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0 Chapter List 1869 Looking For Ghosts
    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Nether World, Nether City.

     In the solemn and solemn hall, countless Shura, ghost envoys, and judges gathered together, and on the throne in the middle, a majestic old man sat upright.

     In the middle of the main hall, a circular mirror similar to Nuwa Virtual Screen floats. Inside it is the entrance of Huxiaodong, Jia Zhengjin and Nuwa standing next to the corpse of the ghost.

     "If the strongest existence of the Netherworld can come, that would be the best!" In the screen, Jia Zhengjin talks to oneself, "I killed a ghost, they certainly won't let go, right? Hurry up, don't let me wait too Long......"

     In the main hall, because the ghosts of the ghost caused an accident, the ghost lights were extinguished and gathered. The countless ghosts who checked the scene of the incident, look at each other in dismay.

     And the majestic old man on the throne, frowns did not speak.

      For a good while, there was finally an Asura General who couldn't help but stand up: "His Royal Highness, the ghost of the ghost was killed, this is no small thing! We must immediately capture this person and bring it back for punishment!"

     "Of course! Netherworld Realm's ghost agent was killed, it is unforgivable! I implore His Royal Highness to order immediately, and the final general will be willing to lead troops to catch the murderer!" An Asura General stood up, loudly said.

     "Catch the murderer!"

     "His Royal Highness Nether King, please order!"


     The crowd in the hall was enthusiastic. Whether it was the judge, the Asura General or the ghost envoy, they asked to bring back Jia Zhengjin who had killed a ghost envoy.

     "Quiet!" After arguing for a few minutes, the Nether King, who had been silent, finally spoke, shutting up the audience with just one sentence.He looked around and waited until all the ghosts looked at him quietly, and then slowly said: "Nether ghosts are killed, it is of great importance! But this person is outside the five elements, not in reincarnation, and is not even restricted by the Heaven and Earth Rule. . Don't shoot it easily!"

     The ghost servants were very surprised when they heard this. You look at me and I look at you, don't know what's going on.

     "His Royal Highness, what is the origin of this person?" a judge stepped forward and asked in a low voice.

     "I don't know either!" Nether King shook his head, "I am afraid it is from one of the Three-Thousand Realms."

     "What about then?"

     Looking at the judge, the Nether King pondered for a long while: "You don't need to worry about it, you can do whatever you need to do. I'm going to the Heavenly Palace and ask some great emperors for advice."

     "Then the job in this place...?"

     "Leave it for now, wait until I come back!" Nether King said seriously, "before that, no one can go to Huxiao Cave, understand?"


     Nether King immediately left Nether City and went directly to the heavens to ring the divine bell.

     The sound of the divine bell means that something great has happened, and the four emperors appear simultaneously and gather in the highest level of Jingtian Palace.

     Emperor Jingtian is sitting on the main hall, Emperor Nanyuan, Emperor Wen, and Emperor Zhenwei sitting flat on both sides. Below, the gods and soldiers stand side by side, and countless immortals gather.

     The Nether King came to the hall and saluted respectfully: "See Emperor Jingtian, Emperor Nanyuan, Emperor Wenshu, Emperor Zhenwei!"

     "King Netherworld, please take a seat!" The four emperors nodded to him in return, and finally the Great Emperor Jingtian spoke and made a gesture."Thank you, Emperor Jingtian!" King Netherworld sat down in the guest seat, his face serious.

     "Nether King suddenly rang the divine bell, why?" As the master of the highest heaven, the Great Emperor Jingtian certainly has the absolute right to speak here.

     "Enlighten Emperor Jingtian, big incident occured!" King Nether made a move. Just now, the virtual mirror appeared in the hall in Netherworld Realm's virtual mirror. There was even a replay function. The ghost of Netherworld was killed by Jia Zhengjin. The dead screen is played again.

     Seeing everything in the picture, all the immortals, gods, soldiers and generals in the palace showed shocked expressions, and at the same time they were at a loss.

     You must know that the ghost messenger is not a little ghost that can be seen everywhere, but carefully selected, the existence of powerful strength in the nether world.

     Their combat power, compared with the gods to have no time for civilities, is one of the main combat powers in the Nether Realm.

     Even the powerful Demon King on the side of the horizon, dare not easily attack the ghost envoy, who would have thought that a ghost envoy would be killed today?

     The gods and soldiers, and the immortal family in the temple did not understand, but the four emperors all showed expressions of astonishment, whispering to each other, as if discussing something.

     "Four great emperors, how should the servants deal with this matter?" The Nether King really didn't know what to do, so he could only ask the four great emperors to be the master.

     "Dare to kill the ghost envoy of the netherworld, of course, you must take this person and escort to the nether world to suffer the suffering of the nether river!" A burly god will stand up, "Your Majesty, the lower realm would like this person to be captured!"

     This is the territory of Emperor Jingtian, and the people who came out are naturally the people of Emperor Jingtian, and he is also a trusted general.To change to normal times, Emperor Jingtian will not refute the general's face.

     However, now he shook the head, waved his hand to let the general retreat, and then looked at King Nether: "This matter is no small matter, it needs to be handled carefully!"

     "Your Majesty, it's just a kid of unknown origin..." the general murmured.

     "This person outside of the Five Elements is beyond reincarnation." When Emperor Jingtian spoke, he turned out to be the same as the Nether King, but he added a few words, "The outside of the Five Elements is surrounded by the Strength of Natural Law. The body, the arrogant follow the path to one's own doom! Even if this honor to do the job oneself, he is not sure to bypass the sacred instrument of cause and effect and take it down..."

     As soon as I said this, the god soldiers and generals below and all the immortals were shocked.

     The Four Heavenly Emperors are the masters of this World, and they are absolute existences.

     The Great Emperor Jingtian said such words, it was terrifying to death. No, it's scaring the gods to death...

     "I don't know where he came from, what's the matter with us?" The Great Nan Yuan was slightly frowned.

     "It's Bad Premonition anyway, isn't it because you want to control our world?" The emperor looked down and thought.

     "It's very interesting." The Great Emperor Zhenwei seemed to smile a little heartlessly, "There will be other world rule controllers, right?"

     "Interesting?" The clerical emperor said seriously, "This person may endanger this World, can you feel a little bit of crisis?"

     "Four sires, how should you handle this matter?" King Nether asked respectfully.

     The immortals below did not dare to speak, and stayed obediently and honestly.After all, the four heavenly emperors all said that this person was terrible, so they didn't dare to interject indiscriminately, so let's take a look at the decisions of several heavenly emperors!

     Emperor Jingtian, Emperor Nanyuan, Emperor Wen, and Emperor Zhenwei whisper to each other, and discussed seriously for a long time.

     The final agreement was reached, and Emperor Jingtian said: "This person is too dangerous to be touched at will! Don't beat the grass to scare the snake in the Netherworld, and don't intervene in the Four Heavens Palace."

      "Yes!" The Nether King bowed his head respectfully.

     "Your Majesty, since it's dangerous, you can't just let it go?" The general stood up and said anxiously.

     "No need to be worried!" The Great Emperor Zhenwei laughing heartily, touching his beard and standing up, "It's business as usual. I personally visit the realm to see what his purpose is."

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