armor and slightly deviate from its orbit!"

     "Ask for a response plan!"

     "The information was uploaded successfully!"


     In the Nuwa control cabin, hundreds of mice in space uniforms are constantly busy in front of the screen.

     "Report!" A mouse with a slightly brownish coat came to Nu Wa's virtual image, "The information on the obstacle ahead has been uploaded, please give instructions!"

     "Yeah~" Nuwa was sitting in Jia Zhengjin's captain's chair, nodding her head with Erlang's legs tilted, "Use annihilation cannon to clear obstacles."

      "Yes!" The mouse immediately turned around, "Use the annihilation cannon to destroy the meteor swarm!"

     "Use the annihilation cannon to destroy the meteor swarm!!" The other mice gave orders, quickly go into action in front of the computer.

     In fact, Nuwa can do these tasks herself in a few seconds.

     But now she is also enjoying the fun of boss people around.

     It is like clearly only a bunch of data, there is no behavior problem at all, she still sits in a chair like Jia Zhengjin.

     The mice moved quickly and completed the complex programming within a few minutes. The Nuwa ejected extremely powerful energy, passing through the starry sky in a flash and shrouding the meteor group getting closer and closer.

     As the light passed, the dangerous meteor swarm vanish without trace, as if it had never existed.

     "Report! Successfully eliminated the meteor swarm, and the obstacles removed!" The mouse turned and returned to Nuwa."Very good! Continue sailing, you will be able to reach your destination in about a few hours." Nu Wa stood up, "This is more than three hundred years, it's time to wake Keane."

     "Is it finally going to wake up the legendary captain?" The mouse standing in front of Nuwa was very excited. "My grandfather said that when he was young, he boarded this Aircraft Carrier, when the captain fell asleep. After more than three hundred years , Can our generation actually see the captain come out?"

     "Are you very excited?" Nu Wa smiled lightly.

     "Of course!" The mouse was very excited. "In a very childhood, my father told me. Lord Keene is the actual owner of this Aircraft Carrier. It is said that even the gods are not his opponents, but the strongest existence with immortality. "

     "Almost!" Nu Wa said, "I'm about to arrive in the new world, so that all the Moss are ready."

      "Yes!" The mouse stood at attention quickly, "Can we finally end space travel?"

     "Almost!" Nu Wa turned and disappeared.

     "All raise the spirits!" The mouse shouted at the other companions, "Soon everyone will be able to fulfill the dream of the older generation and enter the planet suitable for survival in the book! Previously, it could only be seen in books and videos. Our generation is very lucky to be on the real ground soon!"

     These Moss mice are all descendants of the gray mice that Jia Zhengjin originally brought up.

     The old man Moss and the gray mouse Zhizhi brought up the necessary resources, and at the same time presented a female Moss tribe who volunteered to the city.

     The city lord was also generous and directly gave them three Mos girls.So the gray mouse sits on the happy fate of the man from Qi (who had a wife and a concubine) and gave birth to a large number of children with these three Moss tribes.

     The old man Moss passed away after 7 years of space travel, but he didn't have any regrets. After all, he was immersed in the ocean of knowledge within 7 years, which was extremely satisfying.

     Zhizhi also passed away fifty years later, and his wives died of old age one after another ten years later.

     In order to continue the offspring of Zhizhi's children, the union between brothers and sisters has continued to the present. From the first four or five Moss tribes, after more than three hundred years, they have reached a terrifying population of 4.5 million.

     Their gestation period is very short, and they can give birth to 8 to 10 mice a day. This is still a situation of relative restraint considering the speed of Nüwa's food resource cultivation.

     Jia Zhengjin started to fall asleep on the first day of departure, so he didn't know it, otherwise the inbreeding of these Moss mice would definitely be prevented due to ethical issues.

     Although it is not a big deal for the Moss, it is a taboo in Jia Zhengjin's eyes.

     With a population of 4.5 million Moss, Nuwa has already felt the pressure of population expansion, so she has been thinking about how to deal with it. The New World is the best choice.

     These mice have been handed down from generation to generation in universe travel. The education they have received since childhood has a description of where the planet lives.

     Therefore, a planet suitable for survival is the fairy tale general existence.

     It is really not a good thing to sail in the vast universe for a lifetime, it is extremely boring and boring.

      Otherwise, Jia Zhengjin doesn't need to go to sleep, just skip this phase.

     Seeing that she was about to arrive in the new world, Nuwa finally awakened Jia Zhengjin who was sleeping."Is it almost here? New World!" Jia Zhengjin opened his eyes, the first sentence was this.

     "Report to the captain, we are only half a day away from the destination!" Nuwa smiled and replied, standing in front of him, "You can get up and prepare and land in the new world immediately!"

     "Yeah!" Jia Zhengjin came out of the sealed cabin and rubbed the temples, "Old Moss...Oh, yes! From departure to arrival, Cost Required is more than 300 years. Whether it's Old Moss or Grey Mouse It's his wives, they should have been dead for a long time. Only you and me are left..."

     "Report to the captain! The situation may be different from what you think." Nu Wa answered with a smile.

     "What does it mean?"

     "Look!" Nu Wa called up a Virtual Screen in front of him, which showed the currently busy's countless Moss men and women in various areas of the entire Nu Wa, as well as the little Moss playing and playing.

     The densely packed astronomical population is particularly shocking at first glance.

     "What's the situation? Where did they come from?" Jia Zhengjin stared wide-eyed, "There must be thousands of mice?"

     "Report to Captain! The total population of the Moss in the Space Aircraft Carrier has reached over 4.5 million, and the habitable space has become saturated..."

     "What the hell? 4.5 million?" Jia Zhengjin was startled, "I by no means bring out all the Moss from the previous planet! Did they smuggle?"

     Nuwa immediately explained it and explained the detailed circumstances.

     After understanding the truth, Jia Zhengjin's expression is very exciting.For one thing, the population of this Moss tribe is really terrifying, and with their fertility rate, it doesn't have any living space available in a few years. Furthermore, although nearly half of the Moss members are trying to use the Nuwa's internal facilities to cultivate and raise them for food, they are gradually unable to withstand the pressure of the population boom.

     Jia Zhengjin really feels awkward towards these inbreeding Moss. In blood, they shouldn't have three generations yet, right?

      In other words, these 4.5 million mice, in fact, are basically brothers and sisters of the same generation, and then they form a couple with each other. It’s so chaotic...

     If you know this, you should bring some other Moss to at least solve the problem of inbreeding.
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