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    Chinese Name: 打造异界  Author: 华任仇(Huá rèn chóu, Hua Renchou)
    Original: Unknown | Translator:

Yuan Muping, Yang Shen, and Lu Zhan still had doubts about what Jia Zhengjin said.

     After all, a complete stranger suddenly said to himself that not only can he help take revenge and wipe out a grudge, but he can also make him control the power and turn himself over. How could there be such a good thing in the world?

     It's just that the three of them didn't dare to question face to face. Just now, the shocking scene of Jia Zhengjin incarnation of King Tiger Roar, smashing monsters to death one by one, is very clear in the memory.

     If it annoys the opponent, will he be killed on the spot?

     "You Don't believe me?" Jia Zhengjin can of course see their expressions.

     "You...what are your plans?" Lu Zhan said quickly, soothing the tension.

     "What kind of plan do you have?" If you encounter this kind of thing, I am afraid that it is not so easy to believe, Jia Zhengjin pondered, "You are right to be wary, after all, everyone strangers coming together by chance. However, it is possible, rest assured, this It’s not a good thing about a meat pie falls from the sky. As I said, you also need to do things for me, it’s actually a deal!"

     "Uncle Lu, what is the pie?" Yuan Muping's focus seemed to be a little off, and turned to softly asked.

     Lu Zhan looked blank, shook his head and looked at Yang Shen.

     Yang Shen also feels baffling: "I know wheat cakes and flour cakes. I have never heard of pies."

     "Excuse me, what is the pie?" The three people don't know at all, and Lu Zhan cautious and solemn asked Jia Zhengjin."This is not the point!" Jia Zhengjin slightly frowned, "I mean, this favor is not for nothing. I can help you Yuan family revenge and give you more benefits. But during this period, you also need to do things for me and help. I gather information. Any information I need, you must do your best to get it for me."

     "Then what are you going to do?" Yuan Muping asked.

     Jia Zhengjin glanced at the three people in front of him, nothing else could conceal: "As I said before, I want all the news about the Sitian Palace and the Nether Palace. As long as there is relevant news, it will all be sent to me."

     This made Yuan Muping's master and servant feel baffling, but the conditions seemed not too difficult. It's pure doubt, the other party asked what the Sitian Palace and Nether Palace were doing?

     Moreover, he killed a ghostly ghost before...

     "You don't think too much, my request is so simple." Jia Zhengjin said, looking at the three meditating men, "Tomorrow, I will take you to County Kang and directly seek revenge with Zhao Ping, the prefect. To stabilize the situation, the three of you will use all your power to inquire about the Four Heaven Palace and the Nether Palace for me."

     "Where is so simple?" Seeing his sketch in light shades, Yuan Muping's cold face showed hesitation, "Not to mention that there is a powerful Taoist monk beside Zhao Ping, how can we kill in front of Kang County's 100,000 soldiers and horses? Zhao Ping?"

     "Hey! Knowing this, did you dare to assassinate him before?" Jia Zhengjin laughed teasingly.

     "Deep hatred like a blood sea, even torn body and crushed bones have to be reported!" Yuan Muping responded coldly."So, the three of you dare to assassinate." Jia Zhengjin smiled, "Now add me, but afraid of the head, terrified of the tail?"

     Yuan Muping, Yang Shen, and Lu Zhan looked at each other, saying that we don’t know you at all. Who knows your background and what you want to do?

     I don't worry about being with you, let alone assassinating Zhao Ping?

     Lu Zhan reacted quickly, his eyes turned one round: "Your mana is so powerful that it can even be captured by the ghostly ghost, not to mention a small Taoist monk in County Kang. The three of our masters and servants do not seek to control the power, just for retribution. Yuan family's enemies. As long as you can catch Zhao Ping and let the lady kill her enemies personally, I will be driven to search for information in the Sitian Palace and Nether Palace with all my strength!"

     "It's really easy to catch people, but only with the three of you, it's not very useful for me to search for information in the Four Heavens Palace and the Nether Palace." Jia Zhengjin said calmly, "I need enough manpower to do this and get the answer with the fastest speed. One Come, the people in the entire city of Conjun happen to come in handy. Secondly, if you take the city, you can directly trade with the Buddha of Han in exchange for the information I need. Now it’s not whether you want to control Conjun, but rather I need you to master it!"

     "Even if the prefect is captured, the generals and soldiers of a city will not be hands tied and wait to be captured. What's more, the people's hearts in the city? Monk, you think too simple..." Lu Zhan persuaded."Sometimes, things are actually very simple, but some people always like to think about complicated aspects." Jia Zhengjin responded indifferently, "With my ability, it is not difficult to control the army of Kangjun. As for the people's mind, don't care. Take down the city. Just as a bargaining chip to negotiate with the Han, when the deal is negotiated and dedicated to the Han, the rest is the trouble of the Emperor of the Han and the Emperor of Liang. As you have contributed to the city, you must continue to control Kangjun or transfer to In other cities of Han Dynasty, can they still treat others with such credit? When the time comes, they will naturally be powerful and powerful, and it will be easy to do things for me. In short, if you agree, you will not only get revenge, but also let the Yuan family return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan. If we don’t agree, we will take different roads and urge the horses on tomorrow, and we will assume that this has never happened..."

     "This..." Yuan Muping, Yang Shen, and Lu Zhan gathered together to discuss in a low voice, and reached a conclusion after discussing for about ten minutes.

     Their previous assassination plan was determined to die, and they were pessimistic about the result.

     Anyway, there's nothing about it.

     Although the monk in front of him has an unknown origin and an unknown purpose, it seems to be very powerful. All the monsters in Huxiaodong were killed by him, and even the legendary ghost envoy died in his hands.

     He wants to help, it is very simple to commit suicide and enter the prefectural palace alone.

     Moreover, with his strength, it is really unfavorable to the three masters and servants, and it is impossible to resist. Why design a trap?

     I won the bet this time and got revenge. No matter what to return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan, at least I have the face to see a family after death. If you lose the bet, it's just the end of your head. Mental preparation has already been done before.On the suggestion of two loyal servants, Yuan Muping stood up and respectfully bowed to Jia Zhengjin: "As long as the monk can let Mu Ping take revenge, from now on our three masters and servants are obedient!"

     "Okay!" Jia Zhengjin smiled and got up when she said that, "The deal is concluded. Tomorrow morning, I will take you to Kang County to directly take down the prefect Zhao Ping. I will take control of Kang County by then, and I will personally go to Han County to do so. As a bargaining chip, I will meet the so-called Buddha Lord. And you will use all your manpower to give me the right to collect information about the Sitian Palace and the Nether Palace!"

     "Ah? Brother, you want to go to Feng County in person?" Lu Zhan was shocked when he heard this.

     "Of course, send envoys slowly, I can arrive in a flash."

     "But monk, if you are not around, how can the three of our masters and servants have the ability to control the Kang County soldiers and horses? Once there is turmoil, I am afraid..."

     "Leave you, naturally I have my consideration!" Jia Zhengjin smoothly took out three skill books from the virtual backpack, "Bring me all over."
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